82 Roses

82 Roses

Strolling around my garden
How blessed was I to see
82 sweet roses
That the Lord had given me

82 roses for me
Blossoms and sweet fragrance
Adorning brilliantly

Scarlet, apricot, white
Lemon, ginger, sweet pink
In varying degrees
Of openness to drink

For someone with no green thumb
I know ‘tis His sweet touch
Their beauty overwhelms me
I know He loves me very much

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

18 thoughts on “82 Roses

  1. I was in a walmart about four years ago and as I was heading out of the outdoor garden area something caught my eye. it was the saddest little concord grapevine I’d ever seen. it looked like the Charlie brown Christmas tree without the ornament. it was reduced for quick sale, last remaining so I took the little guy home…you should see it now!


    1. Anthony, when I first read your comment, I admit I was quite baffled thinking, how on earth do you know how many roses are in my garden ??? When the reality of what you had written dawned through the fog (tick, tock, tick, tock … waiting/waiting) … I was and still am overwhelmed with the sweetness of what you have said. It’s precious dear friend xxx


  2. Ellen

    If anything grows in my yard I credit the Lord because gardening is not a talent of mine. I get so overjoyed when I see a bloom!


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