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YOU MEAN MORE TO ME THAN MOTHER’S DAY (A Song for Anyone with a Sweet Mother’s Heart)


O the sweetness of those words
You mean more to me than Mother’s Day
Touches deep, releases joy
Something only a dearest child could say

Sometimes distance has its way
Sometimes others have their say
But still, my love survives in May
‘Cause you mean more to me than Mother’s Day
Yes, you mean more to me than Mother’s Day

Brings with them, sweet butterflies
Of fleeting memories from yesteryear
Interspersed with cherished love
Can sense their closeness, even if not near

Sometimes distance has its way
Sometimes others have their say
But still, my love survives in May
‘Cause you mean more to me than Mother’s Day
Yes, you mean more to me than Mother’s Day

Brings a bouquet of sweet intent
And hugs that reach to eternity
Thankfulness for heaven’s gift
Preciousness with a face that’s so pretty

O may I feel your arms surround me
May I feel your breath upon me
May I feel your love towards me
Sweet child, sweet child, of mine

Sometimes distance has its way
Sometimes others have their say
But still, my love survives in May
‘Cause you mean more to me than Mother’s Day
Yes, you mean more to me than Mother’s Day

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

*** *** *** *** ***



Dearest Heavenly Father
I come before You to lift every Mother unto You
And even though Mother’s Day is a wordly affair
And every day should be Mother’s Day in a child’s heart
You are love
You know our need for love
So I lift all Mothers unto You
All who have never been Mothers
Yet have a Mothering heart
All who are with child at this very moment
But are on the verge of terminating that life
All who are with child at this very moment
But are fearful of losing that life
Due to complications, accidents, medications
All who have lost a child
All who have lost children
Whether miscarried
As an infant
A toddler
Young teen
Young adult
An adult
… to silence
All who have a Mothering heart
And through silent tears
Are unable to have children
But Lord
But with God
Nothing is impossible
All who are awaiting the news
Of a missing child
Desperate for news
Hoping, praying
That they will be returned
Safely into their nuturing arms
All who are unable to spend
Mother’s Day together
Due to distance
And any other Mother who due
To no fault of their own
Is just unable to share
This precious day
As is every day
All Mothers who have lost their Mothers
As a child
And never knew them
As an adult
The grief is the same
Anyone who has lost their Mother
Those whose heart is breaking
Because their Mother is so sick
Fear worrying how they will cope without them
O Lord
O Lord
Please also bless those spending
Today together
May they be aware of the gift they have
May Your love abound
May Your love abound
Shed Your love abroad
May it enter deep within all hearts
Unto You Lord
Unto You Lord
Precious Lord
In Jesus Name I pray

© 2014 – current Liana Wendy Howarth



When love breaks through, and mends a broken heart
It finds its home awaiting, prepared for a brand new start

Love and truth, they are settled
Firmly planted in your mind
But there’s a wall between them
Your mind, and the beats of life

And every day as you read
His beautiful living Word
Knowledge grows; but slowly fades
All gained is lost in the fog

When love wins, and breaks right through
Love hearts crush and pierce the blue
Filling hidden recesses
Filling, and restoring you

There’s love, there’s peace, and there’s joy
Just bursting to be released
But something keeps the door closed
To heavenly gifts, so free

Trials of tears, and trials of woe
Bitterness, unforgiveness
Seek His Kingdom first, forgive
And love, it will then break through

When love wins, and breaks right through
Love hearts crush and pierce the blue
Filling hidden recesses
Filling, and restoring you

Abundant love will pour forth
And tear that hard wall right down
Love will beat triumphantly
And mend all the broken pain

When love breaks through and mends a broken heart
It finds its home awaiting, prepared for a brand new start

When love breaks through

© (words and image) 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

Challenge Me

Challenge Me

Challenge me, dear Lord, to never let You go
Challenge me, dear Lord, my love to always show
When all and everything around me abandons my need and is lost
Draw me dearest Father, nearer to Thee, at all cost

For You paid an excruciating price for me
When Your Son hung so majestically upon that precious tree
Majestic in Your power and in eternal aim
For me to live, He endured such unimaginable pain

Challenge and convict my oft backsliding heart
So that nothing in this world will ever tear us apart
And together eternally, we shall always be
Send Your warmth to melt, mend, to reshape me

Father, please challenge, challenge me

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Be Still and Know that I Am God


Be not weary Oh! my soul
Even though dark the days, I must toil

Surrender total self to Him
Tell Him of the things within
In the quietness of the moment
Lies a peace that no man knoweth
Less he dies to self and shows it

Angels lovingly do abound
Near to thee and all around
Dear to thee thy Saviour’s plea

Kindness show to one another
Now, this moment, sister .. brother
Only does this … lay our life open
When we carry our cross, not our burden

To our dearest Heavenly Father
Hymns and praises do we falter
All is lying bare, unraveled
Tell Him all that tugs on heart-strings

Isolated, lonely, beaten, mistreated

Anger burns from deepest reaches
Marveling at the healing He teaches

Gone our worry, sin and heartache
Only to Him be the glory, for His sake
Drowning in harmony of sweet, wondrous pureness

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Am I Listening?

poppies mountain italy

I cannot explain
This emptiness, this pain
I long for Your presence
But feel it has left me

I feel so hollow
So alone, by myself
I’m hurting, dear Lord
And Your Word seems so distant

I read; but nothing is planted
I see words; but they allude me
I hear hymns; but they are for others
I need You, dear Lord, forgive me

Into tribulation we fall
Bringeth patience and
Experience that we might hope
Oh the love of God
To us You have given
Freely, freely
The gift of all time
Lord help me
To stop handing it
Handing it back to Thee
Oh! May my heart be joyful
And graciously accept grace
You have given Your life
Manifest in me

You have promised never to leave me
You have promised to always protect me
Rain down Your healing, Lord
Wash me afresh
I know I can never be clean enough
Looking through my eyes
Your eyes are pure, and Your light is golden
It shines through my heart
In which Your dear Son is hidden
It’s not me, I can do nothing
To enter Your Kingdom
I surrender my all, to You, my all is given

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


fawn deer forest

Silently the breezes blow
And the dew falls softly down
Where a carpet of sweetly-scented flowers
Receives for itself a crown

Whispering over babbling brooks
Showing little stones beneath the flow
The moss does cling, the birds do sing
One day His love we’ll know

The early morning reigns triumphant
Misty evening brings darkness and shower
Before too long, jubilant song we’ll hear
And with abandon, live in His power

The baby deer so perfectly adoring
Newness of forest floor
Trees of mercy, shelter and feed
His creatures with His store

Abandonment of truest desire
We with all creation, adore
And on the rolling hills and plains
Praise rings out forevermore

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

A Seed Planted

tree oak aesthetic

Underneath the hardened dirt
Where eye can’t see or comprehend
Lies a little seed of hope
Waiting patiently to grow, be seen

This seed has been planted
Through much prayer and trial
This seed of promised healing
Hope for wellness, strength and life

Slowly, ever so slowly
Things begin to change
Newness of life springs forth
But still it is unseen

Unseen by one’s family, unseen by one’s friends
But the one in which it is planted
Knows that something is changing
Even though it is still deep, not found

The substance that surrounds it
Holds it dearly in place
And one day it will surface
And praises will be brought forth at last

But where are the praises before it is seen
Once it is planted, start praising
Encouraging, comforting, supporting

And showers of rain
The heat from sun-rays
All-in-all in surrounding substance
Will bring forth that healing
Until that healing is complete

The strength of a mighty oak
Oh, hardly seen; but still finely finished
A little crimson flower
A delight to all who see

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

A Beautiful Story

I have decided to post some of my earlier work. I hope you enjoy them.

spring snowdrop

Softly as a pure, white dove
The snowflakes gently fell
A little lamb was given us
On that crisp, winter morn

And as He grew, new life was found
Found deep within the earth
Petals beautifully did spring forth
And not a blemish spoiled

Fresh sounds of song rolled off the leaves
Of fragrance laced with heaven
And that dear lamb, God’s chosen One
Was led toward that tree

The tree of death, the tree of life
And today this is given thee
To die with Christ, be born again
Never again be led astray

The wondrous Shepherd of mankind
With grace whispers your name
Come forth, come forth
From darkness holding, life begins with Me

Take My hand and walk beside Me
Bring your heart to pastures green
Living waters will cleanse, restore you
Open the gate that is nailed with My pain
Your shame is taken
My love is given
Silent knocking on your heart no more

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

He Meets Me

happy family father and son element vector

And He meets me where I’m at
Along the shoreline of each heartbeat
Seas roll in, He says, ‘No more’
‘Peace be still, feel My hand, not the heat’

And He meets me with each thought
Dispels every lie from perfect truth
Storms roll in, He says, ‘Don’t fear’
‘Let Me fill your mind with renewed youth’

And He meets me in each step
As I walk the path lit by His word
Sometimes, darkness closes in
He says, ‘Listen to the way you’ve heard’

And He meets me through my sight
Gives me beauty that’s too much to bear
And when I feel overwhelmed
He says, ‘’Tis for you, this love to wear’

And He meets me in each sound
Orchestral heights or softest quietness
A small, still voice can be heard
‘Through each trial, I’m always here to bless’

And He meets me in my heart
Breaking down the cold, mountainous wall
He says, ‘I love you, my child’
‘And I will answer you when you call’

Yes, He meets me everywhere
And I could go on and on and on
Through touch and smell
Through each word spoken
’Tis Him I lean upon

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

A Love Letter

Christ on the cross
 One day soon
So very soon
I will return
And take My
Waiting people home
You may be discouraged
In pain
All by yourself
Draw hope
And find Me
I’m close by
Don’t think
I don’t care
Don’t wonder why
People say to do this
Do that and
You’ll be accepted
No, just trust Me
And as a child
Life’s here for the taking
Forgiveness of sins
And love to mend
Every heart breaking
Yes, one day soon
I will return
No one; but the Father
Knows the day or the hour
So today
Bow no longer
To darkness
Let new life
Break forth
As you acknowledge
The cross
All that I died for
The life of Me drained
Drained out for you
And each cell bore a name
Yes, your name was there
I remember it clearly
Don’t ever believe
I never loved you enough
Loved you enough
Or failed to care
I want you to know
That the way
Has been paved
For you to return
To your heavenly Father
No longer separated
No longer turned away
Just loved
Please listen
I say this again
I love you, My child
From beginning to end

Love Jesus

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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