GIVE ME A HEART TO LOVE YOU, LORD (A Prayerful Song) … Please listen


Give me a heart to love You, Lord
A heart that will always care
Care when I can’t feel Your presence, Lord
But knows You’re forever there

Give me a heart that can love You, Lord
A heart that without You can’t love
Love when the skies are in darkness, Lord
But knows the sweet blessings above

Give me a heart that is able, Lord
To love You unconditionally
Something I could never do, Lord
Unless Your Spirit’s made His home in me

Oh! Give me a heart to love You, Lord
As only Love’s love can love
Bind it with chords of tenderness, Lord
Lift it heavenward on the wings of the Dove

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Beautiful vocals by Kathleen …

A Time to Sing, A Time to Dance: Song Lyrics of Love, Hope and Encouragement (my new book)

A TIME TO SING, A TIME TO DANCE: Song Lyrics of Love, Hope and Encouragement – Howarth, Liana Wendy | 9798536081938 | | Books

A compilation of some of my song lyrics … more to come 🙂 The cover is a section of a painting I did inspired by a beautiful photo taken by Kate of of our youngest daughter’s engagement a few years ago.

Words of Comfort …


Sometimes the gentle breeze of the morning holds the sweet melody of blessings on the way
We have no idea what the day will hold; but if we let that breeze wash over us, our trials will be softened
‘Cause little butterflies of hope will stay with us
Little butterflies trapped within the songs released

Sometimes the one giving the hugs will be the one needing a hug

When you feel the same day after day after day and symptoms just won’t let up …. smile, ’cause you could feel much worse

Look through your tears and see the rainbow … there is always something you can be thankful for

“Oh! I’m sheltering in the shadows of His everlasting arms
I may feel defeated
But by faith I’ll carry on
Yes by faith, I’ll carry on”

When you feel like your life is a blank canvas compared to those who surround you, always remember that there is Someone who can beautifully take the “im” out of impossible and make all things possible, Someone who can paint the most glorious life story and place you in the starring role.


Try not to be offended or too upset when receiving comments or bearing frustrations from those who just don’t understand. They may be your loved ones, friends or a passersby, their words may hurt and hurt deep; but they really cannot understand unless they’ve been through it themselves or are in the midst of it … I know it’s not easy

‘Tis only when in the valley of illness that the mountain seems insurmountable
‘Tis only when you take that first step toward it, that it will loom so much larger
‘Tis only when you begin to climb and take control (don’t give up) that what rises before you, diminishes
‘Tis only when you reach the top
that hope rejoices,
pain is captured,
you’re no longer captive to the suffering
you’ll finally realize how far you have come
May you be strengthened to be able to take that first step …
(please know that by ‘step’ I mean leap of faith and not physically stepping … I understand that many of you with chronic, invisible illness are unable to walk or do so with much difficulty)

May every tear make you stronger, every setback give you the courage to push further forward and in every moment of pain, may you be comforted
“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4 KJV

Dear hurting ones, my heart sheds a little part of me knowing that there are some of you who feel absolutely hopeless, or that the circumstances you find yourself in seem hopeless. I know what it feels like to lose so much all at once when one finds themselves in the ‘too hard box’ of invisible illness … so many areas of your life snatched away in one ‘where did that come from’ swoop … your life is totally changed and fight against it you may; but you must allow the ‘resting’ phase of your life to strengthen and validate who you truly are
… you are loved


Your life is unfolding into something beautiful even though you may feel that you are too heavy laden with tears to hold yourself together … let those tears refresh and restore you
“Today we live what we shaped yesterday and dream for tomorrow
… so may the rosebuds of yesterday be the blooms for today and the fragrance of tomorrow”

If you are caught in the pounding of waves upon the seashore and the security of land forever seems unattainable, just remember the serene, inner beauty that is hidden beneath the ever-changing surface … there is wondrous life abundant, unseen … the same that is in your heart amidst the anxiousness and sometimes hopelessness of invisible illness … hope, when your heart is captured by the love of those who share your pain

Sometimes a tree of despair is broken apart by relentless winds and torrential downpours; but through its pain and as it bows down, rays of sunshine often find their way through the surrendered openings and fall upon those huddled in its shadow …

(When we need comfort and are given comfort, it is given to overflowing that we may, in our very real understanding, comfort those who walk beside us upon the road of affliction) …

“Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:4 KJV




© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth



violent river

He can turn the mighty river
Send His love through all mankind
Still He listens when I cry out
The only One who can still my mind

He stills the raging waters
He leads me safely through
He calls the waves with power
Lift your arms and worship anew

Every drop in every ocean
Every moonlit stream
Every dwindling flow of drought-worn river
He drops His mercies from heavenly realm

Yes, He can turn the mighty river
He can turn the wayward heart
He’s just listening for my prayer
To acknowledge need and love impart

Over boulders of pain
Boulders keeping me from loving Him
Yet His love flows around them just the same

Turn the mighty river, Lord
Bring the source, lay it out in my heart
Turn the mighty river, Lord
Pour healing water in and through
This dried out old part
The part that only cries dry tears, Lord
Banks of courage and flow of hope
They have gone
Left alone and no longer nourished, Lord
Oh! May it once again wind toward heaven and home

Yes, He can turn the mighty river
He can turn the wayward heart
He’s just listening for my prayer
To acknowledge need and love impart

So I prayed the prayer of endless need
The need that will heal what sin tore
The need that only His reign can pour down
And fill joy’s riverbed in my heart once more

And He called the empty rain to cease
Told me everything will be alright
He dispelled the storm with His peace
Now my darkened day is no longer night
My darkened day is no longer night
‘Cause with Jesus all things turn out right

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

His Masterpiece, the Colours of Emotion

The Beauty of the Artist

Velvet pink through powder blue
Brings me back to thoughts of You
Shades of orange to poppy red
Fragments of a night-time shed

Scattered pearls of deepest iris
Foliage laced with blossom fragrance, ‘tis
Everything I in awe witness
The Artist’s masterpiece of lovingkindness

Lemon hues and orange crème
Woven with a sparrow’s dream
Silvery grey washes all away
And so, the beginning of a brand new day

The clouds roll in and cast their shadow
And my heart senses the ebb of sweet brightness go
Yet behind the heavenly sunless sky
My Saviour watches, I know He is nigh

So when the palette of my life, it fades
And each stroke of His brush, it lovingly raids
The very core of this, my believing heart
I look beyond the grey and embrace His divine art

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Sparkle in Darkness

pink diamond round cut gem stone

Are you feeling weary?
Are you wondering how you will keep going with
all that needs to be done?

Sometimes we just need to stop.

 We need to re-align ourselves with the peace and
stillness of God’s word.

He has gifted each and every one of us with precious talents.
Some are beautifully shared.
Others are hidden, just waiting to emerge into the glorious light.
But when we are overwhelmed and trying to bring everything to everyone all at once, sometimes
things can unravel and drain our joy.

To stay radiating in the abundance of sharing, take the time to realize that all He has given
us is perfect just the way it is.
It’s ready to encourage and comfort and bring hope.
It may need bringing together; but the harmony is already infused.
We just need to breathe our beautiful fragrance upon it and scatter
it to the wind.

The Lord will allow it to land exactly where He wills.
Where there is a perfect need. At just the perfect time.

“You are a treasure that sparkles midst so much darkness; but just remember there is only so much sparkle that a gem can release with constant handling before that sparkle grows dim and needs to be tenderly cared for to bring that brilliance back.”

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

When the Past Blesses …

food muffins cup cake

Sometimes I wish I could turn my blog upside down so that the very first post I wrote way back in 2013 would start a rerun of all I’ve been given. To date the records show there are 902 posts. Wow! I give God the glory. It’s been such an amazing journey, and I’ve met the most precious people along the way. Some still fragrance my life. I thought about reposting them all one at a time, as I am led; but I admit I don’t find the whole ‘block’ layout on WordPress as easy to use as the old classic version. I usually find myself in a bit of a pickle. Anyway … here is my very first post from January 2013. Short and sweet …. God bless you all, and thank you so much for your loyal and loving support through these sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous moments of time x

“Today we live
What we shaped yesterday
And dream for tomorrow
So may the rosebuds of yesterday
Be the blooms for today
And the fragrance of tomorrow”

©2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


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Roses, raindrops, night-time dew

Colours resplendent

Sweet flight anew

Apple tree blossom

Hovering honey bee

Nothing, oh Lord, nothing

Can reflect Your majesty

Snow-capped mountains, deepest lake

Shadows of beauty

Lion cubs wake

Freshness of morning

Milky way galaxy

Nothing, oh Lord, nothing

Can reflect Your majesty

Jungle sunlight streaming through

Piercing eagle eyes

Summer sky blue

Butterflies flying

Tallest stately oak tree

Nothing, oh Lord, nothing

Can reflect Your majesty

There is nothing

Not one thing

That can reflect

Your majesty

As brilliant

As beautiful

As magnificent

As is your creation

It cannot reflect

Cannot reflect

Cannot reflect

Your majestic majesty

Words and Image ©2021 Liana Wendy Howarth


vector background with butterflies

On the wings of a butterfly

Time gathers momentum

The softness of its wings

Colour moving, rainbows flicker

Joy mingling through the dark shadows

We’re here; on the way to there

From here to eternity

There’s a gentleness beneath reality

It’s called love

And it binds all that is broken

All that is shattered, mends

As love pieces together

Fractured broken wings

From here to eternity

You cannot escape

So join us, take flight

Let the light within glow

Shed the chains of regret

Forgive, forgive, forgive

The palette of life

Will not fade

Pick up the pieces

You’re beautiful

Just as you are

No longer fractured

A mosaic of time

You’ve been made whole

© 2021 Liana Wendy Howarth