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Dearest friends,
As some of you may know, I am in the process of compiling all of my work into a soft cover version. I know that usually the reader writes a review after finishing the book; but I have seen quite a few where there are numerous comments in a newly published book and it does bring sweet fragrance to the product.

Anyway, I have been thinking, how lovely it would be to use some of your comments from over the years in my book. There are so many incredible words of comfort, encouragement and love which has been shared over the years, that sometimes I have to question who the recipient should be, certainly not me … all glory must be given to God.

So here goes … my question is this:-

Are there any of my dear followers who would like to share a generalized comment regarding my poetry or song lyrics? Has it helped you, inspired you, encouraged you or was it sent in perfect timing (through His hands) at that moment of need for yourself or someone you love who was hurting?

Should you wish to see your comment in print please email me at poetrycottage@gmail.com.

Some things need to be unseen don’t they and they would be a lovely surprise for my reader … positive thinking … readers :-).

Please know in advance (because I do not know the response I will receive regarding this) that I may not use all that you send me, or all of a comment (space permitting).

If you don’t want your full name used, please also let me know.

I won’t include any links as things have a habit of changing and they may not work down the track.
I’m sure you understand.

God bless you all.
You have made this blog what it is today and contributed your love and hope to those in need.


  1. Liana, I just bought your beautiful book of poems, “Fragrance From The Spring” and I want you to know how much it has blessed me. May God continue to inspire you as you work on this next version of your book, and I pray it will be very successful beyond your wildest imagination… may God be ever glorified in & through everything you do for Him, IJN, amen.
    Love & many hugs~Suzanne 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your purchase Suzanne … must admit I don’t hear much feedback regarding “Fragrance from the Spring” … I decided early not to go ahead with ‘all of the publicity options’ and just leave it in the hands of the Lord. I treasure your encouragement for my next book. Sending hugs in return. God bless.


  2. Sweet Liana, your words are always an inspiration and guidance. You give gentle reminders of God’s ever present love and grace. You create smiles through your choice of prose and give comfort on days that may otherwise feel lonely. Your work is a gift to all and a true testament of your faith and service to Christ. Blessings to you on your new book. I can’t wait to see it! XO


    1. Robyn, thank you so much for your beautifully encouraging comment. To God be the glory. I pray that He will enable me to continue in a stedfast manner to complete the new book sooner rather than later.


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