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The Unfulfilled Rose – Sadness as Blossoms Fall and Lie in Falling Tears

A little something I wrote six years ago:-

Shattered in the Rain Over the last week or so, I have been peering out of our bay window on waking, to see my beautiful ‘English Rose’ blossoming before my very eyes and being in awe, once again, of the perfect work of my Lord and Saviour. This is one of two David Austin roses that I recently bought and I was so excited to see the finished rose.

Shattered in the Rain 2We’ve been having soft; but steady rain for quite a while now and the rose continued to break forth and grasp as much sunlight as possible.

Shattered in the Rain 3Words cannot describe this gorgeous bloom laced with scent from heaven.

Shattered in the Rain 4Sadly, the rain was bruising the underside (sorry I’m not technical in botanical terms).

Shattered in the Rain 5But each morning brought with it another stunning image.

Shattered in the Rain 6Really starting to open up now. I’m in love.

Shattered in the Rain 7So many petals on one sweet flower and the colour, divine.

Shattered in the Rain 8But the rain was taking its toll on the dear, little one.

Shattered in the Rain 9And this morning I awoke to a broken sight.

Shattered in the Rain 10My heart broke. Perfection, beauty lay fallen upon the ground.

Shattered in the Rain 11The creaminess had become a soft shade of lemon. Crushed. Compacted in pain.

Shattered in the Rain 13This is all that remains. Remnants of torn petals for which I feel much sadness and yes, guilt.

Shattered in the Rain 14For you see, a few days ago, I took the damaged petals from the rose. I had to tear them off. I feel that I have in some way contributed to the rose’s demise. It was unable to hold all of heaven’s tears and unable to take it any longer, it just gave up and surrendered to what it knew it couldn’t control.

I had even written a poem :-

“Such a silly thing I did today

I tried to take imperfection away

I prayed the Lord, He wouldn’t take

The beauty of the rose at stake”

But by tearing away what I thought was something that was marring its beauty, was in reality actually holding it’s very existence together.

Yes, I know there will be some of you that think I am totally exaggerating; but I see amazing stories and spiritual truths in God’s creation and being able to capture them with the camera is a blessing.

We grow stronger with our trials. With pain. With tears. With anything that makes us feel like we can’t go on.

Jesus is the only One who can hold us together.

Tearing Him from our lives is devastating.

Maybe not now.

But one day.

God bless all who read this.

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You washed me white as snow
You took my stains away
Oh Lord, I love You so
Please stay

You held me as I wept
My pain and grief You bore
My heart cried out to You
Please stay

I could not see for tears
All that You’d done for me
Your life You sacrificed
Please stay

Please help me see the truth
Please help my unbelief
Please heal my broken heart
Please stay

(Insert your name here), open your eyes
I spoke these words for you
It is finished, and all that I’ve done
Has given you the victory
In Me, you’ve already won
And I won’t leave you
I won’t ever forget you
Our Father, He sent Me for you
And We’ve loved you ere the world begun
Over your life, Our love. We’ve sung

So now I say to you
Please stay
Please stay
I’ve healed your heart
Poured My love in
I’ve sealed your life
Cleansed you from sin
Please stay
Please stay

© 2019 Words and Image Liana Wendy Howarth


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GIVE ME A HEART TO LOVE YOU, LORD (A Prayerful Song) … Please listen


Give me a heart to love You, Lord
A heart that will always care
Care when I can’t feel Your presence, Lord
But knows You’re forever there

Give me a heart that can love You, Lord
A heart that without You can’t love
Love when the skies are in darkness, Lord
But knows the sweet blessings above

Give me a heart that is able, Lord
To love You unconditionally
Something I could never do, Lord
Unless Your Spirit’s made His home in me

Oh! Give me a heart to love You, Lord
As only Love’s love can love
Bind it with chords of tenderness, Lord
Lift it heavenward on the wings of the Dove

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Beautiful vocals by Kathleen …

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Rescued But Still Needy

Rescued But Still Needy

Maybe many of you know this
But the Lord showed me something today
That even when He draws near us
The troubles may still be in the way

Oh! I know all about walking in fire
And how He lovingly shields us within
But today when I read about Peter
Here lies more treasure for us to win

For you see when He cried out “Lord save me”
The precious Saviour, His hand did reach
But there’s a little word that comes soon after
The word, ‘when’ and oh! how this can teach

For immediately He did rescue him
But it wasn’t until into the boat, they were
That the boisterous seas a-calmed
And the waves with His peace did a-stir

Yes, He comes to you in troubles
And helps you to see them through
So don’t always expect instantaneous release
Just know that He’s holding and protecting you

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

“And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.
And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.
But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.
And Peter answered Him and said, Lord, if it be Thou, bid me come unto Thee on the water.
And He said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.
But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.
And immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?
And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.
Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped Him, saying, Of a truth Thou art the Son of God.”
Matthew 14:25-33 KJV

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One day soon, we’ll be in glory
Far beyond the reach of mortal man
No more crying or unrelenting pain
Just following in the footsteps of the great I AM

Oh! Jesus until then
Cover my oft sad heart
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings

One day soon, we’ll see His face
A face that once beheld no beauty
A face so broken, so broken
Man could not look upon Him without feeling guilty

Oh! Jesus until then
Cover my oft sad heart
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings

One day soon dear Lord, one day
Even those whose guilt did not pierce them
At the cross, at the cross, will bow
And confess that Jesus is Lord, heaven’s priceless gem

Oh! Jesus until then
Cover my oft sad heart
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings
With love blessed
Flowing down from heaven
Sent on angel wings

The pearls, the gold, the jewels above
The gift of life that God’s sweet love brings
Until then when we meet Him there
The gifts of our dear Saviour shine on angel wings

On angel wings, on angel wings
Lord lift and surround us with angel wings
With angel wings, with angel wings
Laced with the treasures of His grace as heaven sings

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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Today a Little Part of Me Flew Away

Baby Swallows.jpg

Today a little part of me flew away
I’d been watching from a distance
Watching your mumma and papa
Lovingly build a safe place for you
Little by little the little nest grew
Upon a solid foundation, they took it in turns
Bringing perfect substance day by day
Until one day, your home was ready
I watched as they swooped our inquisitive kitten
Guarding over your delicate shells bearing life
As if your very life depended upon it
And it did
They sat upon you so faithfully
Smothering you with love
Then one day, life broke free
Little by little you grew
Into the sweetest little twins
And mumma and papa loved you so much
I saw little open mouths, always fed
I saw gifts of creation, love and tenderness
Then you were all grown up, and sitting upon the edge
Day by day I watched and waited
Not wanting you to leave
I took this photo yesterday
I’m so pleased I did
Because today, you’re no longer there
I missed saying goodbye
Today you are gone
Today a little part of me flew away
Joy in tears
’Cause I know you are safe
And that which flew away
Has been replaced with a gentleness
Thankfulness and love for my Father, my heavenly Father

Mumma’s still hanging around though
Maybe your siblings are soon to arrive
And again, sweet life will bless both them
And me
As I see His beautiful hand of love
Reach out, just outside our bedroom door

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

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H .. holding us tenderly in His arms
I ..   into His life He gently draws
S ..  sin forgiven, released from the laws

N .. never again shall we be found wanting
A ..  all is placed in those two tortured hands
I ..   into His heavenly kingdom we stumbled
L ..   love now given us, no longer encumbered

P ..  perfect will of our dear Lord
I ..   intertwines our past sorry state
E ..  evermore we do His will
R ..  reaching forward to please Him still
C ..  careful not to step aside
E ..  else His hand, we’ll feel His chide
D ..  deliver our souls, Our Heavenly guide

H .. hand in hand we’ll walk right through this
A .. and with notes of pure joy we’ll sing
N .. never again will we find ourselves lonely
D .. destined to surround His Majesty’s throne
S ..  sing dear saints, lift voices high

Oh! Sing dear saints, our souls He’s won …

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth