If you would like to email me privately, away from the ‘out there’ comment section, I welcome your thoughts on anything you have read, any prayer request or even any suggestions for poems/song lyrics.

You can contact me on

I appreciate your visit and will reply as soon as possible.

All messages will be kept private unless you wish for them to eventually be shared on Poetry Cottage.

Sending blessings to you and your loved ones and may any need be met in Christ Jesus,


9 thoughts on “Contact

    1. 🙂 What a blessing. Thank you Olga. You may have to do it sorry, as I realize that I have usually reblogged mine over to my other blog Sunrays and Lily Smiles or vice versa and it looks like you can only reblog once (maybe I’m wrong). You’re welcome to share any post. God bless and thank you once again. I pray that many are blessed through what the Lord has given me to share.

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          1. Forgot to mention Olga, I’m not (for now) anyway, posting like I used to (most days). Mainly weekly; but there’s plenty to choose from. I’ve looked at the reblogging, it seems one can only blog between one’s own sites or from someone elses???


    1. Olga, thank you so much for this very kind offer. Would it be alright if maybe I reblog my posts over your way instead of writing separate ones? I tried doing that with a dear friend, writing the separate posts, and to be honest felt a bit overwhelmed as the Lord, at the time was blessing me with so many poems/song lyrics, I felt that I was letting her down as I wasn’t posting much on her page.

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