11 thoughts on “I JUST CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE (A Song for When You Feel Like Giving Up)

  1. Loved it! I remember praying desperately to God once. I kept saying, “Help me! Help me! I can’t do this. Help me!” I actually heard God speak to my heart–not audibly, but yet he was clearly speaking. He said, “I WILL help you. But you are the one who will do it.”


    1. Thank you so much for sharing Kathleen … how beautiful that He answered your cry. He hears our cry. As many have said and will continue to do so … sometimes He answers us with something so different from our actual prayer. We never know on what blessing our answer will arrive, sent from heaven with love. Sometimes it’s right in front of us; but our circumstance/trial ‘blinds’ us and we allow it to hamper the actual receiving of His gift.


    1. Sometimes I think one truly doesn’t comprehend what ‘take up your cross and follow Me’ really implies. In fact I don’t think we’ll ever understand until we see Him face to face … and even then all may not be revealed. You are a dear Sister in more ways than one Skye … praying strength and joy for you xxxx (Another ballet booked and unseen … hope my precious girls have a beautiful time though).


      1. I will be praying!! When I get back from my trip (March 18th), I hope we can spend more time getting to know each other. You are such a gift to me, Liana. In so many ways. Much love sent to you!


    1. Thank you Robyn … yes it’s personal; but I am praying it will touch lives in which there is much struggle, hopelessness, fear. Chronic illness often leaves one doubting; but I am so thankful that He is always with me. Such comfort. I don’t doubt Him. I doubt myself. He is immutable. All loving. All giving. Forever the Lord. The Great Physician.


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