Bread of Redemption … Food of Life

Bread of RedemptionYou have given me faith
You have given me life
You have given me sunshine
You have given me shelter
You have given me all
You have given me life.

The good seed is planted
The soil hungry, searching
In the hidden thoughts
Of my heart
Little to start with;
But with sunshine and rain
You always send
I receive
It is nourished day by day.

I must water and let it see
The light each day
Or otherwise what it has become
Will become no more.
Weeds and evil thoughts
Dryness and grudges
Will stop the good seed
From growing and growing
Producing good fruit
To be shared with others
Those whose fruit bowl is empty
Those who need to be fed
With Your truth and Your love.

Your hand reaches down
And waters the garden
In my heart.

The garden
Where love is abound
Watering-can sprinkles
And sunrays do shine
On every good seed
Where obedience is found.

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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