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For A Loved One Departed (Written For My Dear Mother)

The reflection of heaven’s rose garden

sky 1

Upon the branches of my heart
For you, this poem is written
The love you gave, the love you shared
The tenderness that softened

And on the paths that lead me there
Your footsteps are remembered
Guiding and advising me
You’ll never be forgotten

And on the leaves that bound my heart
My family life is written
Joy and pain, happiness and gain
The aroma will ever remind me

And on the petals of flowers found
Found wrapped around my heart
Sweet words of gentle encouragement
That trusted who I was

The aroma of those flowers linked
To leaves and branches and paths
Take me back to when you first left
Though not as often now
But the tears of dew that water my heart
Will always remember you

© 2010 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Season in Season

Season in Season

In the autumn light aglow,
Life it fadeth, that we know,
Changes colour, green, red, brown,
To be buried underground.

Winter cometh, snow abounds,
Little ones burrow and sleep a-sound,
Know not they what is above,
New life forming, filled with love.

Then the springtime, it doth come,
Nature stirreth, to find blushing mum,
Beauty and colour, freshness and shy,
Some are born, some to die.

Summer radiates its beautiful heat,
The endless skies and clouds do meet,
Fruit it ripens, harvests sway,
Now and tomorrow, another day.

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Lord’s Cradle

For the next few weeks I will be re-posting from previous years entries. I pray that those who haven’t seen them will be blessed and that any re-reading them will also have their lives touched with joy.

The Lord's Cradle

You wrapped Your love in swaddling clothes
Deep within my heart
And sent with it joy, peace and hope
To a darkened, forlorn part

Yes, my heart and life were wandering
Oblivious of my plight
Until one divine, dark, lonely night
A lone star, to me, gave sight

Life eternal came with that bright light
To one who did not deserve
Oh! Wondrous gift that you have given me
Love’s cry was never heard

So unwrap that love, deep in my heart
May it fill me with pure thankfulness
And flow unto others in despair
Those in danger and hopelessness

And as the fullness of that gift
Sheds light within my days
May I be found in God’s temple
Sharing faith and all He says

My mother and my father
Anxiously look and search afar
I appear to have gone missing
But I’m following a perfect star

That perfect, guiding star
Leading me safely day by day
Light’s glory blessing my footsteps
And showing me His way

And when it’s time to be so still
And those close, just pass me by
I’ll remember my living Saviour
Whose life never passed most souls nigh

Then when all is perfect; but I think all is lost
That glorious, bright star appears once more
Lights others’ paths in emptiness
My words sharing His words, an endless store

I have given all that I have been given
I have lost all that He sacrificially lost
I have been found in Him who was crucified
Risen together, sharing love at all cost

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


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Wishing all of my dear sweet friends whom have been with me throughout my blogging history a beautiful, safe, blessed Christmas and New Year. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart for yourself and your loved ones. Thank you so very, very much … I am so thankful to God for Him placing you across my path xxx


BLOSSOM (Poem or Song Lyrics)

Father, let me blossom in Your sweet time
Please don’t let me blossom thinking things are fine
Let me wait patiently
Till You have things in place
Perfectly perfected
For my time in space

Father, let me blossom in Your sweet time
Please don’t let me blossom til the season’s right
Let me trust and always
Know my life’s in Your hands
Perfectly perfected
In eternal plans

Father, let me blossom in Your sweet time
Please don’t let me blossom when darkness surrounds
With no ray of sunshine
Or heavenly showers
Perfectly perfected
Outside of liars

Father, it’s time for me to blossom now
To blossom and fill the air with sweet delight
Please colour my heart’s dream
With Thy will for my life
Perfectly perfected
For the Gardener’s knife

Father, You’ve opened the door of Your peace
And enabled me to wonderfully open
My new life unto You
Arrayed in spotless robe
Perfectly perfected
Home in new abode

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

The Sparrow Alone

beautiful sparrow

Upon the housetop
Silent and still
No one knows I abide here
I search past yonder hill

I am fed from within
I am watered from afar
My foothold is narrow
If I fall, I carry no scar

For my everlasting Saviour
Holds this dear sparrow apart
With His all-consuming love
I am lost within His heart

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

“I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.” Psalm 102:7 KJV

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

See the Snow Pink Ballerina (A Children’s Poem) … With Another Sweet Blessing

My dear friend Suzanne Davis Harden is such a beautiful inspiration and has been wonderfully gifted by God … Through her artwork, poems and songs.
She has blessed me by bringing the ballerina in my poem ‘to life’.

Please click on link which will take you to her Etsy page for more information.
I thank the Lord for all the precious friends He has placed in my life, through it all.
All glory to God.


The gentle sway of her body,
The gracious pose of her arm,
To see the beautiful motion,
Shows mystery in her charm.

Soft organza, she did twirl,
And on her toes, she arose,
A billowing cloud of perfection,
This grand profession, she chose.

Layers and layers of tulle,
Over rosebuds oh! so sweet,
And every so often, petals,
Would be caught in every pleat.

Her hair all neat and pulled back,
In a round, netted bun,
And interlaced within,
Golden highlights of the sun.

Smudged brown eyes all doe-like,
English rose-blushed cheeks,
Lips of cotton candy,
Make her finished look, complete.

The performance is soon ending,
And as her hands sweep from above,
Out of every corner,
Came applause and roses and love.

Solo performer,
Entertaining the audience,
With her beautiful talents.

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

When a Rose Cries

When a Rose Cries

Sometimes the pain is too much to bear

Sometimes you wonder how you will go on

Sometimes the never-ending tears won’t end

Sometimes the burden, it crushes, it bruises

Sometimes fogginess is so persistent it becomes reality

Sometimes life … it just happens without you

But those tears that mar a beauty’s face

Those tears that hold a healing flow

Cleanse the surface, fragrance released

Yes, life goes on … pain


Longing for a breakthrough

Answered prayer

Watching loved ones live without you

You’re there; but you’re not

They wonder

They hurt

Wanting to help

Not knowing what to do

To make it easier

To ease suffering

The pain

The pain of suffering

On and on and on

Sensing no relief

Tried this

Tried that

Nothing works




One day

One day

One day

The prayer will be answered

Until then


Under the merciful gaze of love
My heart is open, crushed and sad
I have come to realize that through it all
Only Jesus is hurt when my life falls

Help me to recover my poise
In Christ I live, and not for nought
Healing balm please Lord, do apply
For very soon this life is nigh

Heal me with the fragrance of roses
Heal me with sweet scents of rosebuds
May the lily cover my proudness
Cover my sense of guilt and shame

Lift the cloud of weariness yonder
From this weak and burdened frame
For this cloud remains a long time
Oh! When will Your sweet lightness shine

Please, dear Father, should I wander
Through this wilderness of thine alone
Lift this cloud, I shall not falter
Lead me on, for this Thy cloud came

 (from ‘Fragrance from the Spring’)

© 2010 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Our Family Tree (A Prayer for Renewal)

lone tree

Being one, yet leaves of plenty
This tree is alive; but lives in dryness
Oh! Rain down Your blessings
Blessings abundant
Waters of hope and perfected healing
Raindrops of grace, Your mercy, reviving
Lord please lift this tree
From the plains so lifeless
Within no compassion, no hope, only powerless
And plant it beside still waters of loveliness
Feed it, support it, protect it
Don’t abandon it
Dullness to brilliance, emptiness to fullness
Old to new
No longer crushed but living in pureness
And the leaves that were falling
Lost in unrelenting winds of deception
Now can feed others, a family renewed
A family forgiven
The love of a family

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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Walk With Me

Walk With Me
Walk with Me awhile

And I will share your load
Carry your cross and together
We’ll walk the narrow road

Place your step beside Me
I’ll be on your right hand
We’ll talk about a heavenly joy
And leave this foreign land

We’ll smell the fragrant blossoms
…. Drink of the aroma sweet
And hear the distant thunder
Our Father you long to meet

Place your hand in mine
Your friend I long to be
And all of your pain and temptation
Will fall lovingly on Me

So walk with me awhile
Your path is Mine alone
I know all that you desire
….. Let me take you home

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

God Loves You – Scattering the Stones

God Loves You

Here’s this week’s devotion of mine over on Anita’s website …
please be blessed as you read and absorb it and stay awhile with her.