sparrow bird animal
Little sparrow, hide your tears
Little sparrow, do not fear
Little sparrow, I am here
Little sparrow, I draw near

Spread your wings and fly to Me
Spread your wings and do not flee
Spread your wings forever be
Little sparrow, kept in Me

Through the darkness and the chill
Through the storms I hear your trill
You will hear Me, ‘Peace be still’
Little sparrow, in My will

Little sparrow, close your eyes
Little sparrow, no more sighs
Little sparrow, love defies
Little sparrow, new life flies

Spread your wings and trust in Me
Spread your wings and you will see
Spread your wings beautifully
Little sparrow, gracefully

Little sparrow, toils may come
Little sparrow, don’t succomb
Little sparrow, see the crumb
Little sparrow, Mine become

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

photo courtesy of

4 thoughts on “THE SONG OF THE SPARROW

  1. This one is excellent. How often have the happy chirping little ones in the bushes ministered to me. They simply do what they were made to do. They delight in their portion. And they make it through because Jesus holds all things together (Colossians 1). He holds you and me.


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