Heavenly Father,

In the mighty healing name of Jesus, I come to You oh Lord, in this great hour of need, lifting all who are hurting unto You. Knowing that only You can answer every one of their needs. Needs lifted by them in prayer for themselves, their loved ones, or others. Those too weak to pray. Those who have given up because they have prayed once, or many a time, and not seen an answer. Please make Yourself real to them. May Your Living Water wash and cleanse every wound, and may Your Healing Balm be poured in. Into the depths of wounds created long, long ago, yesterday, or even today. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. May doors that have been closed and locked for so long, be opened. May doors that have not been able to be closed, slam shut. All according to Your will in each life Lord. May tears be dried, may tears be released. May chains be broken off fear, sadness, depression, betrayal, hopelessness, indecision, abandonment, confusion. Father, You sent Your only begotten Son to take our place, a place of emptiness, darkness, destruction, terror. In their place, His death and shed blood bought us fullness, light, wholeness, peace. Oh Lord, may this prayer find its way into broken homes, broken families, broken hearts, breaking hearts. With You there is fullness of joy, love, forgiveness, a very present help in time of need. Today Lord, today, help us to hear Your voice. Your voice calling our name. Calling us unto You through the beautiful name of Jesus. The Way, the Truth, the Life. For those who are questioning Your existence, for those who have denied You before, ignored You, run from You, at a crossroad in their life, may today be the day of salvation. No sin is too great for them not to be forgiven. No filth too horrid for Your cleansing. No disease too far gone for restoration. No relationship too scarred for renewal. Forgiveness and healing, because today is the day of salvation. Today. Today. Today. Right now. May hearts and lives be surrendered upon reading these words. This prayer. Lifted in faith that lives will be changed, and that You will be given the glory. Another child, children, for the Kingdom of God. Have mercy upon us Lord. It is not Thy will that any perish, and You are no respecter of persons. There is healing in Your wings. Call us under Your wings Lord, where there is safety. Safety from the wrath to come. Safety from the destruction all around us. Seen and unseen. Safety from deception. From evil. Oh Lord, deliver us. In Christ Jesus we are free. In His name there is life. Life forevermore. Nothing is impossible for You. Thank you Father for answered prayer in the precious name of Jesus and through the power of Holy Spirit.

Amen and Amen.


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