chocco and iced cream 3

Chocco, brother kitten

Iced Cream, sister kitten

Brother and sister kittens

Together or alone

Their tales, they do roam

Kitten friends sharing chocolate sundaes


Round the village square they go

And Chocco take the lead

Iced Cream has wandered off again

And is nowhere to be seen


Is she in the bakery

Where the air smells so very sweet?

Or is she in the shoe shop

Buying mittens for her feet?

Maybe in the dress shop

Where her favourite ribbons are!

No … at last Chocco’s found her

Around the corner and up the stairs

Sitting pretty in Mr Whiskers’ milk bar


Why can’t they both just stay still

And on no more adventures go

For their owner just wants to place them together

And enjoy a chocolate swirl


© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

chocolate swirl

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