Childhood Memories of England (Reliving Old Christmas Posts)

Little Robin in Snow
As I write this, I am all grown up
But they still remain with me
The memories of England
Even though I’m all grown up

White Christmas, holly and cousins,
Presents and laughter
Seasons that change
And pocket money in tins

Sitting on Nana’s bed
So high in the air
Counting my fortune
Enough of that said

Snowdrops and daffodils
A baby lamb in my arms
Not soft like it looks
Squares of hay on the hills

Little thatched cottages
Rose gardens and rakes
Cobbled lanes
My life in different stages

But most of all
I remember the snow
The soft falling of snow
On our trees so tall

Snowmen and carrots
Mittens and gloves
Wellington boots
I miss them lots

But these are all memories
Hidden far away
And like a book
Can be opened
Day after day

Now I have my own children
And the present will be their memories
I hope they will be as special as mine are
Memories to draw on, when they’re women and men

But where I had snow
White Christmas and cold
I wonder what they will remember
And the places they will go

As long as they remember ……. love
Because that’s what I feel
With my memories
My childhood memories ……. love

A great big ship was looming in my future
That carried me across the seas
But my family was with me
So my memories stayed behind
Still ……. I brought them with me. A ten year old child.

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

British Post Box in Winter


chocco and iced cream 3

Chocco, brother kitten

Iced Cream, sister kitten

Brother and sister kittens

Together or alone

Their tales, they do roam

Kitten friends sharing chocolate sundaes


Round the village square they go

And Chocco take the lead

Iced Cream has wandered off again

And is nowhere to be seen


Is she in the bakery

Where the air smells so very sweet?

Or is she in the shoe shop

Buying mittens for her feet?

Maybe in the dress shop

Where her favourite ribbons are!

No … at last Chocco’s found her

Around the corner and up the stairs

Sitting pretty in Mr Whiskers’ milk bar


Why can’t they both just stay still

And on no more adventures go

For their owner just wants to place them together

And enjoy a chocolate swirl


© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

chocolate swirl

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Louis Whiskers McBear (A Children’s Poem)

Louie Louie Louie BearLouie Louie Mackie Bear
Ran round and round the kitchen chair
Chased his whiskers for a dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

Couldn’t find his whiskers there
He’d searched here, there, everywhere
Oh! You’re so funny Louie Bear
Look in the mirror … just stop and stare

And there they were, a perfect pair
Of whiskers grey and groomed with care
There they were, all tickly and bare
For Louie is grey … grey is all he will wear

Yes, Louie Louie Mackie Bear
After running round and round the chair
Caught his whiskers and won the dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

What’s in the Box? (A Children’s Poem)

Cute Snail

Caterpillar Joe and Snail-To-Go
Crept up the old wooden box
Strange sounds were coming from deep within
And something had tampered with the old-fashioned locks

Long Green Caterpillar

Shush shush … shushed Joe
For Snail-To-Go was singing oh! so loudly
“We’re off to see who’s ahide-hide-hiding”
As his brave voice puffed up proudly

Up they went, Joe reached the top
‘Cause his little legs did carry …
Carry him so much faster than slimy snail
And suddenly out popped Larry

Oh deary me! he nearly lost his hold
For each little slippery foot did slip
But thankfully, snail’s shell broke his fall
And Larry Hopper took his arms in his grip

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


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Meeko Lee McFluff (A Children’s Poem)

meekoWhen Meeky fell into the treacle jar
Dear Louie began to cry
He cried so much
His tears just stuck
Meekily Treakily, why oh why?

Don’t cry, don’t cry
Or else you’ll flood
This jar in which I’m jammed
Just find a rope or something like …
That bristly broom-broom over there

But Meekles, sobbed dear Louie Bear
That’s not a broom-broom-broom
If I use that, you’ll fall down flat
You’ll not only be in treacle; but a jam

Why! Why! Why!
The older cat spluttered out
Just grab it and then you’ll see

Well, okay then and off he went
To grab that bristly broom
And with both his paws
He pulled and pulled
Hang on
Hang on
Now Meeky’s nowhere to be seen!

Meekily, Meekily, Meekily Moo
Where are you … Meekily Moo?
Through sobs of meows he cried
But all he saw were toffee-coloured bubbles
Rising from the top of the treacle
More, more, more, more, more

Oh No! He’d told him … He’d told him
That the broom was not a broomy-broom-broom
Surely, surely Meeky should have known
That as he picked the broom-broom up
Dear Meeky … Well, he would just disappear
‘Cause that broom-broom, it was attached
With such a furry, furry match … His tail was what it was!
And now Meeky’s fat, very fluffy-wuffy tail
Had turned out so very, very yukky

Oh! There he is at last, at last
With a look of sticky glee
With his funny, now flat face he’d pushed
Through the bubbles he’d broken
Broken and pushed
Found his way to the side
And climbed out onto bestest friend Louie

Yikkity Yikkity Yuk Yuk Yuk
And now they’re both waddling like a duck

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

Marsha Mallow Goes Dancing (A Children’s Poem)


Pink and white
Shimmering delight
Twirling round
She waits for the sound

Marsha Dee, well she loves dancing
Wobbling here and there a-prancing
But sliding across the wooden floor
She slid too fast and flew out the door

Woopsy woops … she’s back again
And her frosty dress now has a stain
‘cause flying past the grasses green
Who did she see; but a doggy so mean

Woofity woof. Yum. You’re all mine
Yapped the neighbour’s dog; but he did whine
‘cause Marsha Dee, she spun around
And waltzed her way onto safer ground

Flummeries and wummeries, dog’s now gone
What a shame that the song’s nearly done
But here comes another, fast and strong
And there goes Marsha Dee Mallow, a-mallowing along

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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StrawBerry and Cream (A Children’s Poem)

Cat Eating

TortoiseShell delight
Broke into a fight
With his neighbourhood friend in the woods
Leapt up a great height
Used all of his might
In front of StrawBerry and Cream

Now StrawBerry and Cream
Were a cat lover’s dream
And TortyShell knew this all too well
Turned with a smile
And showing whiskers a mile
Invited them home for tea

Purrfect dainties he did serve
Pickled salmon for hors d’oeuvres
Layered cupcakes and meaty pies he did make
All purrfectly placed
On purrty tablecloth with lace
TortoiseShelly, friends StrawBerry and Cream

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Cat Lost, Cat Found (A Children’s Poem)

highdefinition picture of the winter landscape 6

The cat sat on the window sill
That cold, cold winter night
And the flames threw orange sparkles forth
As she silently withdrew from sight

Her purring had held pure happiness
When home at last she saw
The poor, poor bundle of furry joy
Four days gone … four paws were sore

Lost in the blizzard of untold snow
Trees trapped in white-washed lanes
Her way misplaced and so forgotten
She’d sheltered in downtown drains

But then one bleary, bleakest eve
The air it cleared in the softest way
She smelt the loving aromas of home-baked stew
Wafting through a chimney nearby … I say

‘That’s my home …
The one with the bright red door’
And shivering, shaking … (thin icicles for whiskers)
She tapped on the pane once more

Warm air it invited, as the flames edged out
The red barrier at last was down
Someone had amazingly seen her shadow
Caught for a moment, clothed in frozen gown

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Pickles and Ginger

Gray Cat Head HeadYellow Cat

Pickleton and Ginger Lee
Raced round and round
Until they found
Upon the ground
The branches low
A way to go
Above below
Away from Brampton SuperDog
For he did chase
To win the race
Around the base
Of Crispy backyard apple tree
Up and up the bough, it shook
Ginger cried … Don’t be a sook
We’re safe at last, do stop and look
And SuperDog’s tail
Was wag, a-wagging as he howled an awful wail
His lead had caught upon a rail
… and now both kitties could safely bail

Meow – Me – Me .. ow – ow – ow

Woof! Woof!

Dog Wearing a Cape                     Apple and Worm

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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