merry christmas in red

Look out the window
Oh! My dear sweet child
The snow’s a-falling
Singing come outside

Look out the window
The sky may be grey
Just rug up, be warm
And come out to play

Snows a-falling
Can you hear it calling?
Snows a-falling
Christmas lights are glowing
Christmas music joins in
And snowflakes are a-landing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall, right where you’re standing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall, right where you’re standing

Find coat and mittens
And your bright red shoes
It’s winter playtime
Let the snow amuse

Catch little snowflakes
Catch them, and you’ll see
Cold, cold and softness
Christmas love, so free

Snows a-falling
Can you hear it calling?
Snows a-falling
Christmas lights are glowing
Christmas music joins in
And snowflakes are a-landing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall right where you’re standing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall right where you’re standing

You’ve built a snowman
And a snow angel
Giggled and jumped high
But now feel a chill

Look in the window
The fire’s a-warming
Sweet Christmassy treats
They’re now a-calling

Snows a-falling
Can you hear it calling?
Snows a-falling
Christmas lights are glowing
Christmas music joins in
And snowflakes are a-landing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall right where you’re standing
Watch very carefully and
They’ll fall right where you’re standing

© 2017 – present Liana Wendy Howarth



Little Boo Boo Snorkle was following the others, down the jungle trail, through twisting vines and dusty paths, which led to the only water around. Sweet, fresh water which had recently fallen from the darkening skies many miles from his home. He had a secure hold on the little tail of his brother who in turn had a hold on the tail of their mother, who in turn had a hold on the tail of their father who had taken the lead upon this winding, adventurous journey.

As they turned this way and then that way and then this way again, the head of this jungle-train would be going one way and the rear would be going the other. Can you picture that? Let’s sing a little song as we watch them …

“Swing your little tail
Little Boo Boo Snorkle
You’re like a ship’s propeller
Steering from behind
You may be only little
But you have great power
So swing your little tail
As through the jungle you wind”

I’ll let you keep singing as I continue with the story. So there were the four elephants pushing through the thick overgrowth, trying to make it to the watering hole before it became dark. Daddy Elephant would trumpet loudly every time there was a fork in the path to let the others know they were changing direction. One trumpet meant we’re going right, two, left, three, duck (although this was mainly for Mother Elephant) and four, it’s time to rest.

Well the four trumpets had sounded. It was time to rest and eat and after an hour of sleeping and filling their giant tummies off they went again. Not much further to go … when suddenly … Daddy Elephant started making some very strange noises. He started trumpeting; but wouldn’t stop and this caused great confusion down the elephant line. Father went to the left, Mother to the right, Brother followed Mother and Boo Boo didn’t know which way to go. His little tail was already in overdrive because a swarm of flies had decided play hide and seek around him and he was madly swishing and swashing trying to shoo them away.

Next thing you know Boo Boo had let go of his brother’s tail and was flying like a helicopter through the trees. Or should I say ‘elicopter’! He flew here and he flew there. He flew everywhere and his little tail was spinning so fast it propelled him way ahead of all the others; but in the process, wonderfully cleared the path for them. Hellllllppppppp me, someone hellllllppppppp! In and out of the treetops he flew, narrowly escaping bumping his head as he went. What was lovely though was that his little head did brush the oversized blossoms up high and rarely seen by elephant eye, and they released a heavenly perfume which enabled his family to follow and find him. Yes, they found him, eventually. Where? You guessed it … at the watering hole, having a wee ’old time splishing and a-splashing and cooling off. His family thought he was lost; but he knew exactly where he was and he was loving every minute of it.

No Boo Boo Snorkle wasn’t lost, he was just ahead of himself and in the turmoil of all that trumpeting, he had found himself and his role in life. He was a natural born leader and he grew into a very large, fun-loving Snorkle. He also found out what had been the trouble with his father all those years ago … too many salty peanuts and not enough water, the salt had caused a chain reaction, hence the trumpet sounds became stuck on replay …

© 2016 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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Kids Signing Christmas Carols

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill the streets with cheer
Little children, do gather round
And break silence from off the year

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill our hearts with joy
Little children, do gather round
Calling every sweet girl and boy

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill our homes with hope
Little children, do gather round
And dance along with skipping rope

Who will ring the Christmas bells
Tinkle – ling – ling – ling – ling – ling
Christmas bells oh! let them ring
Tinkle – ling – ling – ling – ling – ling

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

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Little SnowBelle Snowflake

beautiful christmas tree with candle and snow flake balls vector

Little SnowBelle Snowflake, she
Fell out of the sky so grey
Following all of her friends
On this Christmas wintery day

Oh! Sweet little white Snowflake
Catch uppity up up up
Open wide your snowy arms
Fly, oh! no back up, back up

I’m flying, flying, flying
In, out, wait for me, me, me
Where are you, the sky’s all white
Snow’s in my eyes, I can’t see

Ow, bang, bump, ouchity ouch
Something spiky-green reached out
And now she’s hidden from view
Little frozen tears about

Whiter, the day grew so dim
And little SnowBelle, she cried
Cried herself to the night’s sleep
But morning sun, her tears dried

So lost, wondering what to do
All of her friends had long gone
Christmastime, a joyful time
Was happening without Belle’s song

Then suddenly she did hear
Laughter, fun and Christmas glee
Little children hanging lights
Upon her new Christmas tree

Then she saw how beautiful
In being lost, she’d become
The others, they had melted
She meanwhile glistened and sung

Sung because they had placed her
Way, way up, up, up atop
Of the dear old Christmas tree
No more to fly and then drop

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


Childhood Memories of England (Reliving Old Christmas Posts)

Little Robin in Snow
As I write this, I am all grown up
But they still remain with me
The memories of England
Even though I’m all grown up

White Christmas, holly and cousins,
Presents and laughter
Seasons that change
And pocket money in tins

Sitting on Nana’s bed
So high in the air
Counting my fortune
Enough of that said

Snowdrops and daffodils
A baby lamb in my arms
Not soft like it looks
Squares of hay on the hills

Little thatched cottages
Rose gardens and rakes
Cobbled lanes
My life in different stages

But most of all
I remember the snow
The soft falling of snow
On our trees so tall

Snowmen and carrots
Mittens and gloves
Wellington boots
I miss them lots

But these are all memories
Hidden far away
And like a book
Can be opened
Day after day

Now I have my own children
And the present will be their memories
I hope they will be as special as mine are
Memories to draw on, when they’re women and men

But where I had snow
White Christmas and cold
I wonder what they will remember
And the places they will go

As long as they remember ……. love
Because that’s what I feel
With my memories
My childhood memories ……. love

A great big ship was looming in my future
That carried me across the seas
But my family was with me
So my memories stayed behind
Still ……. I brought them with me. A ten year old child.

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

British Post Box in Winter

3 New Children’s Books

Hi all,
Just wanting to share that I have just published three books to add to my collection:
Bumble Bees and Jelly Trees (A Compilation of the Children’s sections from my two previous books)
Louie Bear Counts to 10
The Mixed-Up Toys

Would love some reviews 🙂

BB and JT coverLBCTT coverTMUT cover



Love your little ones, hug them, sing to them, let them know they are precious, wanted, safe.

portrait of a baby boy

Little child, it’s time for sleep
Let your heart beat rest in mine
Let me sing a lullaby
Know, my child, you are so loved
O child of mine
O child of mine

baby under the towel

O sweet one, do not weep
Let me dry your tears
Rest in my loving arms
Let’s count our many blessings
We thank You Lord for this day
That is about to close
We thank You Lord for each smile
For each wiggle of tiny nose
For every breath You’ve given us
For every beat of Your love
We thank You that we’re in Your hands
And that we’re safe in Your arms tonight

when it rains

Listen to the rain outside
Pitter patter, pitter patter
It sounds like the beat of my heart
So in love with you
Listen to the rain outside
Pitter patter, pitter patter
It sounds like the beat of your heart
So in love with me
Listen to the rain outside
Pitter patter, pitter patter
It sounds like the beat of our hearts
So in love, I with you, you with me
So in love, I with you, you with me
Pitter patter, pitter patter
Pitter patter, pitter patter

mother and baby

Take my hand, and snuggle in
I will comfort you
Look into my eyes of love
I will comfort you
Do not fear, my little one
I will comfort you
And when your eyes are heavy
And it’s time to go to sleep
Know that I’m still with you
I will stay
I will never leave
I will comfort you

baby against blue sky

Let’s count how much I love you
One little toe
Three little toe
Five little toe

O look
I found some more
Seven little toe
Nine little toe

But wait
I know there’s more

Because one day
These cute little toes
Will be wiggling all over the world
(give their little tummy a tickle!)
And I want you to remember, my child
That with each footprint that you make
No matter where you are
My heart will be there with you
Forever, my child, remember
With each footprint that you make
My heart will be there with you
And that’s how much I love you

baby small child babies

Mumma baked an apple pie
Can you smell the sweetness
Mumma baked an apple pie
Could never match your sweetness
Mumma baked a chocolate cake
Can you smell the richness
Mumma baked a chocolate cake
Could never match your richness
Mumma, well she just loves to bake
And soon, I’ll bake for you
And one day you can help me bake
And then we’ll bake for two

first christmas

Let’s take your teddy bear
And wrap him up so warm
It’s cold outside
And the snow is falling
Come snuggle cuddle snuggle together
And we’ll all have a big bear hug

I’ll hug you
And you’ll hug me
And we’ll hug teddy
That’s one, two, three

One hug
Two hugs
Three hugs

I’ll hug you
And you’ll hug me
And we’ll hug teddy
Yes, one, two, three

sleeping baby

When the sun is setting low
And the flowers, heads do bow
May the softness of the night air
Wrap around you, and your teddy bear
Lull you into a sweet night’s sleep
May my love for you, in your heart keep
O my darling little child
I’ll dream a dream for you awhile
And as I lay you down safe and sound
May God’s love, in you, forever abound

All lullabies © 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth


Gladly I surrender
To all You’ve given me
And as You take my hand
Salvation comes to me

Your song, You poured inside
This worn out, weary heart
A heart which couldn’t sing
A heart, love-torn apart

Each note, placed silently
In hymns, and psalms, and praise
So quietly at first
I couldn’t discern Your ways

Warmth of love descended
Melting this frosty heart
And like a bird in flight
Sweet joy’s wings, did impart

Yes, this child knows it’s there
Somewhere, so deep within
Just waiting to break forth
For melody to sing

And as a baby bird
Releases her pure notes
Songs of her Lord’s healing
When a Child Sings, love floats

© 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth

MILLIE … ISLAND GIRL (A Children’s Short Story)

My beautiful daughter and new son-in-law, along with their precious dog, Millie, have started a wonderful new island adventure, thousands of miles away. This is her story …  


Hi, I’m Millie, a beautiful black and white furry friend. I have two owners, Mr and Mrs DoubleYou, who absolutely adore me, and I absolutely adore them too.

Everything was going perfectly, life was exciting, walks along the sidewalk, paddles and splashes at the beach, romping in the sand, life was good. But then it happened. Things started changing, or should I say, disappearing. Brown squares and rectangles started appearing out of nowhere. What was going on? My owners seemed too busy to notice that this was happening. How could they not notice? I had to wind my way around them. Around things that were out of place. All over the place. I felt very unsettled. Mr and Mrs DoubleYou comforted me. ’There, there, Millie. It’s alright. We’re just getting ready for the men to come around and pack our things up for us. We’re going on an adventure. All three of us’.

Well that did it! ‘What did they mean, all three of us are going on an adventure? I thought we went on an adventure every time they opened the car door, and let me sit in the front. The wind in my ears was always so delightful. I loved woofing at trees, and other dogs. Why do they need these brown boxes to do that?’ I was now very concerned; but I kept this to myself. Better not trouble them. They’re always busy, and so tired at the end of each day lately.

The next thing I knew, they’d brought this strange box inside, and it had a cage door. ‘In you go Millie’, said Mrs DoubleYou, smiling. ‘Nope. No can do’. This went on for awhile. For a few days in fact. Then little pieces of food started appearing in there. ’Well’, thought Millie. ‘I guess, I could just go and sit in there for awhile, if there’s going to be little snacks for me. I’ll sit down, and make out all is well; but I’m not staying in there. No way!’

The days and weeks passed. Slowly for me. Quickly for my owners. More and more things started disappearing. Strange men came in a big truck, and took all that I knew was familiar away. ‘Where’s my soft couch. My extra large bed. What’s happening. Woof!!’ Next, all that was left, was an old refrigerator with a few scraps of food inside, and a blow up bed. Much cleaning was going on. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Rub, rub, rub. ‘Look out Millie, you may get wet. Or scrubbed. Or rubbed.’

‘Oh! We’re going for a ride; but why so early, and in this strange car? Seems to be a long way. I don’t know this way.’ Whimper. Whimper. ‘It’s alright Millie’, comforted Mr DoubleYou, ‘all will be well’. ‘Where are we, and why is that cage following me. Hey, I see some friends of mine. Things must be going to be okay. Hang on a minute. What’s wrong with these birds? They’re huge. Super huge. They don’t have feathers, they have wheels for legs, and writing all over them’. Whimper. ‘It’s alright Millie. Hush. Hush.’


Next thing I know, someone says to put me in that cage thing, I’m in there, and I’m being wheeled away. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to turn around, and see my dear Mrs DoubleYou crying. I’m glad I didn’t. I would have been really worried if I had. They wheeled me up inside the huge metal bird, and there I sat. And waited. And waited. Suddenly, the bird started moving. Very fast. Way too fast. ‘They’re taking me further and further away from my home,’ I sobbed. The hours passed. I went up, I came down. What a funny feeling in my tummy! Then there was another bird, a smaller one this time. I went up, I came down. And then. Mummy. Daddy. What are you doing here?

20190119_162031 (2)

Woof, woof, wag the tail, wag the tail, running round and round in circles, well as much as I could in the cage I was in. ‘Where are we? There’s water, and a ferry, and what, now we’re going on that too?’ Millie was no longer worried, or shaky. Now she was excited. So excited. She could smell the sea air, and the gulls were all around, wildly singing their welcome song.

Across the seas they sailed, smiling and laughing, with just a little uncertainty; but well hidden. ‘Well, here we are Millie. We’re home. Time for some new adventures. Island adventures. For the next few years. What stories you will be able to share. Millie … Our sweet island girl.’ Woof!

© 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth