What Time is it Friend Bear? (A Children’s Poem)

cute pink bear illustrator vector flowers line draft

Little Bear was playing sweetly midst the meadow green
Playing with his friend, completely lost in sights unseen
And the sun shone brightly as they leaped and jumped for joy
This has to be much better than any food or toy

“Remember, my little one, his mother had impressed
You must be home for dinner and in time to get dressed
We have some very important friends coming tonight
So you’ll need to look bright and clean and calm in our sight”

So every ten minutes, Little Bear stopped running and
Stopping still in his tracks and on all four feet did he land
Was heard to say, “What time is it Friend Bear, is it time
Did you hear, ’cause I didn’t hear, did my alarm chime?”

“No, no, Little Bear, please stop stopping and asking me
We’re losing time and shadows are falling on that tree
Just give me a minute and I’ll come up with a plan
And taking off quite so suddenly, Friend Bear, he ran

Ran behind a distant hill, to where the daisies grew
And gathered twelve little white and pinky blossoms new
Made them into a daisy chain for Little Bear’s neck
Then back to find him and singing, he did quickly trek

“Twelve little daisies, twelve little daisies for my friend
For my friend and every time he asks me, I’ll just send
Send him a shout and tell him, take one daisy away
One for each ten minutes, twelve daisies will last the day”

“’Cause we have only two more hours before you must leave
Six daisies for the first hour will leave you six to cleave
And when you’ve reached the last one, you’d better hurry home
There’ll be only ten minutes left, no time left to roam”

“Oh thank you thank you kind Friend Bear, ’tis the sweetest thing
Anyone’s done for me and now my heart wants to sing
Let’s keep on playing, I know when each ten minutes end
Together we’ll count the daisies down my dear bear friend”

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

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