Daisy Moo Alias Moo Moo Pepperpots (A Children’s Poem)

Cow Head

Well hello there Miss Daisy Moo
And how are you today?
I hear you’ve been feeling somewhat blue
At least that’s what your dear friends say!

Moo Moo Pepperpots
You must surely be mistaken
For I’m as fine as fine can be
From the moment that I awaken

Moo Moo Pepperpots!!
You really must explain
What is Pepperpots, Miss Daisy Moo
And why do you look like you’re in pain

Too much pepper on last night’s dinner
The pepper’s ajingle-jangling around
Had hay and stubble and sweet clover honey
Feeling fine; but my neigh’s a weird sound

Cow with Wheat in its Mouth

So off she trotted and I followed her
To the meadow, where she lay down
Picked every so pretty daisy flower
(And Daisy Moo in sweet daisy chains)
Rolled around till she wore a smile not a frown

Cow Behind a Fence

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

images courtesy of http://www.mycutegraphics.com

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