Gladly I surrender
To all You’ve given me
And as You take my hand
Salvation comes to me

Your song, You poured inside
This worn out, weary heart
A heart which couldn’t sing
A heart, love-torn apart

Each note, placed silently
In hymns, and psalms, and praise
So quietly at first
I couldn’t discern Your ways

Warmth of love descended
Melting this frosty heart
And like a bird in flight
Sweet joy’s wings, did impart

Yes, this child knows it’s there
Somewhere, so deep within
Just waiting to break forth
For melody to sing

And as a baby bird
Releases her pure notes
Songs of her Lord’s healing
When a Child Sings, love floats

© 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth

Oh! How I Love December

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I wrote this a couple of years; but it’s time to post again … With a few additions and subtractions and a year full of many difficult trials and wonderful blessings linking each moment together, I send this out with my love and appreciation for you all. Please take the time to look through my books and listen to the beautifully recorded songs below.

Oh! How I love December. It’s a bittersweet month though. There is just something about it. I feel more ‘me’. Is this because it is my birthday month? I don’t know. My dear late mother’s and brother’s birthdays come and go. My late grandmother’s also. Mine comes and goes. The memory of my brother’s death, English childhood Christmases. Snow. Innocent joy.

And then there’s Christmas … In remembrance of our dear Saviour’s birth. No man knows the date of His exact birth; but I’m sure it wasn’t in December. His birth, the promise of hope. The beautiful carols. The pretty lights. The smiles on faces. Family. Friends. Hope.

And … The Lord has enabled me to place a hardcopy of my two books on the shelves, ‘Sunrays and Lily Smiles’ and ‘When a Child Sings’ … here are the links if you’re interested. This will allow you to take a look inside.

Anyway, as I said, I love December and it’s here, yay! (not that every moment, every hour, every day, every month … every breath, isn’t precious). Now where’s that WordPress falling snow feature :-)!

My Two Books … Poetry and Song Lyrics Sharing Love and Hope for All Ages. Also Included Are Many Fun Poems and Short Stories for the Little Ones, plus so much more. Have you seen them?

You can look inside (click on left or right arrows in image once you’ve hit the free preview link), share or buy on the links at the bottom of each image. Available worldwide. Just google for best prices should you wish to purchase.

If anybody has read either or both of them, in particular the e-books which I have shared with some of you, would you please take the time to leave a review on Amazon for me? Thank you and God bless.

My New Book … When A Child Sings

When A Child Sings

Dear family, friends and those who I have yet to know as friends,

It is with much joy that I share with you my new book … When A Child Sings.
For the young, young at heart and children of God.

When A Child Sings, in essence, follows on from where my last book, Sunrays and Lily Smiles finished.

More poetry/devotions/song lyrics/hymns, and as a special gift, a six part children’s story, based on a delightful bunny named Sherbert, and her friends.

Please take a look inside on the following link. E-book will be available very soon if that is your preferred method to read.

Reviews welcome.

A beautiful present for any age, any occasion.

To God be the glory.