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Lost Prayer

Lost PrayerWhen prayer has gone amissing
And you don’t know what to say
When circumstances threaten
To block or mar your way
It may be that you are unwell
It may be that you’ve wandered
It may be influence from many others
Or it may be that your voice has floundered
Words they seem to have disappeared
And lost their way from a confused heart
You know you want to talk to Father
But finding them is tearing you apart
You know He’s there and waiting
Waiting for your pitiful cry
Waiting to place His arms around you
But the silence has you wondering why
Oh! Lord Jesus please break the chains
From off this quivering thought
And release my heart’s desire to see You
Release me Lord into Your presence
… so this dry prayer
Will flourish as the springtime
Fragrance lifted to You on high
Fragrance lifted, others gifted
And prayer released … so this urgency is never for nought

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth