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Decision Time

everyone has a choice

Can a sparrow count the cost
Can you understand what you’ve lost
Only by the Saviour’s hand
Only love abounding and firm
Listen carefully dear child, be Mine
The time is now, decision time

Look to the skies, ever changing
Fires and floods, not abating
Sickness taking man into bondage
Tears of grief overflowing sadness
You cannot run, nowhere to hide
The hour has come, decision time

Nothing you can do on your own
Each life will reap what is sown
No amount of money will lessen the load
Stores will dwindle, footsteps search the roads
O cry out to the One who will deliver
The minute has come, decision time

Is there an emptiness deep within
Has material gain softened the win
See, open your eyes, and ask to see
Hear, open your ears, and ask to hear
The clock is ticking, tic toc, tic toc
The second has come, decision time

Today, when … today, if you will hear His voice
That’s now, right now, and many are making that choice
Brokenness will be mended, and life breathed anew
Fear will be cast out, as only perfect love can do
It’s your time, come, lay at Jesus’ feet
Time to say, Jesus … Please remember me

 © 2020 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Oh! Oh! What a Journey

path bird grass
 Oh! Oh! What a journey
The Saviour on my heart lay
Lifted me from deepest depths
Shown me a brand new day

Took me from the darkest path
Which I believed had light
Took my hand and whispered
Come with me, don’t put up a fight

My path had plastic flowers aplenty
Music which I thought grand
Friends who weren’t even acquaintances
Blown away like the winds on the sand

And there were the highs and lows
And I thought I was at peace
But what I didn’t eternally know
Was that my feet were upon death’s grease

How can one know the Saviour
When one doesn’t even know He is needed
How can one’s heart be so broken
Unless one is ultimately defeated?

And so the years they passed and left
Left me in a dire situation
’Cause I just kept on going on
Not aware of my heart’s frustration

I grew older and my heart grew colder
But something stirred which was there
All the time, then Heaven’s rain came
And washed my heart and took away despair

Silently led, I was being led forth
To meet my Lord and Saviour
Through trials and tears and many fears
I now came face to face with His wonder

And then it happened. It happened
And I became a child of the living God
Still faced and am facing trials and tears
But fears have been trampled by God

Yes, what a precious journey
Oh! What a journey it’s been
Each day brings a new revelation
Of Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit seen

Yes, I know this has no rhythm
This poem which could be a song
Because it’s full of much confusion
And now I see it has been all along

Confusion, confusion, confusion
And my typing is even confused
In spelling this word confusion
’Cause the enemy, he accused

But now I’m on this blessed path
This path of love and abundance
And no matter what the day brings
My healed heart can now sing and dance

I could go on and on and on
About the things He’s done for me
Sent sweet messages of love
Which I knew for me could they only be

Thank you for listening, reading
I pray that we’ll soon meet one day
Upon this path of blessedness
In Christ Jesus, the Life, the Truth, the Way

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth