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A Family Prayer

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Lord, You are Light, You are Love, You are Life
Fill me with pure breath, pure knowledge and delight
Watch over my family, keep them safe in Your arms
Please Oh! dear Lord, let us not come to harm

May Your sweet Word enter deep within souls
Cleanse us, teach us, supply all our needs
Bring us to a realization of our state
And shelter us deep within, before it’s too late

Shelter us in the shadow of Your cross
Where we can find life, where You suffered loss
Pour out Your mercy and grace, show us how
To ask for forgiveness, for sins past, future, now

Cover our home, our lives and our thoughts
Our speech, our minds and all that falls short
Of the glory of God, Lord of lords, King of kings
May wondrous in-awe praises, our mouths always sing

Lord, how we need you, Your compassion and full joy
Need You to flow through us, Your Salvation to enjoy
Teach us the fear of God ever-more
That we might not fear man, circumstances or any closed door

Oh! precious Saviour, may Your Spirit direct us
May Your presence, Your freedom, always surround us
Help us to remember to number our days
And may the light of Your Word bring us in step with Your ways

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

A Love Letter

Christ on the cross
 One day soon
So very soon
I will return
And take My
Waiting people home
You may be discouraged
In pain
All by yourself
Draw hope
And find Me
I’m close by
Don’t think
I don’t care
Don’t wonder why
People say to do this
Do that and
You’ll be accepted
No, just trust Me
And as a child
Life’s here for the taking
Forgiveness of sins
And love to mend
Every heart breaking
Yes, one day soon
I will return
No one; but the Father
Knows the day or the hour
So today
Bow no longer
To darkness
Let new life
Break forth
As you acknowledge
The cross
All that I died for
The life of Me drained
Drained out for you
And each cell bore a name
Yes, your name was there
I remember it clearly
Don’t ever believe
I never loved you enough
Loved you enough
Or failed to care
I want you to know
That the way
Has been paved
For you to return
To your heavenly Father
No longer separated
No longer turned away
Just loved
Please listen
I say this again
I love you, My child
From beginning to end

Love Jesus

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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Can you see the battle raging down below
Don’t you know your name is written upon it
Stay in peace, stay where you are and soon you’ll know
That in Christ Jesus you’ve already won it

Break free, break forth from the darkness that holds you
Enemy lies bear down like a heavy rod
Break free, break forth into healing, be brand new
A new creation in the sight of our God

Use the Sword of the Spirit, the Living Word
Don’t let the pure Truth idly cling to your side
Shout out fellow brother, sister and be heard
Evil be gone, “It is written”, you’re Christ’s bride

Yes, you’re seated in the heavenlies, praise Him
Praise Him for all endured, secured on the cross
You have the victory, so sing a new hymn
He died, rose triumphant, your life in His loss

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth (Easter Sunday)


cross jesus wood

Abba Father, Abba Father
Only You can breathe sweet life into me
Abba Father, Abba Father
Only You can fill my heart with pure love

Abba Father, Abba Father
Only You can clothe me with righteousness
Abba Father, Abba Father
Only You can bring me into the light

You found me when I thought I was hidden
You found me in my darkest hour, so lost
You found me and wrapped Your arms around me
And told me You would never let me go

Found me and showed me the way to Your heart
Found me and led me to Your precious Son
Found me and filled me with eternal love
And now all within cries Abba Father, You won

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth


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Don’t you know that before you were, I knew you
Don’t you know that I heard your very first cry
Your name was already etched in My story
And the days of your life, before Me did fly

I wove you with unfailing cords of My love
And whispered, you are special and meant to be
Before you left heaven’s protective dark pool
I poured in strength and the will to live, freely

I was marred beyond recognition
I was marred with the deep stripes of sin
At the cross I died so you could live
And your lost heart for My Father, win

Look around at the beauty that surrounds you
Know that you’re beautiful, so beautiful too
The mirror and others may say otherwise
But they don’t understand your heart like I do

Don’t ever think you’re just passing through this land
Merrily, merrily, peace, peace and more peace
And one day ‘twill be over, yes finally
Because soon there will come a time of release

I was marred beyond recognition
I was marred with the deep stripes of sin
At the cross I died so you could live
And your lost heart for My Father, win

Here is My love story, I wrote just for you
Listen closely to the words, let them enter
They are filled with My pure love everlasting
Let them enter, they will feed, clothe and shelter

And as you read and wonder where is the love
There’s only mention of cruel death on the cross
Remember I formed you, brought you forth with love
Through the cross, there’s new life for you in My loss

I was marred beyond recognition
I was marred with the deep stripes of sin
At the cross I died so you could live
And your lost heart for My Father, win

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth


How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies we hear and listen to

Step back my friend, I speak in love
Look closely with your covered eyes
Not at what you think you can see
You’ll find answers for all your whys

There’s so much beauty all around
And abundant joy to behold
Gather near and I will show you
May the truth begin to unfold

I have to start with the roses
They sometimes take my breath away
To think that in the strips of green
Sweet blossoms will soon have their day

Rolling meadows and endless seas
Mountains grand and valleys so low
Hidden wonders trapped in whiteness
Awaiting springtime warmth and glow

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

Love’s eyes captured in purity
Colours flowing effortlessly
Touching every living creature
The flame and fire of autumn’s tree

Greyness hides the illusive sign
Of promise made so long ago
Captured hearts once cold and broken
Into nothingness seed will sow

Icy winds, relentless swelter
Can bring tears for each living need
Some ask how can such grief, sadness
Supply love and to each one feed

Reality, reality
Yes, there is pain, oh! so much pain
One way will break the hopelessness
May tears rust away darkness’ chain

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

Now back to those fragrant roses
Please look at petals delicate
The softness that you can witness
Were brought forth by One who was cut

Cut down in the prime of His life
By all not believing God’s word
In that Jesus came to save us
That He is our Saviour, our Lord

We must believe totality
Of all that He’s spoken and done
Open those eyes of confusion
Eternal life for you has been won

Won at the cross, won at the cross
Know you are so precious and loved
Cry to Him to reveal Himself
You’ll be eternally beloved

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth



I Thank You Heavenly Father (A Prayer)

I thank You heavenly Father
For the physical and spiritual food
Wherewith You will feed me this day
I thank you for holding me in the palm of Your hand
I thank you that even though the wounds have healed
On Jesus, they continue to bleed
For the souls of those who walk in darkness
(The cross and His shed blood are there for all)
I thank you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made
And that You, and only You, know everything about me
There is no bondage within me that You cannot break
There is no sickness hidden within me that You cannot heal
There is no sin within me that You cannot bring into the light
And forgive, once I am given the discernment to ask
For forgiveness upon realizing the depth and hideousness
Of that sin, those sins
Thank you for each and every breath
Mine and those of my loved ones
Thank you for the food on our table
Please bless it to our bodies
Please feed those who are hungry
The clothes on our backs
Please cover and wrap those who are naked
The shelter of our homes
Please cover and protect us this day, this night
Please cover those who are homeless, wandering
For our employment
Please open doors for those who desperately need
Or truly want to work and provide for themselves, loved ones
The love of family and friends
Please send love to those who are hurting
Who can walk along side them and catch their tears
Thank you bringing us through fiery trials
Thank you for being in our lives, always
Once we acknowledge You and that we need You
You are God and God alone
Almighty, awesome, perfect
Ever living, ever giving
Your hand bears endless gifts
Your heart shares endless love
Your life gives endless life
Through Jesus Christ our Saviour
Father, I lift all unto You
Who are suffering at this very moment
Who have lost loved ones
Who are awaiting news of loved ones
Who don’t know which way to turn
Who have turned and can’t face what meets them
Who are unwell, dying
Those who are well and don’t know that they are sick
Physically, spiritually
Those who don’t know You
Save them
Do know You
Keep them
Those who are being persecuted
Persecuted for Thy Name’s sake
Those who are feeling abandoned
Are abandoned, hopeless
Feeling unworthy, unloved
The poor and the needy
The widows and the orphans
The addicted, the lost
The afflicted, the abused
Man and animal, abused
Forgive them, forgive me
Be glorified, magnified
May Thy Name be lifted on high
Father, I love You
You are mine and I am Yours
For Your precious Word says so
I commit this day to You
Please walk me through the wilderness
The dry river bed
Into the place of joy everlasting
In Jesus Name

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

The Shadow on the Wall (A Poem and Devotion)

autumn leaves trees

The breezes, they intensify
The shadow on the wall
I look up during prayer time
The cross, it stands so tall

’Tis but a shadow in passing
Glimpsing reality
This picture mirrored just for me
Reflects eternity

Pushed and pulled in abandonment
Leaves thrown this way, then that
Like life with all of its problems
Through it all, the cross sat

I’m just sharing what I was shown
Should’ve captured for sure
Through a time’s lens for all to see
The message and the cure

For there upon my laundry wall
In its perfect glory
The picture of sweet redemption
Sin, the cross … His story

This is about a time during prayer a few weeks ago, when the sunlight streamed through the closed glass panelled door and shone a wonderful picture upon the wall in front of me. I wish I had taken a photo of it because to me it was profound and a gift from God.

It was quite windy outside, hence the shadows of the leaves were moving swiftly one way and then the other, lost with no direction, in turmoil, like life sometimes; but the shadow of the frame of the door reflected the beautiful cross and no matter how fast the leaves were moving, the cross stood firm.

Our Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ, stands firm. He is our solid Rock. May we always look to Him in all of our troubles; but not only then, in our good times too. May we always have a grateful heart, no matter our situation, problems, illnesses or sorrow … ours or our loved ones.

He came to heal the broken-hearted, to open prison doors and set the captives free, to open the eyes of the blind (spiritually) and being the Great Physician, there is no disease too difficult for Him to heal, no pain too great for Him to remove. He’ll apply His precious healing balm. On the cross, all was absorbed within His body. He died that we might have life; but we must come before Him and acknowledge our desperate need for forgiveness and salvation. Why do we need to be saved you may say? We’re not lost! His word says otherwise. We have all gone astray.

He is our Creator; but until we acknowledge Him as our Father, we are lost. We may not feel it, or like we have ever done wrong, especially if comparing our ‘slip ups in life’ to others; but we all need to be forgiven. We need to forgive others and we need to forgive ourselves, because there has always been a time in each of our lives when we have been hurt or hurt others. We may have tried to forget it. We may have tried to hide it. God sees and knows all though. Darkness is as light to Him, nothing is ever hidden and one day we will all stand before Him and give an account of our life. If you are a believer and have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you are already forgiven and accepted in the Beloved.

I pray that those who read this and have yet to come to Him and have the emptiness deep inside their heart (and we all have that) filled as only He can fill, will stop and really think about eternity. It exists. You have to make a decision. You are either with God or with the enemy. When it comes to eternity, there is no grey area. Come to Him while there is still time. He is calling you personally. Call or cry out to Him to have Him reveal Himself to you. He will.

May the gift of the Father God’s love wash over and fill you completely. May He open your eyes that you may see, the wondrous promise of eternal life through the only way to heaven … His precious, only begotten Son.

He loves us so much, more than we can ever comprehend.

This started as a poem. How beautiful it is that it’s been changed to a devotion. A challenging question! God bless all who read this. May His healing virtue flow through every need in your life and flow outwardly into all who have been placed upon your path.

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth


red valentine heart on dot background vector image

I have all things I need in me
All I was created to be
Nothing lacking and this I see
’Cause Jesus has my destiny

Yes Jesus has my destiny
He’s paid the price and set me free
Love forever, He’s captured me
And through cleansed eyes, I now can see

Yes through cleansed eyes, I now can see
How Jesus paid the penalty
Once I played disobediently
On life’s road, it disgusted me

On life’s road, it disgusted me
How I could live so carelessly
Praise God, He nailed it to the tree
Triumphantly, at Calvary

Triumphantly, at Calvary
My old life has abandoned me
Now living life has flooded me
’Cause Jesus has my destiny

Yes Jesus has my destiny
My destiny, my destiny
Yes Jesus came to rescue me
With all heaven’s sovereignty

I have all things I need in me
All I was created to be
Nothing lacking and this I see
’Cause Jesus has my destiny

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

What is True Beauty?


Oh! Such beauty we can witness, upon a grand scale; but
Without the beauty of the Lord, reflection, it would pale
Without the beauty of the Lord, true vision, it would fail
’Cause the true Beauty on the cross, was captive in the nail

The nail that held the Saviour complete
The nail that held the Saviour’s feet
The love that heard His sheep’s own bleat
The Great Shepherd, in love, no defeat

No matter the beauty that surrounds us, that is made of man
Nothing will ever match the perfect beauty throughout the heaven’s span
No nothing then, now, tomorrow can compare with before the world began
Everything was made that is made, a part of the Father’s plan

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth