From Whence He Came

From Whence He Came (2)

Always remember the hay in the stable
And always remember that He is most able
No adorned room, no billowing softness
Just His Father’s dear love, His Father’s greatness

No private schooling, no Wedgwood plating
No iced dainties, not yet crowned as King
Had to go yonder for people to listen
Only a few following of His own Kinsmen

Humble, no proudness; but with much jubilation
Sharing the secrets of God’s own salvation
Oh! How it pained Him, the scoffers, His own
Would not listen or do what was shown

But He lives, is alive
And all heaven proclaims
That Jesus is Lord
And remains to this day
Jesus is Lord
Yes Jesus is Lord
And all will acknowledge
With shame or with joy

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth