Am I Listening?

poppies mountain italy

I cannot explain
This emptiness, this pain
I long for Your presence
But feel it has left me

I feel so hollow
So alone, by myself
I’m hurting, dear Lord
And Your Word seems so distant

I read; but nothing is planted
I see words; but they allude me
I hear hymns; but they are for others
I need You, dear Lord, forgive me

Into tribulation we fall
Bringeth patience and
Experience that we might hope
Oh the love of God
To us You have given
Freely, freely
The gift of all time
Lord help me
To stop handing it
Handing it back to Thee
Oh! May my heart be joyful
And graciously accept grace
You have given Your life
Manifest in me

You have promised never to leave me
You have promised to always protect me
Rain down Your healing, Lord
Wash me afresh
I know I can never be clean enough
Looking through my eyes
Your eyes are pure, and Your light is golden
It shines through my heart
In which Your dear Son is hidden
It’s not me, I can do nothing
To enter Your Kingdom
I surrender my all, to You, my all is given

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

My Love, Words Cannot Express

sugar heart candy

Oh Lord! Why can’t all the wonders
Of what I read and hear
Be planted firmly and not lost
Seed and fruit abound

Am I to read without a pause
Fill my life with words and thoughts
Keep Thy Word forever sighted
Not let the world see light

I see your Holiness
Works inspired and written by others
Those no longer with us
Holy Spirit silently connects us

I feel lost, broken, helpless, empty
Trying to fill my moments
With nothing, always nothing
In order to fill my moments

Because I cannot take in all I read
It is too wondrous for me
I pray that one day, I might say
I live, for Christ lives, believe it and have no doubt

He is not there only for when I choose
To be shared with incidentals
He is my home, my refuge
My home and not a rental

He lives, my heart beats
I cannot find a reason
He loves me, I love Him
His Word entwines my life
Entwines my life that I might live

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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