The Sunshine Poem

Tears of SunshineSunshine upon a broken heart
Sunshine when life’s been torn apart
Sunshine leaves behind painfully sweet tears
Sunshine warms and melts the fears
Sunshine oh! sweet sunshine sings
Sunshine fills the birdies’ wings
Sunshine strengthens and embraces
Sunshine reflects His love on faces
Sunshine sends glorious rays of hope
Sunshine allows one in sorrow to cope
Sunshine floods and spreads the news
Sunshine dissipates the endless blues
Sunshine radiates the reflection of rainbows
Sunshine a beam of light on which flows
Sunshine yes the Son shines and lets everyone know
Sunshine from above filters mercy aglow
Sunshine oh! let the Son shine
Sunshine oh! let the Son shine
And may the moonbeams of your dark night
Illuminate the sunshine in your daylight

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

Each Precious Note Sent Heavenwards from Feathered Song

Each precious note sent heavenwards from feathered song, rises and completes nature’s symphony.


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Summer’s here, the birds do chime
Flower’s blossoming, fragrant with time
Joyful laughter filling still air
The warmth of His Love, covering each care

Breathe in the beauty of heavenly sight
Hear little rosebuds sigh with delight
The dew of the morning strengthens within
Cleansed and healed by our glorious King

Oh! Sing all His children, babe or with grey
Dance with the timbrels on this bright, fresh day
Let all the trials and pains that do test
Find peace, grace and mercy, alone in His rest

(another poem from my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)