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I am sure most of you are familiar with the Bible story of Hagar (Genesis 16). His wife’s young maid, whom Abraham supposed would fulfill his desire to carry out God’s promise, and give him a son, thus keeping the family tree alive (his wife’s idea).

I would like to share this wonderful study by Shadia Hrichi with you.

If you’ve ever wondered where is God, does He see me, does He even care???? … then this is for you.

Shadia weaves the reader on a beautiful healing path through the wilderness of loneliness, rejection, hurts and disappointments. She gives us glimpses into her own life too. So often, we see someone mention in God’s Word and move on. With Hagar, there is so much I’ve learnt. The depth of this study is incredible. One wants to keep reading as it is exciting wondering where you will be led next. I’ve yet to reach the end; but I know from what I’ve read, I’m sure I’ll do it again.

If you want to find yourself in the embracing arms of the One who infinitely has always loved you, and always will, and know that HE DOES SEE YOU, CARE FOR YOU, AND WANT THE VERY BEST FOR YOU … Please consider delving into this book of treasures. You won’t regret it.

See how you are woven into His beautiful story …