Stones of Emptiness

rocky heart
For every stone of emptiness
That’s been placed within your heart
May pearls of love replace them
May joy mend all that’s torn apart

For every confusing moment
When your mind feels null and void
May songs sing their melody
May peace’s sweet notes fill all destroyed

For every time of painful loss
Where each breath is hard to breathe
May unconditional hope
Bind life to your past’s sorrow-wreath

For every tear stained memory
Traumas enclosed in sadness
With compassion I give you
A bouquet of roses’ gladness

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

Inspired by Isaiah 34:11c “ … and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness”; Genesis 1:2a “And the earth was without form, and void …” and God’s deep love for us, not wanting us to hurt.


How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies we hear and listen to

Step back my friend, I speak in love
Look closely with your covered eyes
Not at what you think you can see
You’ll find answers for all your whys

There’s so much beauty all around
And abundant joy to behold
Gather near and I will show you
May the truth begin to unfold

I have to start with the roses
They sometimes take my breath away
To think that in the strips of green
Sweet blossoms will soon have their day

Rolling meadows and endless seas
Mountains grand and valleys so low
Hidden wonders trapped in whiteness
Awaiting springtime warmth and glow

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

Love’s eyes captured in purity
Colours flowing effortlessly
Touching every living creature
The flame and fire of autumn’s tree

Greyness hides the illusive sign
Of promise made so long ago
Captured hearts once cold and broken
Into nothingness seed will sow

Icy winds, relentless swelter
Can bring tears for each living need
Some ask how can such grief, sadness
Supply love and to each one feed

Reality, reality
Yes, there is pain, oh! so much pain
One way will break the hopelessness
May tears rust away darkness’ chain

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

Now back to those fragrant roses
Please look at petals delicate
The softness that you can witness
Were brought forth by One who was cut

Cut down in the prime of His life
By all not believing God’s word
In that Jesus came to save us
That He is our Saviour, our Lord

We must believe totality
Of all that He’s spoken and done
Open those eyes of confusion
Eternal life for you has been won

Won at the cross, won at the cross
Know you are so precious and loved
Cry to Him to reveal Himself
You’ll be eternally beloved

How can we say there is no God
We do
I did
There is
Forgive us Lord
We do not know
The lies that we hear and listen to

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth



Lord Help Me to Take the Time to Stop and Smell the Roses (before it’s too late and they’re gone)

(The title of the poem runs down the side)
smell the rosesLay me down in pastures green
Over clouds to sights unseen
Raise to Thee my thoughts, my words
Do with my life whatever Thou please

Help is but a prayer away
Everlasting wings will always stay
Lord, plant within me child-like faith
Pass through this dark valley by my side

May flowers and spring rain
Evening primrose covers my pain

There beside the waters still
Only Thee can be my fill

Time marches past so quickly I know
And all of my sorrows soon will go
Keep me and guard me all of my days
Ever to bring praises, heavenly rain

The season of summer, it looms
Here and there roses and buttercup blooms
Everywhere gladness and children of joy

Time it shows us what we do lack
It shows us also that we cannot go back
May we though, be given, that first love again
Ever to remember that spiritual milk we were given

Then it is autumn and cooler we become
Over our heads, knowledge loses some

Stay with me and quicken my faith
Take my trembling hand, I’ll do what Thou saith
Only a child accepts and believes
Please Oh! Lord, take me back to that time

And may Thy staff never cease to be
Near me and steady me and help me to see
Dear Lord Jesus, clear my path, my vision

Suddenly winter covers the land
Marigolds fade with the cold, blustery, white sand
Ever please Lord, You have washed me for this
Longing and praying Your mercy Your grace
Likens me to Your precious Son and His ways

The seasons have passed and they start once again
Here is new growth, flowers planted again
Earnestly the Son draws them out of the darkness of night

Rain down Oh! Lord. Reign down Oh! Lord
Only You have control of my life
Sadly I am past all my child-like responses
Even my words have grown all the stranger
Shine Heavenly Father, Thy will shall be done

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

The Ribbons of Time

Scarlet Ribbons 2Winding through this heart of mine,
Satin ribbons, scarlet ribbons and twine;
Ribbons of softness, compassion and love,
Roughened, dry twine trying to choke the True Vine.

Flowing freely, bringing life with each thread,
Ribbons entwining my life,
with joy,
when I dread;
Of battles that rage and fight deep within,
Wrap ribbons of kindness round my favoured head.

Oh! Wrap the ribbons round my fam-ily,
Wrap scarlet ribbons through our lives of need;
Wrap the ribbons and hold us securely,
Safe in Your presence, forevermore, surely.

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

The Floating Rose

blessing in adversity
Should we ever
Cease to know
How our Saviour
Loves us so
Then ‘tis time
To reassess
Reasons why
We don’t feel blessed
For He has promised
In His Word so grand
Promised to us
Before breath was planned
To love us forever ….

Through the fires of trial
Through the golden, still days
Through suffering a short while
…. He pours His love endlessly

So take a leaf from the ever-new garden
Without question it sings His praises
And even when the thorns appear
Love’s shed in the roses and daisies

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Crushed Roses

cottage garden 9th April, 2013 017Roses oh! so beautiful
Roses oh! so sweet
Roses oh! so preciously laid
Laid at His bleeding feet

Roses crushed but beautiful
Roses bruised but sweet
Roses torn but preciously laid
Laid at His wounded feet

Roses oh! so beautiful
Roses full of beauty
Roses perfect in every way
Were scattered at His weary feet

Roses oh! so sweet
Roses full of glory
Roses the gift of perfection
Were scattered at His pier-ced feet

Yes, laid at the feet of the Saviour
Torn, bruised and crushed both were
But the fragrance so lovingly released
Covered lost love … and healed afar

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

‘Then the Old, Now the New’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

Then the Old, Now the New

‘I noticed the withering of the roses and leaves,

Being eaten, destroyed by grasshoppers in teams;

So I cut them back hard,

Their limbs were laid bare,

Then fell much-needed rain

And new shoots did appear.

*       *       *

When we are feeling dry,

Empty, forgotten or alone,

And much of our life feels it’s coming undone;

It’s then that the Lord,

In kindness, takes His Sword of Love,

Leaves us with nothing

On which to draw from but Him,

And then perfect, new growth

Will suddenly appear,

After Heaven sent rain feeds life from above.’

An excerpt from ‘Battling Forward’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

25th Jan, 2013 2 049

Excerpt from “Battling Forward”

“Push through the hardships, toils and sorrows
For the Lord God, our very own God
He reigns triumphant”

*      *       *       *       *       *       *

He is mighty

He is worthy

An anchor in stormy seas

A lighthouse when all else is in darkness

A sunbeam shining through endless clouds

A rainbow of hope

Joy in the morning

A melody in the night

Rain in the drought

Sunshine in the flood










Forgives all when forgiveness sought


Mender of broken hearts

Full of mercies

And they are new every morning

“By the grace of God I am what I am” 1 Cor 15:10a KJV

Dewdrops on the roses

The sweetness of  a bird call

Yes, He is mighty and I could go on forever …….

So break through your burdens and grasp the hand of the One who loves you.

Would love you to add to the list ……. God bless.