His Death, Our Life

the cross

Pierced by hatred
Pierced by thorns
Crowned with pain
He died for all

Unrelenting agony
Suffered He for us
Torn, jagged flesh
Whipped with cruel bone

Life, it left Him
Emptying, abandoning
Covering every sin upon Him
Crimson, yet spotless, He bled for me

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
In bondage to those nails
A prisoner; but free
Fulfilling the will of the Father

May we never cease to cherish
That cherished moment
When He cried, “It is finished”
Glory to God in Heaven, forever shall be

A Love Letter

Christ on the cross
 One day soon
So very soon
I will return
And take My
Waiting people home
You may be discouraged
In pain
All by yourself
Draw hope
And find Me
I’m close by
Don’t think
I don’t care
Don’t wonder why
People say to do this
Do that and
You’ll be accepted
No, just trust Me
And as a child
Life’s here for the taking
Forgiveness of sins
And love to mend
Every heart breaking
Yes, one day soon
I will return
No one; but the Father
Knows the day or the hour
So today
Bow no longer
To darkness
Let new life
Break forth
As you acknowledge
The cross
All that I died for
The life of Me drained
Drained out for you
And each cell bore a name
Yes, your name was there
I remember it clearly
Don’t ever believe
I never loved you enough
Loved you enough
Or failed to care
I want you to know
That the way
Has been paved
For you to return
To your heavenly Father
No longer separated
No longer turned away
Just loved
Please listen
I say this again
I love you, My child
From beginning to end

Love Jesus

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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Stones of Emptiness

rocky heart
For every stone of emptiness
That’s been placed within your heart
May pearls of love replace them
May joy mend all that’s torn apart

For every confusing moment
When your mind feels null and void
May songs sing their melody
May peace’s sweet notes fill all destroyed

For every time of painful loss
Where each breath is hard to breathe
May unconditional hope
Bind life to your past’s sorrow-wreath

For every tear stained memory
Traumas enclosed in sadness
With compassion I give you
A bouquet of roses’ gladness

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

Inspired by Isaiah 34:11c “ … and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness”; Genesis 1:2a “And the earth was without form, and void …” and God’s deep love for us, not wanting us to hurt.

Are You Unable to Move Forward?


A beautiful cerise rose
Trying to fulfill its life by blooming
I found it struggling
It was caught up on its own thorn

I released it
So now it can open perfectly

Sometimes we are unable to or don’t allow ourselves be the person who we were created to be. We stifle our life and become caught up on the pain of our daily emotions and ambitions, what and who we think we are supposed to be. Or maybe we are too afraid to let go. Maybe we are unable to because of circumstances.

I pray the healing release of our heavenly Father’s touch for those who feel held back, those who are being hard on themselves, thinking that they are stuck and never going to be able to move forward, those who don’t know what they are meant to be doing, those who don’t know who they are, who have lost their sense of purpose. Anyone needing to be healed, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

May you experience the Father’s love in every area of your life and may every dream and desire of your heart be opened beautifully according to His will for your life, so naturally that others are sweetly blessed.

From the Dryness of the Desert …

desert stock photo

From the dryness of the desert to the rifts within my heart
From the floods of falling deluge to the tears without a start
From the darkness of ailing moon to hidden depths of inner parts
Oh! Lord Your light, it pierces every shard of this well worn cart

This cart that carries every pain, every grief and every shame
This cart that travels wearily and twists and turns beneath its frame
This cart unto which the lonesome had been bound until the freedom came
And now it’s unloaded and only joy and love and peace dwell in His name

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the HeartShining beads of watermelon glow
As my heart leaps to and fro
Dew falls like the heavy rain
Set upon life’s windowpane
Etched deep beneath the smoldering embers
Branches of time, well they remember
Frosty here and autumn showers
Sunshine’s hidden in depth of flowers
Lost now till another season fills
Pain and tears out of reach still
Yellow into red into white into green
Rolling through like a photo shoot dream
Warmth of rosy love in peel
Hearts of flesh encased in steel

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


I will post a little each day …. (hence the domino song theme)
As I’m away on a beach holiday
I pray that you’ll keep following
As I’m taking a rest from much posting
And the whole will be revealed at the end

God bless all who are visiting for the very first time and my wonderful, loyal ‘blogger’ friends xxx

Domino (4)One step … just one step
May contain much pain or a little
We cannot choose our suffering
Whether our faith is very strong or brittle

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

… Posting a little each day for 8 days … revealing all on the 9th day!

Take My Hand and Lead Me Through Your Word

Take My Hand and Lead Me Through Your WordTake my hand and lead me through Your Word
For I am weak
And times distract me
And Your story sometimes goes unheard

Call me to sit and wait awhile
Sit quietly at Your feet
Cause me to see Your gentle smile
Let the beauty of life embrace me

Don’t let go Lord, when my hand
It longs to leave
Duties beckon, the day it darkens
May the love-strings keep me where You stand

One day all hindrances, all pain
Will be forgotten
All that remains, Your word purest white
And Your children, no longer burdened and stained

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

JUST ONE LOOK (A Song of Hope)

Just One LookChorus
One look
One look
Just one look at the Saviour
And your heart will be undone
One touch
One touch
Just one touch from the Saviour
And two hearts will be eternally one

When all the day through
You cannot find
The peace promised
For unsettled mind
Just one look
‘Tis all it takes
One look
I’ve never left you
And I’ll never forsake

The skies, they may darken
And the rains never end
Friends, they may leave you
On who will you depend
So hear My tear-filled call
Through grey skies or blue
And always remember
That the cries of My heart
Long only for you

Tears, they may flow
Full of sadness and pain
The skies, they may darken
And the rains never end
Be found, be found
No longer bend beneath sorrow
Bend beneath pain
Or dreams long forgotten
Never meant for tomorrow

One look
One look
Just one look at the Saviour
And your heart will be undone
One touch
One touch
Just one touch from the Saviour
And two hearts will be eternally one

Just one look
One look
I wait patiently for you
Lift each foot gently
Or My heart you’ll crush … just listen
‘Cause I wait … I wait, to lift every care
Come closer, come closer
Your answer awaits
A healing breath of love … love and fresh air

Just look
One look
With one look at the Saviour
Your heart, it will leap for joy
Just touch
One touch
One touch from the Saviour
Two hearts will beat as one

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth