‘Move That Mountain’ – Encouragement, Hope and Truth When All Seems Lost


And when all seems like it is lost

And those that surround you, that you love at all cost

Are walking along a different road

So are unable to help you carry the load

And when there is darkness from a mountain in sight

One that cannot be conquered without a brave fight

Cry out to Him who has already trod the path

Take His hand, don’t let go, though others may laugh

And make you feel guilty, unworthy, unloved

Incapable to surrender all cares to above

Reach out, reach out, step in time with the Saviour

The mountain can’t harm you with Jesus your Saviour

That mountain that threatens your very existence

Creates shadows and fears, doubts and resistance

Listen within for His saving still, small voice

For you can move mountains, with Him as your source

© 2013- present Liana Wendy Howarth


When Patience Blooms

The Gift of a Rose
This is the first time this beautiful rose has bloomed in the eight years we have been at our home. My father moved it from under the shaded trees about a year ago, not believing it would ever bloom. A few times I asked the Lord to reveal the flower, to have the rose blossom that He may be given the glory, as my father who is an avid, really avid gardener (his life passion, one who knows most of the Latin names) didn’t think it was possible. The leaves had always flourished even in the shade; but as to the colour of the flower, we had no idea.

Well this morning the Lord averted my eyes upwards to the top of the garden arch. I showed my husband and father and said this is answered prayer. With varying responses from them :-), I am in awe of our Creator, for Whom nothing is impossible. He has taught me another sweet heart lesson:-

It doesn’t matter if, when prayers are lifted heavenward, you see no change in your life or the lives of others. Underneath, within, the Lord is working mightily in our lives and waiting for His perfect timing to reveal the gift of His answer. His encouragement … Never give up, always believe that He can do anything, be patient, trust in Him, He loves us and will give us the desires of our heart according to His will for our life.

My heart was to see the beautiful bloom upon this rose, suppressed beauty released and to bring glory to God. To reveal to unbelievers that there is nothing too difficult for our heavenly Father. Another reason why this to me is so personal, is that this is the eighth year of illness that has had my life on hold in so many different areas. I have learnt and am learning so much about my Father’s love for me through http://www.beinhealth.com that in the physical the layers of affliction (non existent petals) are just peeling off and being discarded; but in the spiritual and soon to flow into the physical, beautiful healing is taking place and a new blossom of His life is forming in me, just waiting for His perfect timing to be revealed. How perfect that the rose that was given me was the colour of His sacrifice. His death and resurrection for me. He has given me new life, new hope. Eternal life.

Thank you my Father for the depth of Your love for me, for us and believing in Your Son, knowing that He would fulfill every intricate detail of Your merciful gift for all.

Thank you Jesus for Your obedience in going to the Cross because of Your love for Your Father, for me, for us. The depth of Your pain that You suffered for me, for us. Praise God You are risen. Seated on high.

Thank you Holy Spirit for Your comfort, conviction and ever present peace even amidst turmoil. For bringing the Father’s love to me, to us. Embracing with love eternal.

© 2015 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

Romans 8:25
But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.


Environmental Scale
The more I love Jesus
The more I am able to lift
My loved ones to safety
To be filled with heaven’s sweet gift

Oh! Hear me Lord
Please hear my plea
I draw closer
Yet I am tied

I feel the need
To be with them
And yet I can’t
I’m in the way

My heart, it aches
As it watches and
Sees them hurting
The silent tears

There’s so much pain
Hid deep within
And kept captive
By chains so dark

Lord, please draw me
Into Love’s depth
Hold me so close
Shelter, protect

Each breath is hard
When love is torn
Love wants to tell
Everything’s fine

The more I love Jesus
The more I am able to lift
My loved ones to safety
To be filled with heaven’s sweet gift

Imagine scales
I’m on one end
They, the other
What will happen?

I thought that if
I filled my life
Every part of me
With Father’s love

Embracing all
His Word could be
The scales would lift
Me heavenward

Yes, so lovely
The other end
Though, would lower
Away from Him

But, no. It won’t
The more I love
And worship Him
The scales tilt

I am humbled
Lowered, and
My loved ones are
Lifted closer

Closer to Him
So I must leave
My loved ones to
Jesus, not me

The more I love Him
The more I lift
My loved ones to Him
Their hearts to sift

The more I love Jesus
The more I am able to lift
My loved ones to safety
To be filled with heaven’s sweet gift

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

Answered Prayer … He Loves Us So

Our darling daughter Britt is nearing the end of a five week visit to the States.

She has never seen snow, that was until today (yesterday their time).

The reason for this post, besides sharing a (for me) heart-melting photo is this. Even before she left she was determined it wasn’t going to snow. Now whether she was saying this so as not to be disappointed if it didn’t or she really didn’t believe it would, I don’t know.

All I know is I kept praying and believing that she would be blessed and experience snow falling for the first time. I so wanted her to experience it.

Every day (well several times a day, as a Mother is apt to do 🙂 …) I’d check online and see that snow was predicted and then the forecast would change again, and I would get upset; but keep praying and trusting that the Lord would bless her. It got to the stage that snow was due on the last day of her visit and that was the only one that didn’t seem to change (trouble is she was leaving very early that morning).

All I can say is that lately a few more days of snow were appearing on the website. I kept telling her it’s coming, it’s coming and on the day I actually said it would snow today (her time). She didn’t believe me as much as I know her heart wanted too!

Anyway she went for a walk in Central Park.

And it snowed.

The love I felt for the Lord (and her) when I saw this photo … Just overflowing.

Sorry about the long-winded story here; but I am just so, so excited for her.

Don’t ever believe that the Lord doesn’t hear your prayers. No matter how small you think your requests/desires are.

He loves you with an everlasting love and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.

Heavenly Father, Britt and I give You all the glory. Thank you so much for showering your snow-wrapped treasures down from heaven and blessing us both. We love You Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

HAS, IS, WILL THE LORD? (A Song of Praise)


Has the Lord
Has the Lord
Has the Lord done great things for thee?
Has the Lord
Has the Lord
Has the Lord done great things for thee?
Then lift your praise
Lift your praise
Lift your praise and turn your feet
Lift your praise
Lift your praise
Turn your feet and walk His ways

Is the Lord
Is the Lord
Is the Lord doing great things for thee?
Is the Lord
Is the Lord
Is the Lord doing great things for thee?
Then lift your praise
Lift your praise
Lift your praise and turn your feet
Lift your praise
Lift your praise
Turn your feet and walk His ways

Will the Lord
Will the Lord
Will the Lord do great things for thee?
Will the Lord
Will the Lord
Will the Lord do great things for thee?
Then lift your praise
Lift your praise
Lift your praise and turn your feet
Lift your praise
Lift your praise
Turn your feet and walk His ways

Only He
Only He
Has, is and will forever be
Only He
Only He
Has, is and will forever be
So lift your praise
Lift your praise
Lift your praise and turn your feet
Lift your praise
Lift your praise
Turn your feet and walk His ways

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

The Sweetness of God’s Word

The Sweetness of God's Word

Twining in amongst the roses
Tinged with thorns so carefully
On life’s path named “Follow Jesus”
Love brings freedom at Calvary

There the Word beckons one to look up
And my gaze beholds Glory’s pain
Never must I forget ‘tis love that …
Bought me life and broke the chain

So I ponder all He’s done for …
Me and countless other souls
Knowing that His birth without death
Leaves our hearts with bottomless unfilled holes

As only Jesus can fill our hearts up
Fill us up with His saving grace
Love and mercy, His salvation
Redemptive love upon thorn-marred face

Praise God He sent His Son to die for
You and me upon that blessed tree …
Blest because it held our Saviour
Blest absorbing His blood, spilt silently

Oh! The sweetness of God’s pure word
It lifts us way beyond our mortal hopes
Cleanses, heals, pricelessly restores us
Yes, it lifts us free with Heaven’s ropes

And so, beauty laced with lovingkindness
Is my Saviour’s word to me
He can, He will always lead me
Forward on to victory

For His promises are eternal
Fragrance bound upon Royal Word
Lifts me above saddened circumstances
Purer sweetness never heard

Oh! The angels wondrously adoring
Lifting chorus ever free
He can do the impossible
For He whispers, “All things are possible with Me.”

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth



The Lord weighed upon my heart to write this down in what I thought to be story form; but once again the poet in me prevailed … I pray that I am posting this at His perfect time as I am not sure if this was for now or later. I leave it in His hands.


This was meant to be a testimony
For the Lord would have me write it down
I believe He wanted me to treasure
What life was like before I received healing’s crown

Three months till I am able
To wear this precious gift
And in the meantime He’s going to strengthen
Me, and continue through affliction, sift

He wants me to share with you
And bring hope to those who are struggling
The symptoms that weighed so heavily
Brought me so low and often unable to sing

There have been times when I could barely function
And yet the day continued as always
Oblivious of what I was suffering
I literally dragged my feet as I fought to gaze

The intensity of overwhelming feelings
Dizziness, faintness, super cell storm in foggy head
Ringing constantly between my thoughts
My life on hold and having to do anything, I’d dread

Unable to work, unable to drive ‘normally’
Unable to sew, unable to go out spontaneously
Unable to function to even clean the house clean
Unable to run my fingers melodiously across piano keys

Affected by heights, so steps and escalators out
Needing a trolley to shop properly
Wanting to go home each time I had to go out
Always needing someone to be with me

A barrage of tests, tests, tests
And then there were more to be done
And no matter the quality of foods, supplements consumed
I never felt as though I had truly won

Battling hashimotos with antibodies times a hundred
Of what they were meant to be
Iron deficiency anaemia, with levels barely above lowest range
And chronic fatigue, so chronic … these tortured me

And then just when I thought I was managing
A couple of mean viruses came back with a blast
And pain was mixed with utter hopelessness
Bringing with them so many tears and emotions from the past

But praise be to God, because through it all
He had taken control, led me through
In the barrenness and loneliness of valley
Taken me to mountaintops seeking skies of blue

And blessed me with bouquets of roses
Lilies and a dear family
And even though most of the time they were oblivious
I only let them into a small part of what they could see

Because no one, no, no one can truly know
The pain of an illness, two or three
I cannot infiltrate my symptoms before another
And no one else can understand what it means to me

But I can share this with my reader
Please know that deliverance, it draws nearer
Each day as you step further into the depths of despair
Through illness … in Him, your weakness grows stronger

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

Calling Hurting Empty Searching Hearts

Calling Empty Hurting Searching Hearts

Dear hurting one, crying heart

Stop looking for something to fill
Any void in your heart

Only Jesus is the exact fit … nothing else … no-one else

If you continually seek to find
That something/someone that you think will solve all problems
The very blessings you already have
Will have flown by

What a waste!

To those who don’t have the security of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour … He is calling your name … NOW
Cry out to Him … doesn’t matter where you are, where you’re from, what you’re doing, what you’ve done
He loves you, before you’d even heard His name … He loved you
You need forgiveness … and only He is the forgiver of all things done in rebellion against His holy Name
But and here’s the but … He will forgive you and He has enough forgiveness for all who seek Him
You will be found … never to be lost again
He is the Great Shepherd and He has left His flock to come look for you (can you see His tears?)
Surrender your weariness, pain, loss, hurt … all to Jesus
And you will be a child of God
Given the peace that only He can give
And loved as only He can love

To those whose security is firmly and lovingly attached to the Anchor of our souls
He says “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:34 KJV (Cambridge Version)

God bless you all

(This post was meant to be an inspiration on not letting what you already have be clouded by looking for something that you think you need, when as a believer you already have everything you have ever or will ever or do need … but my fingers went into overtime…)

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth