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For A Loved One Departed (Written For My Dear Mother)

The reflection of heaven’s rose garden

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Upon the branches of my heart
For you, this poem is written
The love you gave, the love you shared
The tenderness that softened

And on the paths that lead me there
Your footsteps are remembered
Guiding and advising me
You’ll never be forgotten

And on the leaves that bound my heart
My family life is written
Joy and pain, happiness and gain
The aroma will ever remind me

And on the petals of flowers found
Found wrapped around my heart
Sweet words of gentle encouragement
That trusted who I was

The aroma of those flowers linked
To leaves and branches and paths
Take me back to when you first left
Though not as often now
But the tears of dew that water my heart
Will always remember you

© 2010 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Lost Love

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When you look into another’s eyes
Never presume it’ll be forever
Love locks two hearts together as one
To have loved is better than never

Life can bring joy, life can bring sorrow
The rains of summer turn into tears
A winter’s snow hides deep emotion
Spring and fall leave as another nears

Take a walk down your memory lane
Step into prints of those gone before
Love, it finally has its moment
My love, be prepared for what’s in store

When days turn into weeks and more years
Everything, nothing, ever changes
Love intense, ’cause one breath will be last
You’ll awake, they’re gone, nil exchanges

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth


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Suddenly tears, they fall
Out of nowhere, gentle and small
Don’t know why, if at all
Then I remember mother’s call

It’s been seven long years
So full of ups and downs and fears
But my Father, He hears
And through it all, my Saviour steers

Time, it separates us
Even though your heart remains in mine
And time, they say heals wounds
May heal them; but the scar remains
The wound that was left
At your departing
Has now been lovingly closed
And bound with inner strength and joy
’Cause even though in quiet moments
The silent tears they fall
You’re my mother and no-one, no-one
Could or ever will replace you
You’re mine and I’ll forever love you
Because love never forgets your call

In the secret chambers
Of love’s sweet memories
He pours
His love into my heart
Enabling me
Encouraging me
To sing beautiful songs
Like the songbirds
Of the morning
Through rain
Through sunshine
He draws me back to you
And this I know for He tells me so
Dear mother, our love will never part
For He’s loved us both from the very start
And will always through His merciful heart
Fill my miss you heart with your loved me heart

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

Her favourite flower, the daisy …