It’s Raining His Tears

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It’s raining
I hear His small, still voice
I’m crying for my nations
I’m crying, it’s My choice

I’m crying, you won’t listen
I’m crying, you’ve left My side
I’m crying, no one seems to care
Look, My arms are open wide

These tears are shed for many
The lost, the sick, those in pain
The rain, it is getting heavier
Don’t let My love, My love, wane

The rainbow has been hidden
These tears, I cry for you
I’m crying to cleanse all who are dying
I’m crying, let Me wash you anew

The falling drops, they lessen
But My tears will continue to fall
Fall until you grasp these words
Don’t hide your heart behind fear’s wall

Let these tears, let them take away
All that is holding you back
May they bring fresh love, peace and sweet joy
And in Me, fulfill all you lack

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth


Two Little Christmas Trees

The trees are green
Softness of the late summer light
Falls, and reflects upon
Another day given
There’s silence at times
And then melodious triumph
Rises, and floods the sky
A cappella
Beauty resonates within the sweet notes
It’s Christmastime
But this Christmas isn’t white
The heat at times
Wraps itself, and bathes all
With copious body tears
Then storm clouds gather
And vicious bolts, and deafening thunder
Gallop across the sky
The children, with each new day
Try and contain their excitement
School winds down
Parties, friends, family
But this Christmas isn’t white
The shops are overcome with bustling
Bargains cry out to be bought
Money exchanges hands quicker than it’s earnt
Heavy loads of purchases find their way home
Countdown is on
Advent calendars reveal less and less
Closed doors
Festivity is born
Carols are playing
Hearts bubble up with joy
Presents chosen carefully
Are brightly wrapped
And then it’s Christmas Eve
But this Christmas isn’t white
The children sleep
Or pretend to
The clock ticks forward
Finally, it’s dawn
Christmas dawn
And all through the morning
Love flows from each heart
Thankfulness sings
Memories sown
Laughter, merriment
Young and old alike
The day wears on
Bing Crosby sings
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
I am too
But this Christmas isn’t white
So tell me
How can one have Christmas
When Christmas isn’t white?
The tree baubles shine
Green, red, gold
Imaginary tinsel winds its way
Through the still branches
I have two little trees this year
And they are tipped with white
Oh! This Christmas may not be white
But these little trees
These little trees
They immerse this heart, this dreamy heart
With long ago childhood dreams
And so much snowy delight

© 2018 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


Kids Signing Christmas Carols

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill the streets with cheer
Little children, do gather round
And break silence from off the year

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill our hearts with joy
Little children, do gather round
Calling every sweet girl and boy

Who will ring the Christmas bells
And fill our homes with hope
Little children, do gather round
And dance along with skipping rope

Who will ring the Christmas bells
Tinkle – ling – ling – ling – ling – ling
Christmas bells oh! let them ring
Tinkle – ling – ling – ling – ling – ling

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

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There is a River

bach creek river

There is a river of love and peace
Where the healing waters flow
And when you place your feet within
Sweet blessings you will know

There is a river of joy and hope
Where the healing waters flow
And when you place your feet within
Your symptoms, they will go

There is a river which runs forever
And as it flows it whispers your name
Oh! Please, come down to the water’s edge
Take a step forward and you’ll never be the same

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Everlasting Rose

vector beautiful red rose illustration

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore the brokenness in you

The petal of hope
It’s filled with new dreams
With all of My love
Deserts into streams

The petal of joy
It’s filled with new praise
New oil to anoint
And flow through your days

The petal of peace
It’s filled with comfort
Embrace all given
My arms will support

The petal of love
What more can I say
The petal of choice
Along life’s hard way

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore the brokenness in you

Yes, there’s a petal of encouragement
A petal, soft and grand
A petal for when discouragement
Leaves a heart sunk in grief’s sand

Petals, a petal
Purity, serene
Words cannot write words
To grasp a rose, so serene

So take what I’ve given you
It’s a balm for where it hurts
Let the fragrance of the perfect rose
The fragrance of the perfect rose
Fill you deep within, so very deep within
Each petal, a rose story, red covers every sin

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore all brokenness in you

© 2016 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Never Give Up

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I felt to share this again and maybe encourage if but one …


Eight years ago, my beautiful mother passed away. Six years ago, my wonderful brother passed away. She was eighty, he was forty-eight. She had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, he had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Neither knew the Lord when diagnosed. So I say never give up.

So many times during the course of mother’s illness, we would talk about my precious Lord. Her beliefs were scattered though and she loved anything to do with Tibet. Whenever we discussed anything to do with the Bible, she somehow managed to skirt around the topic and the subject was closed. This always happened. She was looking for something and would try anything and listen to anyone about everything. Yes, it’s important to listen to others; but not at the expense of one’s eternal life. Everything seemed like a joke. She would go to church; but was forever questioning, sometimes in the middle of a service (makes me smile now; but quite embarrassing at times).

Her illness stayed in remission for about five years. It returned. In the final couple of weeks, the questions continued. I played beautiful Christian music for her when she could no longer get out of bed. I had the Bible in audio form and jamming the repeat button, played the Psalms for her, just on low; but high enough for her too drink in God’s promises.

My Pastor’s mother visited and the questions, yes they kept coming. Still she was undecided. We showed her a plaque with “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. Still she questioned. Oh! The questions. The Name of Jesus was highlighted for her in the Scripture verse. No other god, image, idol.

Suddenly the Light began to enter her understanding and I believe it was then, only a few short weeks before she died, that she finally began to stop fighting and accept and be loved by Jesus. He had opened her eyes. She questioned again, but she had changed. God’s love shone through her. She had us throw out a statue on her windowsill. A peace settled on her. On us.

Hospital then the nursing home awaited. Psalm 23 played on and on and on. It was also above her head on a beautifully carved, wooden wall hanging. The Shepherd Psalm filled her very being. She couldn’t escape it.

The day she passed was so sad and yet so peaceful. With her last breaths few and far between, (by now my Father and I believed she had gone), I whispered into her ear that Jesus loved her and so did we. All of a sudden she breathed a great breath. It was such a shock that I jumped back and her bed moved, which was a further shock as I didn’t realize that the brakes weren’t on. Such a beautifully painful death. Yet I witnessed her spirit leave. I sensed it. I sensed her life depart.

Praise God, she is with Him. All of those years causing friction, sadness, questioning, frustrations all accumulated into one glorious ending. Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

So never give up. There is always hope. In every breath, there is hope.

My brother endured months of horrendous treatment and was in ICU for many weeks with only about eight months from diagnosis to final hour. He didn’t believe in God either and conversations between us became somewhat heated at times. Sadness prevailed.

In hospital I would try and once again bring Jesus into the discussions. Not interested. I would pray silently by his bedside when we were the only ones in his room.

Then came the call. I asked his wife to place the phone to his ear. She said he wouldn’t hear me. I spoke lovingly to him of the Lord and prayed desperately for him. All I could hear was laboured breathing. Finishing just as she came back onto the line, I praise God that I was able to witness to him, one last time.

He died. I left him with God. I just didn’t know.

But I never gave up. Nothing is impossible with God.

A Mourning Revelation


During sweet prayer time this morning the Lord revealed something beautiful to me:

In our GRIEVING there is no comfort.

His word says in Psalm 30:5b “ … weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”.

In Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted”.


Comfort comes when we mourn. There is joy in comfort.

Let’s take the Living Word deep into our heart. He is life and life eternal.

For any interested in understanding the difference between grief and mourning, please ask the Father to reveal His truth to you.

Please remember, should you wish to comment, that this is what He spoke gently to me. To all who love Him, He shows revelation personally. Your understanding may differ to mine.

God bless you all.


free vector beautiful flower made love typography
Well, my Father’s drawing me closer and closer
My Father’s drawing me closer and closer
My Father’s drawing me closer and closer
Closer to eternity

Yes, my Father’s pouring His peace deep within me
My Father’s pouring His peace deep within me
My Father’s pouring His peace deep within me
Deeper with each passing day

Oh! My Father’s love fills the core of my being
My Father’s love fills the core of my being
My Father’s love fills the core of my being
Filling me with heaven’s love

And my Father’s joy blossoms all through my life
My Father’s joy blossoms all through my life
My Father’s joy blossoms all through my life
Blooming for others to see

So what is my Father doing for me, for me
He gives All and demands that the darkness flee
And I must love Him till I can love no more
Love and cherish as I’ve never loved before
This is so easy if my heart, He opens
Opens so tenderly
Opens so tenderly
And heals all that was broken
Broken, broken, broken
He heals all that was broken
Healing me so perfectly
Enabling me to love Him so all can see
That is what He does for me

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth


a life with love quote

If rainbows could release a palette of tears
If bluebirds could paint their blueness
If sunlight could burn upon its brightness
Then true friendship is ours, nothing more, nothing less

If mountains could scale their steepness
If valleys could fathom their depths
If rivers could run and never tire
Then true friendship loves where another steps

If night-time could hide and not be found
If winter snows could freeze the pure
If starlight beams could read the sky
Then true friendship could never be truer

If shadows could follow and find themselves
If blossoms could name their scent
If all of nature could worship and cry out
Then true friendship would give all that’s been lent

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth