His Death, Our Life

the cross

Pierced by hatred
Pierced by thorns
Crowned with pain
He died for all

Unrelenting agony
Suffered He for us
Torn, jagged flesh
Whipped with cruel bone

Life, it left Him
Emptying, abandoning
Covering every sin upon Him
Crimson, yet spotless, He bled for me

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
In bondage to those nails
A prisoner; but free
Fulfilling the will of the Father

May we never cease to cherish
That cherished moment
When He cried, “It is finished”
Glory to God in Heaven, forever shall be



You washed me white as snow
You took my stains away
Oh Lord, I love You so
Please stay

You held me as I wept
My pain and grief You bore
My heart cried out to You
Please stay

I could not see for tears
All that You’d done for me
Your life You sacrificed
Please stay

Please help me see the truth
Please help my unbelief
Please heal my broken heart
Please stay

(Insert your name here), open your eyes
I spoke these words for you
It is finished, and all that I’ve done
Has given you the victory
In Me, you’ve already won
And I won’t leave you
I won’t ever forget you
Our Father, He sent Me for you
And We’ve loved you ere the world begun
Over your life, Our love, We’ve sung

So now I say to you
Please stay
Please stay
I’ve healed your heart
Poured My love in
I’ve sealed your life
Cleansed you from sin
Please stay
Please stay

© 2019 Words and Image Liana Wendy Howarth

My Prayer

My PrayerHeavenly Father,

What can I say.

I thank You for Jesus.

For the Cross.

For the blood shed, shed for me,

Pure blood shed on Calvary.

I lift up my family,

And all that I am,

All that I own,

Because of Jesus, Your Son.

I humbly ask for Your protection,

For all whom I love, for myself,

Our homes, our properties,

And all that I hold dear.

The more I am shown,

Of Your amazing Love,

The less I know I know,

The more I know I don’t deserve.

I pray for all who are suffering,

In and without the Body of Christ,

May this day bring Your light,

To darkness in many a hopeless life.

To God be the Glory,

Pour Your truth and freedom,

Into sorrowful tears,

That the rainbow of promise,

Sheds new dreams in my fears.

Jesus, please show me,

The depths of the battle of all time,

When time was suspended,

Because Your Father turned away.

May I comprehend,

The truths of Your Cross,

Acknowledge the victory,

Won for all believers … at Your cost.

And the pain, feeling the agony of being

Separated from Him whom You loved.

And the love of Your beloved,

The hurt, Oh! The hurting Body,

Excruciating agony drifting through time,

Beyond comprehension.

I thank you dear Lord,

For this day of hope, surprise and wonder,

And in all my sufferings for this moment,

Debilitating at times, wondering how I will

Go on …

Take me back to the Cross,

Help me to kneel and look up,

See You kneeling for me,

The pain on Your face;

But the Light in Your eyes,

And beauty and Life to behold.

Thank you my Father,

Thank you my Lord,

Thank you for my life, which You have restored.

And now I ask You,

Help me to allow Your resurrection power,

Into my home.

For death has been crushed, put to death,

May the darkness and unbelief be put to death also.

Because …

You are alive Lord Jesus,

And seated majestically high,

By the power of God,

Because of one great, last sigh … “It is finished.”

In Jesus Name,



A prayer from my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”