daisy flower plant

The rocks are being pounded

The sky, it clouds over

I run and take shelter

Through the daisy field

Through the babbling brook

The sky is getting darker

The rain, it starts softly

Then very quickly in torrents

I keep on running

But I can’t seem to move

My feet are going nowhere

I see myself ahead

But why aren’t I there

That’s because the real me

Has left the old behind

There’s an underlying cause

Of why I’ve left myself

I’m getting soaked

But the new me is dancing

Dancing through the daisies

Long hair flowing

In the gentle breeze

Abandoned in fabric beautiful

Singing praises to my Creator

I stop looking behind

I don’t like what I see

I’m moving forward now

I’ve left the old me

©2021 Liana Wendy Howarth

I Am a New Creation

bridal veil fall water fall new zealand

I am a new creation
And in Christ my Father sees
A new and beautiful child
Of God, often on her knees

I am a new creation
Spirit, soul, body He frees
And by faith I will follow
’Cause my faith, not fear, agrees

I am a new creation
Once riddled with sin’s disease
But with Christ, it is written
Go, and the enemy flees

I am a new creation
Preparing with heaven’s keys
My up and coming wedding
Pure white midst nature’s lees

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth