The Story of Tic Toc the Clock and the Part Who Wanted to Live in the Past – or The Helping Hand (Another Poem for the Children)


Tic toc, tickety toc

Hands are going backwards

Forward two, back three

Tic Toc clock sighs as time spins forwards


“Big Hand to Little Hand.”  I said, “Big Hand to Little Hand”

You’re moving the wrong way

“I know, I know; but I’m having so much fun

And want to move time back to yesterday


Yesterday my hand was stronger

And nothing was an effort

Yesterday the sun shone brighter

And I could see which way to go

Yesterday I was so much younger

And time it moved much slower


Today my hand needs a hand to hold

And guide me round and round

Today the sun seems somewhat dimmer

And it’s hard to find my way

Today I’m older, the rhythm of time feels lost

And I can’t keep up with the hour”


Then Big Hand replied as he wiped tears from Little Hand’s eyes

“But your hand is in my hand so don’t worry, I’ll lead the way!

Time will march on … the sun’s here to stay

And together we’ll keep time moving forward

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


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