A Chorus of Heaven’s Love

Star Flower

Can you see the bars ‘cross heaven
Where the starry notes are laid
Each little sound, so reminiscent
Creation’s song which He first made

Flickering starlights, melodies pure
Reach eyes forth and discover His Word
Only in the darkest hour
Chorus seen, sight unheard

Some of us … in the deepest night
Some … in the light of day
Only those who pass through the grey, will
Forever see the love of His way

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Shadow on the Wall (A Poem and Devotion)

autumn leaves trees

The breezes, they intensify
The shadow on the wall
I look up during prayer time
The cross, it stands so tall

’Tis but a shadow in passing
Glimpsing reality
This picture mirrored just for me
Reflects eternity

Pushed and pulled in abandonment
Leaves thrown this way, then that
Like life with all of its problems
Through it all, the cross sat

I’m just sharing what I was shown
Should’ve captured for sure
Through a time’s lens for all to see
The message and the cure

For there upon my laundry wall
In its perfect glory
The picture of sweet redemption
Sin, the cross … His story

This is about a time during prayer a few weeks ago, when the sunlight streamed through the closed glass panelled door and shone a wonderful picture upon the wall in front of me. I wish I had taken a photo of it because to me it was profound and a gift from God.

It was quite windy outside, hence the shadows of the leaves were moving swiftly one way and then the other, lost with no direction, in turmoil, like life sometimes; but the shadow of the frame of the door reflected the beautiful cross and no matter how fast the leaves were moving, the cross stood firm.

Our Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ, stands firm. He is our solid Rock. May we always look to Him in all of our troubles; but not only then, in our good times too. May we always have a grateful heart, no matter our situation, problems, illnesses or sorrow … ours or our loved ones.

He came to heal the broken-hearted, to open prison doors and set the captives free, to open the eyes of the blind (spiritually) and being the Great Physician, there is no disease too difficult for Him to heal, no pain too great for Him to remove. He’ll apply His precious healing balm. On the cross, all was absorbed within His body. He died that we might have life; but we must come before Him and acknowledge our desperate need for forgiveness and salvation. Why do we need to be saved you may say? We’re not lost! His word says otherwise. We have all gone astray.

He is our Creator; but until we acknowledge Him as our Father, we are lost. We may not feel it, or like we have ever done wrong, especially if comparing our ‘slip ups in life’ to others; but we all need to be forgiven. We need to forgive others and we need to forgive ourselves, because there has always been a time in each of our lives when we have been hurt or hurt others. We may have tried to forget it. We may have tried to hide it. God sees and knows all though. Darkness is as light to Him, nothing is ever hidden and one day we will all stand before Him and give an account of our life. If you are a believer and have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you are already forgiven and accepted in the Beloved.

I pray that those who read this and have yet to come to Him and have the emptiness deep inside their heart (and we all have that) filled as only He can fill, will stop and really think about eternity. It exists. You have to make a decision. You are either with God or with the enemy. When it comes to eternity, there is no grey area. Come to Him while there is still time. He is calling you personally. Call or cry out to Him to have Him reveal Himself to you. He will.

May the gift of the Father God’s love wash over and fill you completely. May He open your eyes that you may see, the wondrous promise of eternal life through the only way to heaven … His precious, only begotten Son.

He loves us so much, more than we can ever comprehend.

This started as a poem. How beautiful it is that it’s been changed to a devotion. A challenging question! God bless all who read this. May His healing virtue flow through every need in your life and flow outwardly into all who have been placed upon your path.

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

A Heavenly Wedding

Wedding card heart shape with rose and pink ribbon
Laying lost dreams and all aside
I am becoming Jesus’ bride
I must remember, not forget
Upon whose finger God has set
Heaven’s ring of eternity
With mercy, grace and loyalty
My heart He softens more each day
Opens my eyes and shows the way
And as the time draws oh! so near
He sifts my life, I will not fear
Trials and suffering, peace and joy
With each breath, hope I must employ
With head held high; but humbly low
I look to Him and this I know
A mansion has my name upon
I’ll plant roses ‘cause pests are gone
Bask in perfect light of God’s Son
Knowing this, victory is won
And stepping forward gleefully
In Saviour’s eyes, pure love I’ll see
My bridal train will be adorned
With all of my love, nothing scorned
The fragrance of all tears I’ve shed
Will be wiped dry when we are wed
My hair will glow with truth’s glory
My arms will reach for His story
No more waiting, waiting, longing
The marriage supper … Belonging

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

Sweet Notes of Thankfulness (again)

This what I was going to post this morning :-


Leaf falling
Life stalling
Wound heals
Others pass by
And only you are left
To wither and die


The Lord had me go through my posts and place this before you again (from March this year)

Now there are two to read … sadness, self-pity, perceived reality … watching as others live life without you

and … pure blessedness of reality, the truth of reality … thankful to be alive and a child of the living God … a God who supplies all of my needs in Christ Jesus

I, by faith opt for the second one

Have a beautiful day and may the Lord meet all of your needs for yourself and your loved ones in Christ Jesus


Sweet Notes of Thankfulness

Shining into the darkness of despair

My precious Lord shines His light with care

Shining hope into darkest recess

Love more brilliant, hopelessness less

**       **       **

A gift of eternal healing blest

And nothing could ever compare with the best

The only One, Eternal Love

Beautifully offered from heaven above

**       **       **

Never fear leaving the darkness behind

Never fear stepping into the light, so tenderly kind

Love will protect you, each purposeful footprint

Don’t look back, take His hand, His nailprint

**       **       **

Yes, the nailprint with your name adoringly engraved

Protected from harm, Yet in agony He saved

Saved you from that darkness of dark bondage

Has given you freedom, you’re released from the cage

**       **       **

So lift your freed voice, lift praises high

May the sweet notes of thankfulness drift into the sky

For He once drew a last breath, drawn for pre-loved future kin

And covered us humbly, beautifully ……. all who believe in

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

**       **       **

There’s a little ant upon the waiting rosebud

Creation in its glory … the wonders of life

The Sea of Love

The Sea of LoveDraw me out like the tide, Lord
Into the sea of love
Let ripples of Living Water, Lord
Wash me and lift me gently to You above

Swells of moonlit ocean spray
Cleansing and setting free
Oh! Lift me closer to Thee, Lord
As deep unto deep sings to me

Further and further, keep drawing Lord
I’m now as smooth as smooth can be
I’m shining in Thy reflection, Lord
And this grain of heaven’s sand takes her place
Takes her place in Your golden sea

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

There is a Wedding Dress Made Especially For You (A Little Something for the Ladies)

flower bouquet leaf

Tiny, little tulle buds, dripping fragrance pure
Cover you with sunlight, His face, a sunbeam cure
You’re cleansed with the Almighty’s blood, spotless and pure
Heaven’s gracious choir … singing notes, angelically pure

Are your robes of floral tinges, faded shades of white?
Are your veils sometimes depleted of your precious Saviour’s light?
Bring yourself to Jordan, for then you’ll be clearest white
Clothed and ready for marriage, endowed in whitest-white

Jewels of unheard colours, await your head to crown
A beautiful frock of righteousness, never to weigh you down
For He gathers your tears … heals and moulds … shapes for you a crown
Each bearing life’s own hidden gems, now crystals for your crown

in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”

photo courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com

SONGBIRD (A Song of Encouragement)

robin on branch

Fly away
Find your home
Loved ones are waiting
Waiting to capture
Your notes of love
Oh! Songbird
Release the timbrels
That captivate joyless hearts

Sing each and every moment
Interlaced with time
Sing in all your freedom
With melody sublime

Joy on feathered breath
Yes, loved ones that waited
Are now filled
With floral tones
Tones of sweetness
From the Saviour’s garden
Watered from on high

Chimes ring out
Hearts now sing
And wonderfully
Melt into heaven’s choir

Sing each and every moment
Interlaced with time
Sing in all your freedom
With melody sublime

Sing ……. Lift voices
Sing ……. Lift voices
Sing ……. Lift voices
Yes, sing to the King on high

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

photo courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com