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Christmas Wings

cardinal flower flower beautiful

On the gentle twilight breeze
The little wings did flutter
Bringing news of wondrous love
The birth of son to mother

A story told long ago
Of hope and expectation
Led the way harmonious
Bearing life’s jubilation

Oh! Hope and do not waver
For the Saviour’s here to stay
He was born that crystal night
Purity amongst the hay

On Christmas wings, they still come
To share a sweet, mournful note
He came to heal broken hearts
Keep love, peace and joy afloat

Christmas wings, love adorning
Midst beauty, or worldly ruin
And time cannot erase them
Hear Jesus call from within

Let’s sing, forever give thanks
Let’s shine, so others will see
’Cause that babe from heaven’s hands
Came to save you, you and me

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth