vector 3 lovely children

A little child, I am
I take my Father’s hand
He leads me where, I do not know
Nor where I understand

But I do know that I am safe
And will be comforted
For He has promised always
With His love, I’ll be led

I may be only tiny
In the world’s blinded eyes
Yet, in Him, I am mighty
I won’t listen to the lies

We stroll along the seashore
We lie down in pastures green
Beside the still, clear waters
The prettiest I’ve ever seen

He sings to me, sings over me
With a voice so beautifully pure
The words fill my very being
Of His love, I am sure

Up rugged mountains steep
And through the stormy seas
Along the valley’s deep, deep floor
You’ll often find me on my knees

Each day I am discovering
All that He’s done for me
His name is Jesus, Jesus
The One who helped me see

Let me tell you a little story
I thought I knew Him all along
Then one day, many years ahead
I broke forth in brand new song

I’ll sing it now, won’t be a moment
Just need to find my singing voice
Sit with us awhile, sit down in peace
You’ll fall in love, you’ll have no choice

And it goes like this, are you ready
A one, a two, a three
If you’d like to join in with us
We won’t worry about the key

’Cause the melody in heaven
Will flow down upon our heads
Fill our being to overflowing
And mend all of life’s loose threads

‘Jesus, You came
You came, You came for me
I may have been the only one
Still You came for me
I am so very precious
I’m the apple of Your eye
And there’s nothing I can do
No, nothing I can ever do
To make You love me more
Everything is finished
Nothing more is to be done
And that is why, You, my Lord
My whole heart, You have won
Jesus, You came
You came, You came for me’

See, how easy was that
Like a little child and father
So come walk with us to the eternal door
One day those searching steps will go no farther

Remember the distant garden
When innocence filled the air
Know that you are loved and cherished
Father wants to take you back there

Oh! Won’t you let Him take you back
Let Him take you back, don’t be afraid
Take His hand, He’ll take you back

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

Today a Little Part of Me Flew Away

Baby Swallows.jpg

Today a little part of me flew away
I’d been watching from a distance
Watching your mumma and papa
Lovingly build a safe place for you
Little by little the little nest grew
Upon a solid foundation, they took it in turns
Bringing perfect substance day by day
Until one day, your home was ready
I watched as they swooped our inquisitive kitten
Guarding over your delicate shells bearing life
As if your very life depended upon it
And it did
They sat upon you so faithfully
Smothering you with love
Then one day, life broke free
Little by little you grew
Into the sweetest little twins
And mumma and papa loved you so much
I saw little open mouths, always fed
I saw gifts of creation, love and tenderness
Then you were all grown up, and sitting upon the edge
Day by day I watched and waited
Not wanting you to leave
I took this photo yesterday
I’m so pleased I did
Because today, you’re no longer there
I missed saying goodbye
Today you are gone
Today a little part of me flew away
Joy in tears
’Cause I know you are safe
And that which flew away
Has been replaced with a gentleness
Thankfulness and love for my Father, my heavenly Father

Mumma’s still hanging around though
Maybe your siblings are soon to arrive
And again, sweet life will bless both them
And me
As I see His beautiful hand of love
Reach out, just outside our bedroom door

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

Living Water

beautiful scenery 02 hd picture

Should we never stop to wonder
Of our Saviour’s love for us
Should we never thirst nor hunger
Seek His pardon, that, we must

When our very lives are draining
Into the sea of no return
When we feel like we are drowning
Living water flowing heals us, to You we turn

Please let your Living Water flow
Throughout our lives and in those we know
Cleanse us with Your Living Word
We praise the Lord for the moment first heard

Thank you for drawing us from the darkened pit
Thank you for causing our paths to be lit
Lit by the light of Your immutable Way
Take our hands we might falter, a promise forever, be our stay

Upon the path scattered with countless treasures, love and gold
Too much, too beautiful and in our hands they unfold
For these perfect gifts would slide right out of our lives
Unless our hand is in Your hand, held by scars of strife
-And they will only be ours, when they rest in Your life-

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Everlasting Rose

vector beautiful red rose illustration

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore the brokenness in you

The petal of hope
It’s filled with new dreams
With all of My love
Deserts into streams

The petal of joy
It’s filled with new praise
New oil to anoint
And flow through your days

The petal of peace
It’s filled with comfort
Embrace all given
My arms will support

The petal of love
What more can I say
The petal of choice
Along life’s hard way

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore the brokenness in you

Yes, there’s a petal of encouragement
A petal, soft and grand
A petal for when discouragement
Leaves a heart sunk in grief’s sand

Petals, a petal
Purity, serene
Words cannot write words
To grasp a rose, so serene

So take what I’ve given you
It’s a balm for where it hurts
Let the fragrance of the perfect rose
The fragrance of the perfect rose
Fill you deep within, so very deep within
Each petal, a rose story, red covers every sin

My love, My love, take a petal from the rose
Take a petal from the rose that I gave you

Each one holds a key to the secret gift
Oh! Let Love restore all brokenness in you

© 2016 – present Liana Wendy Howarth



Following dearly in His footsteps
Tracing them tenderly with my feet
Saying I never ever will deny Him
But the Lord turned, and looked upon me

Shall the truth be hidden from Him
Deepest, honest thoughts under clouds of shame
Surely this I cannot conceal or prosper
The Lord turned, and looked upon me again

Please forgive my real intentions
Up they spring when I don’t confide
Help me, strengthen me, never leave me
Still the Lord turned, and looked upon me, His child

Are we really being faithful – Proud of ourselves
Telling all, in Him we trust
Do we daily sin without confession
Will the Lord turn, and look upon us?

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

“And the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how He had said unto him, Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny Me thrice. And Peter went out, and wept bitterly.” Luke 22:61-62

1. Hast thou heard Him, seen Him, known Him?
Is not thine a captured heart? Chief among ten
thousand own Him, Joyful choose the better part.

Chorus: Captivated by His beauty, Worthy tribute
haste to bring. Let His peerless worth constrain
thee, Crown Him now unrivaled King.

2. What can strip the seeming beauty, From the
idols of the earth? Not a sense of right or duty, But
the sight of peerless worth.

3. ‘Tis that look that melted Peter, ‘Tis that face that
Stephen saw, ‘Tis that heart that wept with Mary,
Can alone from idols draw.

4. In your service Lord defend us. In our hearts keep
watch and ward. In the world where’r you send us,
May your kingdom come O Lord.

He Lives, We Die

purple water lily

The stone which hid, is rolled away
Jesus has risen; we are watching, swaying, and cry
Help us comprehend, dear Lord
He lives, the price, beyond our means was paid

He lives, hallelujah, we live
And because He lives, so must we die
Die to self, it’s our turn now
But all glory, He has blessed us to live in Christ

Surrender all your right to self
Grind emotions, thoughts and plans prepared
Let your Saviour’s power prevail in you
A new creation, tears and repentance succeed

Standing in the power of His mighty, precious Son
Escape the hold of earthly things
And acquaintances that beckon forth
Listen for that soft, small voice in turmoil that unfolds

Jesus calls us, gently leads us
We have no right or hold on the old life
And just as a flower bursts forth with sweet newness
In pain and anguish, we are pushed out of hardness

Thank you for a life refreshed
Thank you for a life eternal
Thank you that you died, without surrender
We sing praises to our ever-loving Father

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

IT’S A JOYFUL DAY (Song Lyrics)

cartoon love birds pattern 04 vector

The birds sing heaven’s melody
The crisp air, it beckons praise
Nature’s cups, they open slowly
Ready to reflect His gaze

Listen to the love they’re singing
Every note holds mystery
History from times past till now
Your name’s there in His story

You may be feeling lonely
You may be feeling blue
You may have given up
Please don’t
’Cause He’s in love with you

Take each song and make it your own
Hear the Lord gently calling
You’ve been given beautiful life
Raised up when you were falling

Yes, it can be so difficult
When everything seems just lost
Are you battling beyond belief
It took all, His death it cost

O joyful day, O joyful day
Though the skies may be stormy and dark and grey
O joyful day, O joyful day
Receive Jesus in your heart and there He’ll stay

No, I haven’t experienced
Hurt and pain that some go through
Please come to the Father above
There’s peace through His Son, it’s true

You may be feeling lonely
You may be feeling blue
You may have given up
Please don’t
’Cause He’s in love with you

Yes, He’s in love with you

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

ALL BEING WELL (Song Lyrics)


I’ll see you in the morning
All being well
When darkness lifts
And new light shines
Upon the day to come
Yes, I’ll see you in the morning
All being well

How do you tell
A loved one whom you love
That only in Christ Jesus
Will all be well

How do you tell
A loved one whom you love
That only in forgiveness
Will all be well

How do you tell
A loved one whom you love
That only through heaven’s Love
Will all be well

I’ll see you in the morning
All being well
When darkness lifts
And new light shines
Upon the day to come
Yes, I’ll see you in the morning
All being well

Only in salvation
Only in His pure, free love
Only believing and receiving truth
Will you be well

Only in the Shepherd
Only as one of His sheep
Only allowing yourself to be led
Will you be well

All will be well
In the morning bright
Dear sweet loved one
May the Lord speak to you this night

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth


cruise ship

Lost as a little girl of ten
Lost and a-wondering at sea
Unsure of what the future held
Unbeknownst He was holding me

Taken out of my family tree
Or at least that is how it felt
The same for years that came and went
Until before my Lord, I knelt

Never feeling like I fit in
At school, at home, in daily life
Living in memories now gone
It soon led to a world of strife

Who am I, where do I belong?
But unaware of these sad thoughts
They planned my days, shed tears at night
All the while, I was trapped and caught

Through many valleys, mountain climbs
Raging rivers and desert lands
This heart journeyed, not finding home
To plant my feet on rock, not sands

Praise God, I can now see the shore
In the distance, soft lights glowing
The rough journey is soon to end
I sense the relief of knowing

That with each beat of my child heart
Each breath that as a child I took
I never let go of being
That girl on the day my life shook

As on that ship, my life was tossed
For weeks and weeks so endlessly
As a daughter and wife, mother
I have still been waiting for me

To arrive at that safe harbor
With heart and emotions intact
Finally, they are soon to meet
Lost when life was once an extract

At last I can feel belonging
Or what it may feel like to be
Present in the present, not bound
And lost in false reality

And I can unpack those cases
That have been drifting out at sea
Unpack all of who I am now
Since then I’ve become a new me

The belongings that fill my heart
Will embrace love I’ve been given
And all that tried to cause me pain
Left in the depths, I’m forgiven

I’m still a child, a child of God
And my Father, He adores me
I may not cross the seas again
I’m safe, I’m here, He’s restored me

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth