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Louis Whiskers McBear (A Children’s Poem)

Louie Louie Louie BearLouie Louie Mackie Bear
Ran round and round the kitchen chair
Chased his whiskers for a dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

Couldn’t find his whiskers there
He’d searched here, there, everywhere
Oh! You’re so funny Louie Bear
Look in the mirror … just stop and stare

And there they were, a perfect pair
Of whiskers grey and groomed with care
There they were, all tickly and bare
For Louie is grey … grey is all he will wear

Yes, Louie Louie Mackie Bear
After running round and round the chair
Caught his whiskers and won the dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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Meeko Lee McFluff (A Children’s Poem)

meekoWhen Meeky fell into the treacle jar
Dear Louie began to cry
He cried so much
His tears just stuck
Meekily Treakily, why oh why?

Don’t cry, don’t cry
Or else you’ll flood
This jar in which I’m jammed
Just find a rope or something like …
That bristly broom-broom over there

But Meekles, sobbed dear Louie Bear
That’s not a broom-broom-broom
If I use that, you’ll fall down flat
You’ll not only be in treacle; but a jam

Why! Why! Why!
The older cat spluttered out
Just grab it and then you’ll see

Well, okay then and off he went
To grab that bristly broom
And with both his paws
He pulled and pulled
Hang on
Hang on
Now Meeky’s nowhere to be seen!

Meekily, Meekily, Meekily Moo
Where are you … Meekily Moo?
Through sobs of meows he cried
But all he saw were toffee-coloured bubbles
Rising from the top of the treacle
More, more, more, more, more

Oh No! He’d told him … He’d told him
That the broom was not a broomy-broom-broom
Surely, surely Meeky should have known
That as he picked the broom-broom up
Dear Meeky … Well, he would just disappear
‘Cause that broom-broom, it was attached
With such a furry, furry match … His tail was what it was!
And now Meeky’s fat, very fluffy-wuffy tail
Had turned out so very, very yukky

Oh! There he is at last, at last
With a look of sticky glee
With his funny, now flat face he’d pushed
Through the bubbles he’d broken
Broken and pushed
Found his way to the side
And climbed out onto bestest friend Louie

Yikkity Yikkity Yuk Yuk Yuk
And now they’re both waddling like a duck

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Jolly Old Music Band – Another Poem for the Children

Cinco De Mayo GirlCinco De Mayo KidBoy with MaracaGirl with a MaracaCinco De Mayo Boy

Clary clarinet and Sindy Saxophone,
We’re having a grand discussion,
Let’s start a new band,
A jolly, big band,
We had better find Pete percussion.

So off they did wander,
The two instruments, brave,
But on their way they discovered,
A beaten, old guitar with dents,
“Gary, they call me,” he said.

With a shrill and a honk,
A strum and a twang,
The three new band members,
Walked on and on,
“We’re making a new band,” they sang.

They skipped and they whistled,
And played fiddle–de–de,
Until they heard,
“Hey everybody! Look at me,”
Well they looked and they looked – who could it be?


It’s Pete percussion,
With some of his friends,
Davey and Dewey drumsticks,
Jumping and bouncing and doing the bends,
On top of the bongos and cymbals and things.

Our new band is forming,
We can sit and unwind,
But wait just a minute,
We need to find,
Little Minnie music sheet and her battered old stand.

They searched and they searched,
They whistled and they blew,
Musical notes everywhere,
Until along came Sing–a–Long Sue,
A voice they all knew.
“Can I join your band,” Sue did a–whisper,
“I promise I’ll sing my prettiest voice,
And bring you all together.
The notes and singing will mingle,
The audiences will have to rejoice.”


So Clary clarinet and Sindy sax,
Gary guitar and Pete percussion,
David and Dewey,
Bongo and Cymbal,
In one great big discussion,
Put their notes together,
And this is what they said,
Said to Sing–a–Long Sue.

“You can sing, sing, sing,
With all our fine notes,
With all our fine sounds,
With all our fine keys,
You can sing, sing, sing,
With all of us,
But only if you bring, bring, bring,
Some very fine people,
To listen to our songs,
Songs that you will sing.”

“Oh! Thank you so much,”
Beamed Sing-a-Long Sue.
“I’ll tell you what,
I want you to do.
Now run along home,
And make yourselves glisten,
So then we can practice,
And practice,
So the good folk will listen.”

Can you imagine,
A little forest trail,
With all of these instruments,
Running their fastest
– the speed of a snail?

“Don’t push me, don’t shove me,
Let’s form one happy line,
We’ll get home eventually,
To clean and to shine,
We mustn’t get lost,” squealed Clary,
First in the line.


And when they were home,
They polished and they buffed,
They soaped and they rinsed,
Every part of their stuff,
Until they shone and sparkled brightly,
Clearer notes,
Tickled pink and chuffed.

So off they went to find Sing-a-Long Sue,
Who had had some of her own cleaning to do,
Vocal cords to gargle,
And lips to gloss as well,
For they can’t be new without me,
Thought Sue the microphone.
Yes Sing-a-Long Sue’s a microphone,
One of the best to be found,
And the jolly old music band,
Need her,
If they are going to perform their very, very best.

When they were all together,
They decided on a song,
Would you like to sing or play your instrument with them?
Here are the words for you to follow along.

“We all need a friend,
A friend to understand,
That even if we don’t look or sound the best,
We can still be lots of fun.
Fun, fun, fun, fun,
We can still be lots of fun.”

“So if your metal’s rusty,
Or you need a coat of paint,
Your notes are falling off you,
Or your voice is sounding faint,
Remember this simple song,
Remember to sing along.

Letter Sound Clip Art

We all need a friend to share with,
We all need a friend to care,
Because friends are those we laugh and cry with,
When no-one else is there.

“Fun, fun, fun, fun,
It’s all about fun.
Musical notes and rhythm,
Rhythm and funny fun … Look, and here comes Minnie.”

Happy Children

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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The Story of Tic Toc the Clock and the Part Who Wanted to Live in the Past – or The Helping Hand (Another Poem for the Children)


Tic toc, tickety toc

Hands are going backwards

Forward two, back three

Tic Toc clock sighs as time spins forwards


“Big Hand to Little Hand.”  I said, “Big Hand to Little Hand”

You’re moving the wrong way

“I know, I know; but I’m having so much fun

And want to move time back to yesterday


Yesterday my hand was stronger

And nothing was an effort

Yesterday the sun shone brighter

And I could see which way to go

Yesterday I was so much younger

And time it moved much slower


Today my hand needs a hand to hold

And guide me round and round

Today the sun seems somewhat dimmer

And it’s hard to find my way

Today I’m older, the rhythm of time feels lost

And I can’t keep up with the hour”


Then Big Hand replied as he wiped tears from Little Hand’s eyes

“But your hand is in my hand so don’t worry, I’ll lead the way!

Time will march on … the sun’s here to stay

And together we’ll keep time moving forward

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


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Sally Seaweed is Having a Party – A Little Something for the Children


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Excerpt from ‘Sally Seaweed’s Underwater Party’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

–       –       –       –       –       –       –
‘Everyone’s here now
The party has begun
Music floats through the water
And there are games to be won

First there’s pass the parcel
Then there’s musical chairs
Let’s eat the food next
It’s right up those stairs

Well there’s Sally in her orange dress
And Pinky and Slipper in blue
Puffer, Clampett and Sam in white
Are wearing their best clothes, too’