Please join me as I read ‘Sherbert the Bunny’ over the course of six days. It is available in print inside my latest book ‘When A Child Sings’ sold through Amazon and many online booksellers. What is Sherby up to? Follow along and enjoy …

I painted the picture as well, using a template from one of my art classes. Here she still has her baby blue eyes.

© 2001 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Bear Who Lost His Sunshine (A Children’s Poem)

teddy bear vector
Little Blue Bear
Was feeling quite blue
He’d lost his yellow sunshine
And didn’t know what to do

He looked here
He looked there
All over and everywhere
Did Little Blue Bear

Out the back door
And through the window
Around the garden
Where the river did flow

Inside the flowers
Above the treetops
Next thing he knew
He was down by the shops

But still his yellow sunshine
Was nowhere to be found
And Little Blue Bear
Dragged his feet on the ground

The tears started falling
His blue turning deeper
And suddenly his sobbing
Alerted the shopkeeper

“Whatever’s the matter
Dear Little Blue Bear?”
“I’ve lost my sunshine
And no-one seems to care”

“Who or what is sunshine?
For the sun is shining brightly
Not a cloud in the sky
If I remember rightly”

“Mother Bear always tells me
To keep sunshine in my heart
To share its joy with others
But without it, I can’t start”

“Oh! Little Blue Bear don’t you cry
Just because your fur’s all blue without a hint of yellow
Doesn’t mean the sun can’t shine
Inside your heart, my dear sweet fellow”

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

The Mixed-Up Toys (A Children’s Poem)

Cute Elephant

Kanga the elephant goes hip-hop
No! Kanga the elephant goes jump–bop
Kanga the elephant goes hip-hop
All the way to the zoo

Elley the kangaroo goes trump-pet
No! Elley the kangaroo goes crump-pet
Elley the kangaroo goes trump-pet
All the way to the zoo

Cute Orange Cat

Woofy the cat goes woof-woof
No! Woofy the cat goes goof-goof
Woofy the cat goes woof-woof
All the way to the zoo

Red Collar Dog

Kitty the dog goes meow-meow
No! Kitty the dog goes wow-wow
Kitty the dog goes meow-meow
All the way to the zoo


Daisy the horse goes moo-moo
No! Daisy the horse goes twit-to-woo
Daisy the horse goes moo-moo
All the way to the zoo

Cow with Black Spots

Neddy the cow goes neigh-neigh
No! Neddy the cow goes hey-hey
Neddy the cow goes neigh-neigh
All the way to the zoo

So what are they all going to do-do?
They’re all on the way to the zoo-zoo
What are they all going to do-do?
Let’s all go and have a look too!

Well there’s Kanga and Elley and Woofy
And Kitty and Daisy and Neddy
And don’t forget you-who?
Yes we’ve finally arrived at the zoo

Kanga and Elley are talking
Woofy and Kitty too
Daisy and Neddy are nodding
Something has gone askew

Now what could that be I wonder?
Elephants don’t hip-hop
Kangaroos don’t trump-pet
Cats don’t woof-woof
And dogs don’t meow
Do cows neigh
And horses moo?
I bet you are beginning to wonder that too!

Knock – knock – knock – knock – knock —- tap – tap

Wake up
Wake up
A voice calls out
It’s time to wake up
And get out of bed

But first move these toys
Out of the way
There’s Kanga the Kangaroo
And Elley the elephant
Woofy the dog
And Kitty the cat
Daisy the cow
And Neddy the horse

Oh! It’s all been a dream
You silently smile
What else could it have been
For real — Of course!

Child Sleeping

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

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(in  my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)


Pickles and Ginger

Gray Cat Head HeadYellow Cat

Pickleton and Ginger Lee
Raced round and round
Until they found
Upon the ground
The branches low
A way to go
Above below
Away from Brampton SuperDog
For he did chase
To win the race
Around the base
Of Crispy backyard apple tree
Up and up the bough, it shook
Ginger cried … Don’t be a sook
We’re safe at last, do stop and look
And SuperDog’s tail
Was wag, a-wagging as he howled an awful wail
His lead had caught upon a rail
… and now both kitties could safely bail

Meow – Me – Me .. ow – ow – ow

Woof! Woof!

Dog Wearing a Cape                     Apple and Worm

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Mitten the Kitten – A Poem for Children


Mitten the kitten,
Was alone and sad,
For her good friend Loopy,
Had been very bad.

Loopy had broken,
Mrs Pottimer’s vase,
The one with the flowers,
Right next to the jars.

So Mrs Pottimer,
She did take,
Him straight to the vet
For his mistake.

Please Mr Vetman,
Can you find,
A new home for Loopy Lou doggy,
He’s one of a kind.


Then Loopy did whimper,
When he heard of this plan,
What could I have done?
I just don’t understand.

Suddenly Mitten the kitten,
Came screeching right in,
Into the vet,
With a terrible din.

She grabbed the dog collar,
And away they both ran,
The dog and the cat,
And just missed a van.

A van with vases,
On the side of the door,
Would you like to buy one?
This one? Or inside, there’s more.

Mitten and Loopy couldn’t believe,
They weren’t chased,
And now they can stay together,
Because the vase is replaced.

in “Fragrance from the Spring”


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