Rose Petal Friends

Rose Petal Friends

Friends are like petals upon a rose.

Some are distant from your heart. You see them rarely. You have little communication. Still, you are connected.

Some lean towards you. You catch up now and then. You communicate a little. Just like old times.

Others are closer to your heart. You see them often. You can tell them most things. You have fond memories.

And then there are those who are so very close to your heart that you feel you couldn’t live without them. You see them always. You can tell them anything and you do. You feel safe in their presence. You know when they are hurting.

Friends are like petals upon a rose – they form precious layers. They support you. They are a part of you.

And the fragrance from your life is spread evenly across those friendships. Just the right amount.

Like the rose, not every petal is always perfect, something you must remember; but together they form layer, upon layer, upon layer of beautiful completeness.



Thank You

To my sweet friends, family and loyal supporters who have been continuing to visit my blog whilst I haven’t been posting, thank you so much.

I have been busy preparing material for my third book, soon to be released. It is basically volume 2 of Sunrays and Lily Smiles, a compilation of all I have written since it was published.

More to follow …


The Jolly Old Music Band – Another Poem for the Children

Cinco De Mayo GirlCinco De Mayo KidBoy with MaracaGirl with a MaracaCinco De Mayo Boy

Clary clarinet and Sindy Saxophone,
We’re having a grand discussion,
Let’s start a new band,
A jolly, big band,
We had better find Pete percussion.

So off they did wander,
The two instruments, brave,
But on their way they discovered,
A beaten, old guitar with dents,
“Gary, they call me,” he said.

With a shrill and a honk,
A strum and a twang,
The three new band members,
Walked on and on,
“We’re making a new band,” they sang.

They skipped and they whistled,
And played fiddle–de–de,
Until they heard,
“Hey everybody! Look at me,”
Well they looked and they looked – who could it be?


It’s Pete percussion,
With some of his friends,
Davey and Dewey drumsticks,
Jumping and bouncing and doing the bends,
On top of the bongos and cymbals and things.

Our new band is forming,
We can sit and unwind,
But wait just a minute,
We need to find,
Little Minnie music sheet and her battered old stand.

They searched and they searched,
They whistled and they blew,
Musical notes everywhere,
Until along came Sing–a–Long Sue,
A voice they all knew.
“Can I join your band,” Sue did a–whisper,
“I promise I’ll sing my prettiest voice,
And bring you all together.
The notes and singing will mingle,
The audiences will have to rejoice.”


So Clary clarinet and Sindy sax,
Gary guitar and Pete percussion,
David and Dewey,
Bongo and Cymbal,
In one great big discussion,
Put their notes together,
And this is what they said,
Said to Sing–a–Long Sue.

“You can sing, sing, sing,
With all our fine notes,
With all our fine sounds,
With all our fine keys,
You can sing, sing, sing,
With all of us,
But only if you bring, bring, bring,
Some very fine people,
To listen to our songs,
Songs that you will sing.”

“Oh! Thank you so much,”
Beamed Sing-a-Long Sue.
“I’ll tell you what,
I want you to do.
Now run along home,
And make yourselves glisten,
So then we can practice,
And practice,
So the good folk will listen.”

Can you imagine,
A little forest trail,
With all of these instruments,
Running their fastest
– the speed of a snail?

“Don’t push me, don’t shove me,
Let’s form one happy line,
We’ll get home eventually,
To clean and to shine,
We mustn’t get lost,” squealed Clary,
First in the line.


And when they were home,
They polished and they buffed,
They soaped and they rinsed,
Every part of their stuff,
Until they shone and sparkled brightly,
Clearer notes,
Tickled pink and chuffed.

So off they went to find Sing-a-Long Sue,
Who had had some of her own cleaning to do,
Vocal cords to gargle,
And lips to gloss as well,
For they can’t be new without me,
Thought Sue the microphone.
Yes Sing-a-Long Sue’s a microphone,
One of the best to be found,
And the jolly old music band,
Need her,
If they are going to perform their very, very best.

When they were all together,
They decided on a song,
Would you like to sing or play your instrument with them?
Here are the words for you to follow along.

“We all need a friend,
A friend to understand,
That even if we don’t look or sound the best,
We can still be lots of fun.
Fun, fun, fun, fun,
We can still be lots of fun.”

“So if your metal’s rusty,
Or you need a coat of paint,
Your notes are falling off you,
Or your voice is sounding faint,
Remember this simple song,
Remember to sing along.

Letter Sound Clip Art

We all need a friend to share with,
We all need a friend to care,
Because friends are those we laugh and cry with,
When no-one else is there.

“Fun, fun, fun, fun,
It’s all about fun.
Musical notes and rhythm,
Rhythm and funny fun … Look, and here comes Minnie.”

Happy Children

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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‘A Day in the Life of a Teenager’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

Jan 28th, 2013 076


‘The sun has a-risen,
Stunning (hah!) clothes to wear,
My hair needs a makeover,
I collapse in the chair.

The alarm’s still ringing,
Shrilling in my head,
An English exam today,
Why can’t I stay in bed?

No one understands,
What I have to go through,
Day after day and always,
A million things to do.

Mum’s yelling out,
And Dad’s on the move,
Why can’t they chill out,
And get with the groove?

Everyone fighting,
For breakfast, lunch and space,
What on earth is this all about,
This need to beat the human race?

No! I don’t know what,
I want to do when I grow up (some more),
I’m in a hurry, going to be late,
So I’m running out the door.

Why can’t they leave me alone,
Teachers, parents, friends?
I’m sure I’m trying my hardest,
Oh! Far out, I’ve forgotten my pens.

And as for that old English test,
The teachers all tell a different tale,
But it never finds its way onto the test,
I’m sure I’m going to fail.

My shoelaces need a-tying,
My shirt is all askew,
My shorts have slipped beyond the knees,
I’ll cry if I don’t laugh, so that is what I do!

And now there’s talk of war far off,
As if there’s not enough at home,
I feel so alone and lonely,
I think I’ll run away and roam.

I’m sure no-one will miss me;
But I had better think again!
I passed a church on the way to school,
Heard a distant voice – “help for pain.”

So I went inside the cool, dark church,
I sat at a pew and listened,
And the more the Pastor spoke,
The more my eyes cried and glistened.

I found what I had been looking for,
And I had definitely searched everywhere,
It wasn’t on the television, or in the music store,
It wasn’t in the mirror, or glossy magazine,
It wasn’t in the pantry,
Or in one of the shopping malls,
I’d always chilled out there … and …
I thought my friends would be all I wanted,
How wrong could I possibly be?

I nearly started smoking,
Drugs were next on the list,
No-one seemed to understand,
But now I know,
That I had indeed, been missed.

Because the Pastor explained to me,
For everything, just look,
Amongst all those ‘foreign’ words,
In God’s gift, the answer, His Book!

And now when things don’t go quite right,
And family life feels stressed,
I quietly try to re-direct them all,
So their minds do not get messed.

Thank you, thank you, Mum and Dad,
For making me walk to school,
For if I’d caught that little, old bus,
I would have turned out such a fool.’

True Friends

Caloundra with Stephen 009

One minute they’re there.  Then they’re gone.  They’re friends enjoying your times of plenty.

They move on …….  and leave you wondering …….  what did I do wrong?

Why?  ……. Hurting.

True friends though, are those who love you like a sister.  Love you like a brother.

A mother, a father.  No judgment.

Turn around and they won’t leave when sorrows threaten to overwhelm you.

You might feel the pain of loneliness; but a true friend will never let you be truly alone.