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Rose Petal Friends

Rose Petal Friends

Friends are like petals upon a rose.

Some are distant from your heart. You see them rarely. You have little communication. Still, you are connected.

Some lean towards you. You catch up now and then. You communicate a little. Just like old times.

Others are closer to your heart. You see them often. You can tell them most things. You have fond memories.

And then there are those who are so very close to your heart that you feel you couldn’t live without them. You see them always. You can tell them anything and you do. You feel safe in their presence. You know when they are hurting.

Friends are like petals upon a rose – they form precious layers. They support you. They are a part of you.

And the fragrance from your life is spread evenly across those friendships. Just the right amount.

Like the rose, not every petal is always perfect, something you must remember; but together they form layer, upon layer, upon layer of beautiful completeness.



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Rose Poetry‘Twas but a rose
And left to die
The day was bright
As I passed by
The sun had scorched
The parchèd bloom
Its beauty withered
Way too soon
And so I tenderly
And with care
Did whisper, believing
A precious prayer
I sprinkled daily
Love, healing dew
Its fragrance lifted
Prayers were answered, I knew
And ever so slowly
Each petal unfurled
Sweet colours of heaven
No longer all curled
The very next day
A new bud did appear
My heart, it flooded with joy
‘Twas a thank you sent … from a friend so dear

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Waiting Rose

The Waiting RoseThis beautiful rose was just a bud
When I left my home town
I would have loved to see it bloom
And put on its glorious gown
But it waited for me
Through sunshine, darkness, all alone
And on my welcome return
Sweet beauty in my garden
Smiled fragrantly … just for me
Misty eyes to behold and see

The Waiting Rose (2)When I look into the joyful heart of my Saviour
I see the reflection of who I am in Him

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Wait Patiently

Waiting Patiently (2)

Feeling trapped?



Just wait.

Just ………. Wait.


One day.

Maybe one day soon.

One day very soon.

All will be released


Imagine the surprise, when new life and fragrance break forth.

So don’t give up.

Don’t give in to the sorrows

The pain.

The frustrations.

Hang in there.

Times may be silent.

Your answers may seem to be lost.

Gone missing.

Gone elsewhere.

To someone else.


Beautiful fragrance will follow the silence when silence is allowed its moment.



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There is a Rose so Sweet

There is a Rose so SweetFragrance, fragrance, softness and love
Heaven sent fragrance sent from above
Lord, I thank you for this beautiful day
Lord, I thank you for this beautiful day

Today we live
What we shaped yesterday
And dream for tomorrow
So may the rosebuds of yesterday
Be the blooms for today
And the fragrance of tomorrow

(excerpt – in “Fragrance from the Spring”)