The Hill of Grace

The Hill of Grace
Forever adorned with love,
My Saviour’s grace shines light on me,
He, although desperately weary,
Climbed triumphant to Calvary.

The hill of grace ‘tis called,
This hill of cold death and shame,
And until the Lord appeared,
That death shone upon my name.

Though my heart be sometimes troubled,
I am told not to be afraid,
For when trial and temptation overwhelm,
I am sheltered in His shade.

To You be all the glory,
For Life has now been raised,
May my hands that helped to crucify,
Now lift in eternal praise.

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Take His Gift

Take His Gift

Crimson ties around my heart
Nothing ventured on my part
All released by My Saviour’s blood
Because He first, He first shed love

I stand and stare, emotions in awe
He hangs there for me, of this I am sure
He beckons to “Come unto Me, you’re forgiven
Nothing you bring, all, all it is given”

A single tear rolls silently down
My tear stained cheek below, above there’s a frown
‘Why me, why me? I am nothing at all special’
“So I shall be glorified, you obeyed when I called”

Searching desperately for something to hold
Precious drops of salvation falling, just for me, I am told
Just believe, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”
Life with each breath, your darkness now life

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Couldn’t see in front of me,
Travelling along the dusty road,
Couldn’t see behind, either,
Only saw enough of my daily load.

Why should I worry,
If I couldn’t see,
Anywhere else, except,
Directly around me?

If I moved forward,
My day moved too,
If I moved backwards,
So did my view.

Dusty; but like a bubble,
No matter how far,
I went this way or that way,
Clear vision stayed only, around my car.

You’d think I’d panic,
Not being able to see ahead,
Or behind, and I would have,
If I knew I wasn’t being led.

Led by light, surrounding me,
Led by comfort, cushioning me,
Led by hope, enveloping me,
Led by knowing His love for me.

Knowing that I had been given,
Just enough light to see,
Enough of my life,
To cope with, easily.

For if I had been given,
My future to review,
And my past was still with me,
Each day wouldn’t seem as new.

And can you imagine,
Knowing what’s going to happen,
On the dusty road ahead,
Knowing what might not happen?

I would probably try and change,
People, surroundings and me,
Things I didn’t like the look of,
Things I didn’t care to see.

But then I wouldn’t have turned out,
The way I had been planned,
My bubble would have loudly burst,
And my safe life, broken and banned.

So, I have come to the conclusion,
That I’ll stay inside my day,
(Safe and sound and protected),
Aware that I’m not alone to face,
Whatever comes my way!

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Surrendering to the Light

Surrendering to the Light

I watch them unfold
So gently, so free
Nothing holds back
Their matchless beau-ty

Come into my garden
And witness the scene
I cannot understand
Deep within what it means

Why won’t you come
It touches my soul
So intense, God’s way
Bringing life around a pole

Such sweetness of fragrance
And colours so grand
Opening and opening
To the light of the land

The rose, so intense
Why don’t you care
It’s me you see
Blossoming out there

Why don’t you see
The ache in my heart
Of the new life blooming
So close to your heart

Come into my garden
Please seem a little interested
That rose that matters much
Is your wife or mother, tested

And now breaking free
From the coldness of winter
Surrendering to the light
Feeling warmth, love
Life – at last

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

From Whence He Came

From Whence He Came (2)

Always remember the hay in the stable
And always remember that He is most able
No adorned room, no billowing softness
Just His Father’s dear love, His Father’s greatness

No private schooling, no Wedgwood plating
No iced dainties, not yet crowned as King
Had to go yonder for people to listen
Only a few following of His own Kinsmen

Humble, no proudness; but with much jubilation
Sharing the secrets of God’s own salvation
Oh! How it pained Him, the scoffers, His own
Would not listen or do what was shown

But He lives, is alive
And all heaven proclaims
That Jesus is Lord
And remains to this day
Jesus is Lord
Yes Jesus is Lord
And all will acknowledge
With shame or with joy

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Wonders of His Love

The Wonders of His LoveOh! The wonder of creation
Sings sweet, never-ending joy to me
Not by feeling; but by faith given
Draws me nearer …. closer to Thee
And in tune and swaying gently
The bluebells, tulips all agree
The rose unfolds softness, petals blooming
The great Conductor leading them in harmony
But; do the birds line up before Thee
And command of You a chosen song?
No! …. Each one receives its glory
A chorus given, perfect, right …. all along
It can not but humble when gifts I write of
Were given first in love for me ….
For each and every soul that liveth
Is placed where their awesome beauty may see
The clouds that shelter golden raindrops
Bringing forth newness of life below
Hide a glorious promise of shimmer
A shimmer of colours in Your bow
A bow that shines through many waters
Still waters revealing reflections of You
Billowing fountains where I know that Thou love is true
Violent storms in life …. hiding me in You

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

The Saints Go On

The Saints Go OnMarching through the times of turmoil
Laden with our cross for Him
Oh! He watches over, around us
Sends us wings of cherubim

Each cautious step brings us closer
And yet His peace surrounds us so
Armed with Armour of love and power
A love so deep, washes white as snow

There are many a beautiful flower
Strewn beside the paths of woe
Open our spiritual eyes, dear Saviour
That we may see the rainbow glow

Protect us, lead us, guide us, cleanse us
On this lonely way to glorious realm
You have promised to never leave us
Lord without you life would overwhelm

So take our hand and ever lead us
To the place where love is sown
Sprinkle our lives with gifts of patience
Joy and peace, more than ever known

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Grace to Wait

Grace to WaitSee the flowers at eventide
Gently tilt their head
Waiting for my Saviour’s love
With morning His light to shed

Life of petals softly surrendered
To the unknown of darkest night
Fragrance still flows sweetly though
Buds are wrapped in heavenly light

Then the rays of morningtide
Pour warmth upon His art
And little creatures of His creation
Are fed and sheltered by Love’s heart

So there’s a story in all of this perfection
For those in longest of hopeless days
Soon, so soon, His Light will pour forth
And release the loveliness of His ways

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

My Prayer

My PrayerHeavenly Father,

What can I say.

I thank You for Jesus.

For the Cross.

For the blood shed, shed for me,

Pure blood shed on Calvary.

I lift up my family,

And all that I am,

All that I own,

Because of Jesus, Your Son.

I humbly ask for Your protection,

For all whom I love, for myself,

Our homes, our properties,

And all that I hold dear.

The more I am shown,

Of Your amazing Love,

The less I know I know,

The more I know I don’t deserve.

I pray for all who are suffering,

In and without the Body of Christ,

May this day bring Your light,

To darkness in many a hopeless life.

To God be the Glory,

Pour Your truth and freedom,

Into sorrowful tears,

That the rainbow of promise,

Sheds new dreams in my fears.

Jesus, please show me,

The depths of the battle of all time,

When time was suspended,

Because Your Father turned away.

May I comprehend,

The truths of Your Cross,

Acknowledge the victory,

Won for all believers … at Your cost.

And the pain, feeling the agony of being

Separated from Him whom You loved.

And the love of Your beloved,

The hurt, Oh! The hurting Body,

Excruciating agony drifting through time,

Beyond comprehension.

I thank you dear Lord,

For this day of hope, surprise and wonder,

And in all my sufferings for this moment,

Debilitating at times, wondering how I will

Go on …

Take me back to the Cross,

Help me to kneel and look up,

See You kneeling for me,

The pain on Your face;

But the Light in Your eyes,

And beauty and Life to behold.

Thank you my Father,

Thank you my Lord,

Thank you for my life, which You have restored.

And now I ask You,

Help me to allow Your resurrection power,

Into my home.

For death has been crushed, put to death,

May the darkness and unbelief be put to death also.

Because …

You are alive Lord Jesus,

And seated majestically high,

By the power of God,

Because of one great, last sigh … “It is finished.”

In Jesus Name,



A prayer from my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”

A Petal Unfolds

A Petal UnfoldsEvery breath that breathes upon
Our heart of pain and sorrow
Dries a tear with His own touch
A new perfume for tomorrow

The rose, so exquisitely profound
Has petals that break and fail
And like our weaknesses and hurt
With God will one day pale

So let the Lord remove the pieces
That seem to forever overwhelm
The fragrance of long lost loved ones
Will be infused from another realm

Tears laced with perfect love
Will help the worn out petals leave
And take the pain and broken promises
Of a heart that longs to cleave

Shadows of doubt will be cast when
That dear old fragment silently departs
But the wounded void of longing goes
Shattered lives of a broken heart

Gone the pain, gone the guilt
Gone the urgency of shame
Tears will cleanse with His own Word
Never, no more the same

A new rose releases fresh perfume
A new petal beautifully unfolds
And as another too becomes whole
God’s praise the rose beholds

Every breath that breathes upon
Our heart of pain and sorrow
Dries a tear with His own touch
A new perfume for tomorrow

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)