I Wait and Wait … and Wait

Waiting for an Answer

I wait.

For an answer.

To prayer.

The path before me divides.

Which path to take?

I have lifted the need in prayer.

I could go forward.

But I will sit.

And wait.

And trust.

A door will be opened.

In His time.

In His time only.

Just trust.

So I wait.

But Lord ….

I need the answer now.

I don’t have the time to wait.

Something has to be done now!

But still I sit.

And wait.

And wait.

Then one day  ….

A different solution arrives.

It’s easier.

It answers my problem.

And I didn’t have to do a thing.

Just trust.

And wait.

And not take the problem out of His hands.

It’s done!

All I did was wait.

And watch.

And believe.

And wait.

An answer always comes.

And its always the best for me.

Because He loves me.

And I love Him.


From “Fragrance from the Spring”


“Wait on the Lord

Again I say wait.

In Christ, we find patience

To wait on the Lord


Onward Christian soldier

Nearer to Him we be


Tell the brokenhearted

He died for you and me

Ever faithful, everlasting


Lord, in Your radiance we live

On Your promises we believe

Render to each a measure of faith

Dearly beloved, a treasure to Thee”


Childhood Memories of England (Reliving Old Christmas Posts)

Little Robin in Snow
As I write this, I am all grown up
But they still remain with me
The memories of England
Even though I’m all grown up

White Christmas, holly and cousins,
Presents and laughter
Seasons that change
And pocket money in tins

Sitting on Nana’s bed
So high in the air
Counting my fortune
Enough of that said

Snowdrops and daffodils
A baby lamb in my arms
Not soft like it looks
Squares of hay on the hills

Little thatched cottages
Rose gardens and rakes
Cobbled lanes
My life in different stages

But most of all
I remember the snow
The soft falling of snow
On our trees so tall

Snowmen and carrots
Mittens and gloves
Wellington boots
I miss them lots

But these are all memories
Hidden far away
And like a book
Can be opened
Day after day

Now I have my own children
And the present will be their memories
I hope they will be as special as mine are
Memories to draw on, when they’re women and men

But where I had snow
White Christmas and cold
I wonder what they will remember
And the places they will go

As long as they remember ……. love
Because that’s what I feel
With my memories
My childhood memories ……. love

A great big ship was looming in my future
That carried me across the seas
But my family was with me
So my memories stayed behind
Still ……. I brought them with me. A ten year old child.

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

British Post Box in Winter

For A Loved One Departed (Written For My Dear Mother)

The reflection of heaven’s rose garden

sky 1

Upon the branches of my heart
For you, this poem is written
The love you gave, the love you shared
The tenderness that softened

And on the paths that lead me there
Your footsteps are remembered
Guiding and advising me
You’ll never be forgotten

And on the leaves that bound my heart
My family life is written
Joy and pain, happiness and gain
The aroma will ever remind me

And on the petals of flowers found
Found wrapped around my heart
Sweet words of gentle encouragement
That trusted who I was

The aroma of those flowers linked
To leaves and branches and paths
Take me back to when you first left
Though not as often now
But the tears of dew that water my heart
Will always remember you

© 2010 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

The Sparrow Alone

beautiful sparrow

Upon the housetop
Silent and still
No one knows I abide here
I search past yonder hill

I am fed from within
I am watered from afar
My foothold is narrow
If I fall, I carry no scar

For my everlasting Saviour
Holds this dear sparrow apart
With His all-consuming love
I am lost within His heart

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

“I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.” Psalm 102:7 KJV

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Our Family Tree (A Prayer for Renewal)

lone tree

Being one, yet leaves of plenty
This tree is alive; but lives in dryness
Oh! Rain down Your blessings
Blessings abundant
Waters of hope and perfected healing
Raindrops of grace, Your mercy, reviving
Lord please lift this tree
From the plains so lifeless
Within no compassion, no hope, only powerless
And plant it beside still waters of loveliness
Feed it, support it, protect it
Don’t abandon it
Dullness to brilliance, emptiness to fullness
Old to new
No longer crushed but living in pureness
And the leaves that were falling
Lost in unrelenting winds of deception
Now can feed others, a family renewed
A family forgiven
The love of a family

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

photo courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com

Walk With Me

Walk With Me
Walk with Me awhile

And I will share your load
Carry your cross and together
We’ll walk the narrow road

Place your step beside Me
I’ll be on your right hand
We’ll talk about a heavenly joy
And leave this foreign land

We’ll smell the fragrant blossoms
…. Drink of the aroma sweet
And hear the distant thunder
Our Father you long to meet

Place your hand in mine
Your friend I long to be
And all of your pain and temptation
Will fall lovingly on Me

So walk with me awhile
Your path is Mine alone
I know all that you desire
….. Let me take you home

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Just Because

Just Because

And just because I didn’t care
You secretly care for me
And just because my heart was empty
You give of Your love for me
And just because my tears were dry
You shed tears of blood for me
And just because I was always hurting
You are broken with suffering for me
And just because I was weak and struggling
You fill me with Your strength
And just because I didn’t deserve
You give as if I did
And just because it seemed hope was hopeless
Your Word lifts me and carries me
Heals me and shadows me
Forgives me and leads me
And all because ……………… Just because

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night

S …  Stillness is forever moving
O … On the lonely mountaintop

N … Never should our hearts be troubled
G … Gone and banished our fears are stopped

S …  Sing the song, joy fill our voice, sing, sing Oh! sing

I …  Into darkness, He filters His light
N … Near to the Father, with Him in His night

T  … To all the brave children, struggling through
H … Hills surround deep valleys, just passing through
E …  Eyes and ears listen and read of Jesus. Truth

N … Not the deepest darkness will cause us to err
I …  If we stay instep with the Saviour, follow and care

G … God sends the darkness as a cover for His light
H … How can we ever forget what He’s done, remember

T … The joy He has given – given ‘Songs in the Night’

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Three Hours of Darkness

Three Hours of Darkness

Three hours of darkness,
How long can that be,
Struggling for breath,
Feeling alone on that tree.

Three hours of darkness,
The pain is growing stronger,
Voices mock and jeer,
Final breath won’t be much longer.

Three hours of darkness,
They do not see My anguish,
And yet My Heavenly Father,
His love He will not vanquish.

Sometimes I feel this darkness,
More than sometimes lately though,
My pain and misunderstanding,
I too often loudly show.

Help me dear Lord and Saviour,
To hold Your hand in rain and shine,
To suffer Your afflictions,
Mine will never feel like Thine.

For You bore the hurt of many,
And many more to come,
Me, it’s just me and mine,
And still the tears, my face is numb.

Oh! Help me wondrous Father,
To see my sadness in Jesus’ light,
He died that I might live,
He hurt, I hurt, He for me –
Mine only for a night.

My sorrow could never be,
Compared to that sorrow upon that tree,
So grant me grace enough to bear,
These three short hours of darkness here,
Which You have blessed and gifted me.

© 2012 – 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)