Inspired By A Child’s Love

3d love threedimensional character modeling pictures

Life it breathes
Fresh breath anew
Upon each golden
Day, so blue
And even though
This heart is blue
And shades of pain
Obscure the view
Of love beholden
Love shed forth
Love, so brilliantly
From stars of north
Freshness, green sprouts
New growth sings praise
And creatures lift heads
Amidst purple haze
Of dawn’s dusk pictorial
Sunset in sunrise
Crimson petals, azure fragrance
Alive in His eyes
The colours of royalty
Sublime grace, I’m in awe
And what prompted this poem … has
This heart’s ache, love-filled to the core.

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Dusk Inspiration – Another Beautiful Flower Lays Down to Sleep

crying tulip

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As night falls, each little petal bows its head as it closes and forms a sweet, soft pillow around its heart, allowing the tears of the late air to flow silently downwards.