Marsha Mallow Goes Dancing (A Children’s Poem)


Pink and white
Shimmering delight
Twirling round
She waits for the sound

Marsha Dee, well she loves dancing
Wobbling here and there a-prancing
But sliding across the wooden floor
She slid too fast and flew out the door

Woopsy woops … she’s back again
And her frosty dress now has a stain
‘cause flying past the grasses green
Who did she see; but a doggy so mean

Woofity woof. Yum. You’re all mine
Yapped the neighbour’s dog; but he did whine
‘cause Marsha Dee, she spun around
And waltzed her way onto safer ground

Flummeries and wummeries, dog’s now gone
What a shame that the song’s nearly done
But here comes another, fast and strong
And there goes Marsha Dee Mallow, a-mallowing along

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Mitten the Kitten – A Poem for Children


Mitten the kitten,
Was alone and sad,
For her good friend Loopy,
Had been very bad.

Loopy had broken,
Mrs Pottimer’s vase,
The one with the flowers,
Right next to the jars.

So Mrs Pottimer,
She did take,
Him straight to the vet
For his mistake.

Please Mr Vetman,
Can you find,
A new home for Loopy Lou doggy,
He’s one of a kind.


Then Loopy did whimper,
When he heard of this plan,
What could I have done?
I just don’t understand.

Suddenly Mitten the kitten,
Came screeching right in,
Into the vet,
With a terrible din.

She grabbed the dog collar,
And away they both ran,
The dog and the cat,
And just missed a van.

A van with vases,
On the side of the door,
Would you like to buy one?
This one? Or inside, there’s more.

Mitten and Loopy couldn’t believe,
They weren’t chased,
And now they can stay together,
Because the vase is replaced.

in “Fragrance from the Spring”


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