Oh! How I Love December

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I wrote this a couple of years; but it’s time to post again … With a few additions and subtractions and a year full of many difficult trials and wonderful blessings linking each moment together, I send this out with my love and appreciation for you all. Please take the time to look through my books and listen to the beautifully recorded songs below.

Oh! How I love December. It’s a bittersweet month though. There is just something about it. I feel more ‘me’. Is this because it is my birthday month? I don’t know. My dear late mother’s and brother’s birthdays come and go. My late grandmother’s also. Mine comes and goes. The memory of my brother’s death, English childhood Christmases. Snow. Innocent joy.

And then there’s Christmas … In remembrance of our dear Saviour’s birth. No man knows the date of His exact birth; but I’m sure it wasn’t in December. His birth, the promise of hope. The beautiful carols. The pretty lights. The smiles on faces. Family. Friends. Hope.

And … The Lord has enabled me to place a hardcopy of my two books on the shelves, ‘Sunrays and Lily Smiles’ and ‘When a Child Sings’ … here are the links if you’re interested. This will allow you to take a look inside.

Anyway, as I said, I love December and it’s here, yay! (not that every moment, every hour, every day, every month … every breath, isn’t precious). Now where’s that WordPress falling snow feature :-)!





Little SnowBelle Snowflake

beautiful christmas tree with candle and snow flake balls vector

Little SnowBelle Snowflake, she
Fell out of the sky so grey
Following all of her friends
On this Christmas wintery day

Oh! Sweet little white Snowflake
Catch uppity up up up
Open wide your snowy arms
Fly, oh! no back up, back up

I’m flying, flying, flying
In, out, wait for me, me, me
Where are you, the sky’s all white
Snow’s in my eyes, I can’t see

Ow, bang, bump, ouchity ouch
Something spiky-green reached out
And now she’s hidden from view
Little frozen tears about

Whiter, the day grew so dim
And little SnowBelle, she cried
Cried herself to the night’s sleep
But morning sun, her tears dried

So lost, wondering what to do
All of her friends had long gone
Christmastime, a joyful time
Was happening without Belle’s song

Then suddenly she did hear
Laughter, fun and Christmas glee
Little children hanging lights
Upon her new Christmas tree

Then she saw how beautiful
In being lost, she’d become
The others, they had melted
She meanwhile glistened and sung

Sung because they had placed her
Way, way up, up, up atop
Of the dear old Christmas tree
No more to fly and then drop

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth


Red, Red Robin

robin in the snow
Little robin, you remind me
Of Christmas so long, long ago
When childhood meant sweet memories
And playtime meant fun in the snow

Trying to stay in distant dreams
Isn’t the best way to move forward
I know I’m God’s beautiful child
But does my new heart trust the Lord

Red, red robin, this hold you have
I’ve not seen you for so, so long
Please let go of my struggling heart
And then I’ll burst forth with His song

I’ll never forget you, little friend
You hold time’s faded photographs
It’s time for me to dry my tears
And be released so I can laugh

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

‘Childhood Memories of England’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

Little Robin in Snow
‘As I write this, I am all grown up,
But they still remain with me,
The memories of England,
Even though I’m all grown up.

White Christmas, holly and cousins,
Presents and laughter,
Seasons that change,
And pocket money in tins.

Sitting on Nana’s bed,
So high in the air,
Counting my fortune,
Enough of that said.

Snowdrops and daffodils,
A baby lamb in my arms,
Not soft like it looks,
Squares of hay on the hills.

Little thatched cottages,
Rose gardens and rakes,
Cobbled lanes,
My life in different stages.

But most of all,
I remember the snow,
The soft falling of snow,
On our trees so tall.

Snowmen and carrots,
Mittens and gloves,
Wellington boots,
I miss them lots.

But these are all memories,
Hidden far away,
And like a book,
Can be opened,
Day after day.

Now I have my own children,
And the present will be their memories,
I hope they will be as special as mine are,
Memories to draw on, when they’re women and men.

But where I had snow,
White Christmas and cold,
I wonder what they will remember,
And the places they will go.

As long as they remember ……. love,
Because that’s what I feel,
With my memories,
My childhood memories ……. love.

A great big ship was looming in my future,
That carried me across the seas,
But my family was with me,
So my memories stayed behind.
Still ……. I brought them with me. A ten year old child.’

British Post Box in Winterphotos courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com