Two Little Christmas Trees

The trees are green
Softness of the late summer light
Falls, and reflects upon
Another day given
There’s silence at times
And then melodious triumph
Rises, and floods the sky
A cappella
Beauty resonates within the sweet notes
It’s Christmastime
But this Christmas isn’t white
The heat at times
Wraps itself, and bathes all
With copious body tears
Then storm clouds gather
And vicious bolts, and deafening thunder
Gallop across the sky
The children, with each new day
Try and contain their excitement
School winds down
Parties, friends, family
But this Christmas isn’t white
The shops are overcome with bustling
Bargains cry out to be bought
Money exchanges hands quicker than it’s earnt
Heavy loads of purchases find their way home
Countdown is on
Advent calendars reveal less and less
Closed doors
Festivity is born
Carols are playing
Hearts bubble up with joy
Presents chosen carefully
Are brightly wrapped
And then it’s Christmas Eve
But this Christmas isn’t white
The children sleep
Or pretend to
The clock ticks forward
Finally, it’s dawn
Christmas dawn
And all through the morning
Love flows from each heart
Thankfulness sings
Memories sown
Laughter, merriment
Young and old alike
The day wears on
Bing Crosby sings
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
I am too
But this Christmas isn’t white
So tell me
How can one have Christmas
When Christmas isn’t white?
The tree baubles shine
Green, red, gold
Imaginary tinsel winds its way
Through the still branches
I have two little trees this year
And they are tipped with white
Oh! This Christmas may not be white
But these little trees
These little trees
They immerse this heart, this dreamy heart
With long ago childhood dreams
And so much snowy delight

© 2018 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Little SnowBelle Snowflake

beautiful christmas tree with candle and snow flake balls vector

Little SnowBelle Snowflake, she
Fell out of the sky so grey
Following all of her friends
On this Christmas wintery day

Oh! Sweet little white Snowflake
Catch uppity up up up
Open wide your snowy arms
Fly, oh! no back up, back up

I’m flying, flying, flying
In, out, wait for me, me, me
Where are you, the sky’s all white
Snow’s in my eyes, I can’t see

Ow, bang, bump, ouchity ouch
Something spiky-green reached out
And now she’s hidden from view
Little frozen tears about

Whiter, the day grew so dim
And little SnowBelle, she cried
Cried herself to the night’s sleep
But morning sun, her tears dried

So lost, wondering what to do
All of her friends had long gone
Christmastime, a joyful time
Was happening without Belle’s song

Then suddenly she did hear
Laughter, fun and Christmas glee
Little children hanging lights
Upon her new Christmas tree

Then she saw how beautiful
In being lost, she’d become
The others, they had melted
She meanwhile glistened and sung

Sung because they had placed her
Way, way up, up, up atop
Of the dear old Christmas tree
No more to fly and then drop

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth



trees in the snow painting

It’s cold outside
The fire is burning brightly
The robins huddle close
The candles flicker so
My heart, it is awarming
To the season’s gift of love
It’s cold outside
Soft snow falls from above

It’s cold outside
Carollers sing so sweetly
Light fragrance dusts the rose
Now how does that song go?
My countenance is smiling
Friend, to you I give my love
It’s cold outside
Love sprinkled from above

It’s cold outside
This season ends completely
Sparkling tinder, it glows
Melting the cold, I know
I hear the lambs ableating
The Shepherd’s eyes of pure love
It’s cold outside
Bring healing from above

It’s cold outside
Heaven’s stars twinkle lightly
Shine hope on mankind’s woes
White glitters through the snow
My voice joins in the singing
Melodious notes of love
It’s cold outside
Life given from above

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


christmas present

Do you believe in Santa Claus
Are you following Rudolph’s red nose
Is brilliant white Christmas snow
Blinding your vision
Dear one, isn’t it the truth you want to know

Ole Santa, the world, will judge you
Good or bad, give gifts accordingly
But you cannot surprise Jesus
Born as a wee babe
Who lay down His life in love’s death to free us

Don’t follow flashing neon signs
That may be oh so, so beautiful
Wrapped in tinsels of ‘Look at me’
They line the wrong path
And lead to a scene you could never foresee

Oh Christmas, yes what a season
So enjoy your fellow company
Let Christ’s joy ever infuse you
Remember others
In their need, and may His peace reflect anew

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


red candle in snow

Through the driven snow
Joy is bound to show
Bring your hearts aglow
In love with the season

Through the driven snow
Carols sweetly sow
Songs of things we know
Melodies of reason

Through the driven snow
Lights, sweet shadows throw
Tinsel trees, they grow
Jubilant elation

Through the driven snow
Though the sun be low
Stars may twinkle so
All across the nation

Oh! It may be snowing
The sun may be shining
The rains may be pouring
The winds may be howling
Your heart may be breaking
Your dreams may be longing
Wherever you are
Whoever you are
Time flies swiftly by
Christmas Day approaches
The little children waiting
With much anticipation
The presents are wrapping
The food is preparing
The family is coming
Neighbours gather around

And yet
Through the driven snow
Where hearts should be aglow
With the love that did flow
From eternity
Many hearts are crying
Many hearts are hanging low
And in many shattered dreams
Where love should be healing
Brokenness shatters seams

Boundless purity
So white, so pure, so light
Come and bring your cleansing love
Into our cold, cold hearts
Oh! Open our cold, cold, broken hearts
Pour in all that your free love brings
May we receive, and unwrap forever
All that your perfect love brings

Through the driven snow
Joy is bound to show
Bring your hearts aglow
In love with the season

Through the driven snow
Carols sweetly sow
Songs of things we know
Melodies of reason

Through the driven snow
Lights, sweet shadows throw
Tinsel trees, they grow
Jubilant elation

Through the driven snow
Though the sun be low
Stars may twinkle so
Love heals the nation

Through the driven snow

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth

Christmas Wings

cardinal flower flower beautiful

On the gentle twilight breeze
The little wings did flutter
Bringing news of wondrous love
The birth of son to mother

A story told long ago
Of hope and expectation
Led the way harmonious
Bearing life’s jubilation

Oh! Hope and do not waver
For the Saviour’s here to stay
He was born that crystal night
Purity amongst the hay

On Christmas wings, they still come
To share a sweet, mournful note
He came to heal broken hearts
Keep love, peace and joy afloat

Christmas wings, love adorning
Midst beauty, or worldly ruin
And time cannot erase them
Hear Jesus call from within

Let’s sing, forever give thanks
Let’s shine, so others will see
’Cause that babe from heaven’s hands
Came to save you, you and me

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth