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Once Upon a Winter’s Heart

Once Upon A Winter's Heart
Blustery winds beat relentlessly against the pane
And this heart lost within itself sighs wearily
But I am resting safely ‘neath protective wings
Of One who loves me dearly

Oh! Coldness of night and darkness of day
Treasures that draw my oft times wandering eye
If it were not for His love and amazing grace
They might just steal this breath away

And So I thank You, my Father, my Father of mine
For Your nearness, in the furnace of fiery trials
Thawing out deep recesses of once dying frost
Sweetness of warming gift, my heart, it defrosts

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Alone I Sit


Upon the housetop, loneliness prevails
Understand I can’t, of coldness in death
Where is the love that once fulfilled
All of life’s dreams and promises said

Does this mean that I won’t be missed
Does this mean that talk is not meant
Compassion and true fellowship I desire
Yet emptiness of doubt surrounds me still

Oh! To be loved, as Christ first loved us
Within our family which we hold so dear
May the peacefulness of love prevail
Answer hopelessness and fill with joy

Shall the truth meet with our hearts
Comfort us in feelings, humbled thou art
Yes Jesus loves us, of that I am sure
May that be enough, eternally secure

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


fawn deer forest

Silently the breezes blow
And the dew falls softly down
Where a carpet of sweetly-scented flowers
Receives for itself a crown

Whispering over babbling brooks
Showing little stones beneath the flow
The moss does cling, the birds do sing
One day His love we’ll know

The early morning reigns triumphant
Misty evening brings darkness and shower
Before too long, jubilant song we’ll hear
And with abandon, live in His power

The baby deer so perfectly adoring
Newness of forest floor
Trees of mercy, shelter and feed
His creatures with His store

Abandonment of truest desire
We with all creation, adore
And on the rolling hills and plains
Praise rings out forevermore

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

A Light, It Shineth

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Belongeth us to Him, the King?
Then down on bended knee we bow
Surrendering our total, very being
All we have is forever, now

Sing Oh! glorious saints of His
Bring praises, praises; cry aloud
Shelter in His righteousness only
Watch for He cometh in a cloud

Dare we cast our glances downwards?
Following where our feet have been
Forever heaven-wards shall we be watchful
Eye shall then see what no eye hath seen

Delivereth us, our beautiful Saviour
Into pastures, green with love
Oh! Your mighty saving presence
Sent from our dear Father above

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

He Meets Me

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And He meets me where I’m at
Along the shoreline of each heartbeat
Seas roll in, He says, ‘No more’
‘Peace be still, feel My hand, not the heat’

And He meets me with each thought
Dispels every lie from perfect truth
Storms roll in, He says, ‘Don’t fear’
‘Let Me fill your mind with renewed youth’

And He meets me in each step
As I walk the path lit by His word
Sometimes, darkness closes in
He says, ‘Listen to the way you’ve heard’

And He meets me through my sight
Gives me beauty that’s too much to bear
And when I feel overwhelmed
He says, ‘’Tis for you, this love to wear’

And He meets me in each sound
Orchestral heights or softest quietness
A small, still voice can be heard
‘Through each trial, I’m always here to bless’

And He meets me in my heart
Breaking down the cold, mountainous wall
He says, ‘I love you, my child’
‘And I will answer you when you call’

Yes, He meets me everywhere
And I could go on and on and on
Through touch and smell
Through each word spoken
’Tis Him I lean upon

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

A Chorus of Heaven’s Love

Star Flower

Can you see the bars ‘cross heaven
Where the starry notes are laid
Each little sound, so reminiscent
Creation’s song which He first made

Flickering starlights, melodies pure
Reach eyes forth and discover His Word
Only in the darkest hour
Chorus seen, sight unheard

Some of us … in the deepest night
Some … in the light of day
Only those who pass through the grey, will
Forever see the love of His way

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


free vector always give thanks happy thanksgiving invitation card

Good morning Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit
It’s a beautiful, beautiful day
And when I survey Your wondrous creation
I’ll never run out of things to say

I’m so thankful that You first loved me
I’m so thankful You opened my eyes and caused me to see
I’m so thankful you’re healing my broken heart
I’m so thankful Lord, You’re restoring me

Each morning as dawn’s light breaks forth with new song
Whether grey skies forebode or sweet blush
I know as I step in tune with Your leading
Storms may come; but with You they will hush

I’m so thankful that You first loved me
I’m so thankful You opened my eyes and caused me to see
I’m so thankful you’re healing my broken heart
I’m so thankful Lord, You’re restoring me

And because You first loved me, I can love You
Myself and others too, Your command
See my living Saviour in Thy precious Word
And with healed heart, feel Your loving hand

Thankful Lord, I’m so thankful
Your love reaches to my very depths
Fills me with expectation
Dispelling every fear
Oh! Lord I’m forever grateful
You have promised to be near
And so I step into this brand new day
Lifting my voice with joyous cheer

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

Forever A Rosebud …

Forever A Rosebud ...

(A beautiful rose from the dozen that my darling husband came home with … two bunches in one day.
This one’s definitely not a rosebud forever … it’s opening in radiant beauty.)


Thank you so much to all who made my birthday an extra special one yesterday …
I am so grateful for the new friendships I have formed over this year …
You are truly a gift from God … you are there when my heart is full of joy … you are there when my heart is overflowing with tears … may you be blessed always … please know I am (to the best of my ability), there for you … if you ever need prayer … just let me know xxxx


A tiny rosebud fell near my feet
Just the other day
Broken just before it bloomed
Yet so perfect in every way

It never did unleash its beauty
Just sat in water staring
And all of the glory and perfume possessed
Were kept wrapped up, not for sharing

The petals they remained intact
Not one of them unfolded
Such wondrous beauty left unspoken
Such beauty lovingly moulded

And so it is with all who say
We are Christ Jesus’ and His alone
We fall from the Vine
Sometimes broken and bruised
Sometimes finding we are on our own lonely path
And unless we return and walk in His steps
Confessing Him
Grasping His hand
Our beauty, compassion and growth
Fragrance for our Lord
Remains hidden

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

The Sunshine Poem

Tears of SunshineSunshine upon a broken heart
Sunshine when life’s been torn apart
Sunshine leaves behind painfully sweet tears
Sunshine warms and melts the fears
Sunshine oh! sweet sunshine sings
Sunshine fills the birdies’ wings
Sunshine strengthens and embraces
Sunshine reflects His love on faces
Sunshine sends glorious rays of hope
Sunshine allows one in sorrow to cope
Sunshine floods and spreads the news
Sunshine dissipates the endless blues
Sunshine radiates the reflection of rainbows
Sunshine a beam of light on which flows
Sunshine yes the Son shines and lets everyone know
Sunshine from above filters mercy aglow
Sunshine oh! let the Son shine
Sunshine oh! let the Son shine
And may the moonbeams of your dark night
Illuminate the sunshine in your daylight

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

The Sweetest Dewdrop

The Sweetest DewdropHear the sweetest dewdrop
Resting on the leaf
Echoing the voices
Of earliest hymnals
Sung angelically unto Thee

See the sweetest dewdrop
Resting on the rose
Mirroring the beauty
Of earliest blooming
Shining perfection unto Thee

Smell the sweetest dewdrop
Resting on the grass
Fragrance of coming springtime
Of earliest sunrise
Drifting softest breezes unto Thee

Taste the sweetest dewdrop
Resting on the herb
Flavour so intensified
Of earliest summer harvest
Sweet savour rising unto Thee

Touch the sweetest dewdrop
Melted on my heart
Bottled from life’s purest tears
Of earliest memories
Cries for mercy lifted unto Thee

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth