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Pumpkin Polly’s Lost Her Brolly (A Children’s Poem)

Girl Standing in the Rain

Pumpkin Polly had gone to town
The rain, it had been apour-pouring down
She’d sheltered in between the rows
Of blossoms, candy, lilies and rose

Shops of every welcoming prettiness
Which one to go in first, let’s guess
Did she go to buy a gift for Teddy?
The attendants smiled, and the tills were ready

Maybe flowers for her kitchen sink?
Maybe towels for her bathroom pink?
Time to go to the next lovely shop
She sang as she went and danced a bop – bop

Suddenly she found herself so very drenched
Where’s my brolly? Must have left it on the park bench
She’d been so joyous and without a care
As all of this prettiness was around everywhere

Why Oh! why, was she called Pumpkin Polly?
Yes, she loved orange flowers and her bright pink brolly
But Polly was also as sweet as can be
And her favourite food was pie, pumpkin and pea

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

Orange Flowers
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Marsha Mallow Goes Dancing (A Children’s Poem)


Pink and white
Shimmering delight
Twirling round
She waits for the sound

Marsha Dee, well she loves dancing
Wobbling here and there a-prancing
But sliding across the wooden floor
She slid too fast and flew out the door

Woopsy woops … she’s back again
And her frosty dress now has a stain
‘cause flying past the grasses green
Who did she see; but a doggy so mean

Woofity woof. Yum. You’re all mine
Yapped the neighbour’s dog; but he did whine
‘cause Marsha Dee, she spun around
And waltzed her way onto safer ground

Flummeries and wummeries, dog’s now gone
What a shame that the song’s nearly done
But here comes another, fast and strong
And there goes Marsha Dee Mallow, a-mallowing along

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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StrawBerry and Cream (A Children’s Poem)

Cat Eating

TortoiseShell delight
Broke into a fight
With his neighbourhood friend in the woods
Leapt up a great height
Used all of his might
In front of StrawBerry and Cream

Now StrawBerry and Cream
Were a cat lover’s dream
And TortyShell knew this all too well
Turned with a smile
And showing whiskers a mile
Invited them home for tea

Purrfect dainties he did serve
Pickled salmon for hors d’oeuvres
Layered cupcakes and meaty pies he did make
All purrfectly placed
On purrty tablecloth with lace
TortoiseShelly, friends StrawBerry and Cream

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Jolly Old Music Band – Another Poem for the Children

Cinco De Mayo GirlCinco De Mayo KidBoy with MaracaGirl with a MaracaCinco De Mayo Boy

Clary clarinet and Sindy Saxophone,
We’re having a grand discussion,
Let’s start a new band,
A jolly, big band,
We had better find Pete percussion.

So off they did wander,
The two instruments, brave,
But on their way they discovered,
A beaten, old guitar with dents,
“Gary, they call me,” he said.

With a shrill and a honk,
A strum and a twang,
The three new band members,
Walked on and on,
“We’re making a new band,” they sang.

They skipped and they whistled,
And played fiddle–de–de,
Until they heard,
“Hey everybody! Look at me,”
Well they looked and they looked – who could it be?


It’s Pete percussion,
With some of his friends,
Davey and Dewey drumsticks,
Jumping and bouncing and doing the bends,
On top of the bongos and cymbals and things.

Our new band is forming,
We can sit and unwind,
But wait just a minute,
We need to find,
Little Minnie music sheet and her battered old stand.

They searched and they searched,
They whistled and they blew,
Musical notes everywhere,
Until along came Sing–a–Long Sue,
A voice they all knew.
“Can I join your band,” Sue did a–whisper,
“I promise I’ll sing my prettiest voice,
And bring you all together.
The notes and singing will mingle,
The audiences will have to rejoice.”


So Clary clarinet and Sindy sax,
Gary guitar and Pete percussion,
David and Dewey,
Bongo and Cymbal,
In one great big discussion,
Put their notes together,
And this is what they said,
Said to Sing–a–Long Sue.

“You can sing, sing, sing,
With all our fine notes,
With all our fine sounds,
With all our fine keys,
You can sing, sing, sing,
With all of us,
But only if you bring, bring, bring,
Some very fine people,
To listen to our songs,
Songs that you will sing.”

“Oh! Thank you so much,”
Beamed Sing-a-Long Sue.
“I’ll tell you what,
I want you to do.
Now run along home,
And make yourselves glisten,
So then we can practice,
And practice,
So the good folk will listen.”

Can you imagine,
A little forest trail,
With all of these instruments,
Running their fastest
– the speed of a snail?

“Don’t push me, don’t shove me,
Let’s form one happy line,
We’ll get home eventually,
To clean and to shine,
We mustn’t get lost,” squealed Clary,
First in the line.


And when they were home,
They polished and they buffed,
They soaped and they rinsed,
Every part of their stuff,
Until they shone and sparkled brightly,
Clearer notes,
Tickled pink and chuffed.

So off they went to find Sing-a-Long Sue,
Who had had some of her own cleaning to do,
Vocal cords to gargle,
And lips to gloss as well,
For they can’t be new without me,
Thought Sue the microphone.
Yes Sing-a-Long Sue’s a microphone,
One of the best to be found,
And the jolly old music band,
Need her,
If they are going to perform their very, very best.

When they were all together,
They decided on a song,
Would you like to sing or play your instrument with them?
Here are the words for you to follow along.

“We all need a friend,
A friend to understand,
That even if we don’t look or sound the best,
We can still be lots of fun.
Fun, fun, fun, fun,
We can still be lots of fun.”

“So if your metal’s rusty,
Or you need a coat of paint,
Your notes are falling off you,
Or your voice is sounding faint,
Remember this simple song,
Remember to sing along.

Letter Sound Clip Art

We all need a friend to share with,
We all need a friend to care,
Because friends are those we laugh and cry with,
When no-one else is there.

“Fun, fun, fun, fun,
It’s all about fun.
Musical notes and rhythm,
Rhythm and funny fun … Look, and here comes Minnie.”

Happy Children

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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Have a Biscuit, Nana

Cookie Mix Ingredients

Darling Nana
With your eyes so blue
There are biscuits here
Made especially for you

Would you like one
Say ‘Yes’ ….. please
They are your favourite
Please have one of these

Have a biscuit, Nana
I spent hours making them
There’s chocolate, or vanilla
Nut, cherry or lem-on

Two Smiling Cherries

First I mixed the butter
Into the white sugar
Then Mum helped me with the eggs
And we added flour from the jar

After that I decided
What flavour you would like
But maybe, I wondered if
I should have made pike-lets

Anyway I added
Lots of yummy things
And Mum helped me shape them
And make them ‘fit for Kings’

We placed them on greased trays
And into the hot oven they went
Waiting! Waiting! For the bell to ring
Oh! No! They’ve all come out bent

So please Nana, please
Have a biscuit, please
I made them with all my love
Just one little bite ……
Ok! My precious one

Cookie Jar

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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