Mitten the Kitten – A Poem for Children


Mitten the kitten,
Was alone and sad,
For her good friend Loopy,
Had been very bad.

Loopy had broken,
Mrs Pottimer’s vase,
The one with the flowers,
Right next to the jars.

So Mrs Pottimer,
She did take,
Him straight to the vet
For his mistake.

Please Mr Vetman,
Can you find,
A new home for Loopy Lou doggy,
He’s one of a kind.


Then Loopy did whimper,
When he heard of this plan,
What could I have done?
I just don’t understand.

Suddenly Mitten the kitten,
Came screeching right in,
Into the vet,
With a terrible din.

She grabbed the dog collar,
And away they both ran,
The dog and the cat,
And just missed a van.

A van with vases,
On the side of the door,
Would you like to buy one?
This one? Or inside, there’s more.

Mitten and Loopy couldn’t believe,
They weren’t chased,
And now they can stay together,
Because the vase is replaced.

in “Fragrance from the Spring”


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The Story of Tic Toc the Clock and the Part Who Wanted to Live in the Past – or The Helping Hand (Another Poem for the Children)


Tic toc, tickety toc

Hands are going backwards

Forward two, back three

Tic Toc clock sighs as time spins forwards


“Big Hand to Little Hand.”  I said, “Big Hand to Little Hand”

You’re moving the wrong way

“I know, I know; but I’m having so much fun

And want to move time back to yesterday


Yesterday my hand was stronger

And nothing was an effort

Yesterday the sun shone brighter

And I could see which way to go

Yesterday I was so much younger

And time it moved much slower


Today my hand needs a hand to hold

And guide me round and round

Today the sun seems somewhat dimmer

And it’s hard to find my way

Today I’m older, the rhythm of time feels lost

And I can’t keep up with the hour”


Then Big Hand replied as he wiped tears from Little Hand’s eyes

“But your hand is in my hand so don’t worry, I’ll lead the way!

Time will march on … the sun’s here to stay

And together we’ll keep time moving forward

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


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‘Little Deer, Little Deer’ in “Fragrance from the Spring” (A Little Something for the Children)

brown-bearWho is that little deer
Standing all alone?
Go over and say hello
Maybe invite him home

But Mama! You said
He’s not like us
And remember you said
Don’t make a fuss

It’s alright little one
Just because he’s different
His mother and father worry
That is what I meant

Okay Mama I’ll say hello
And invite him home for tea
That’s a good girl
And invite his mum for me

Hey Deer – Deer!
Over here!
Want to play
……. Do not fear
I’ll look after you

We could play games
And read stories too
Play hide and seek
And yell out …. Boo!

Would you like that?
Is that a smile I see
Come on, let’s go
Mama is waiting for me

So bring your mother
Bring her out into the sun
Sisters and father
It’s time to have some fun

And then on another day
We could have a swim
Can you swim Deer – Deer?

Oh! No!
I’ve scared him …….
What’s wrong, Deer – Deer?
I’ll teach you
If you have a problem

You’d like that!
Good then ……. it’s settled
When shall we start?
The sooner the better

So the very next day
After they had played and played
They went to the lake
And she taught him to swim

Thank you so much
Was all he could say
“Mum always worries
Because I can’t see
But now she realized
It doesn’t worry me!”


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Each Precious Note Sent Heavenwards from Feathered Song

Each precious note sent heavenwards from feathered song, rises and completes nature’s symphony.


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Summer’s here, the birds do chime
Flower’s blossoming, fragrant with time
Joyful laughter filling still air
The warmth of His Love, covering each care

Breathe in the beauty of heavenly sight
Hear little rosebuds sigh with delight
The dew of the morning strengthens within
Cleansed and healed by our glorious King

Oh! Sing all His children, babe or with grey
Dance with the timbrels on this bright, fresh day
Let all the trials and pains that do test
Find peace, grace and mercy, alone in His rest

(another poem from my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

Excerpt from ‘Henry Giraffe’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”


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*  *  *  *  *  *  *

‘What’s the weather like,

Up there in the clouds?

Teased all the African animals,

Way down on the ground.

* * *

Young Henry McRaffy,

Decided to leave,

It took quite a while,

As he got caught in the trees.

* * *

Little by little,

He left his home,

And not one little voice,

Was heard to moan.’

Sally Seaweed is Having a Party – A Little Something for the Children


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Excerpt from ‘Sally Seaweed’s Underwater Party’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

–       –       –       –       –       –       –
‘Everyone’s here now
The party has begun
Music floats through the water
And there are games to be won

First there’s pass the parcel
Then there’s musical chairs
Let’s eat the food next
It’s right up those stairs

Well there’s Sally in her orange dress
And Pinky and Slipper in blue
Puffer, Clampett and Sam in white
Are wearing their best clothes, too’

Excerpt from ‘What is That Cow Wearing’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”


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* * * * * * *       * * * * * * *




Excerpt from ‘The Patchwork Tree’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

19th Jan, 2013 015

Another something for the little ones, your precious children.

A poem about standing alone, being different and having a purpose in life.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“You have an important role in life
Dear old patchwork tree
To protect children from the sun
And inspire people like me”