Louis Whiskers McBear (A Children’s Poem)

Louie Louie Louie BearLouie Louie Mackie Bear
Ran round and round the kitchen chair
Chased his whiskers for a dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

Couldn’t find his whiskers there
He’d searched here, there, everywhere
Oh! You’re so funny Louie Bear
Look in the mirror … just stop and stare

And there they were, a perfect pair
Of whiskers grey and groomed with care
There they were, all tickly and bare
For Louie is grey … grey is all he will wear

Yes, Louie Louie Mackie Bear
After running round and round the chair
Caught his whiskers and won the dare
Louie Louie Mackie Bear

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

What’s New!

What's New

Dear friends,
Commencing 1st July I will be offering personalized poems, hence the paypal link on right. They will be available via email only. I think I need to take the next couple of weeks off until then just for managing to place it on my blog! I’m sure that it would take most people only a couple of minutes to do … but not me. Until then, would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions from you regarding my new venture.
God bless xxx

StrawBerry and Cream (A Children’s Poem)

Cat Eating

TortoiseShell delight
Broke into a fight
With his neighbourhood friend in the woods
Leapt up a great height
Used all of his might
In front of StrawBerry and Cream

Now StrawBerry and Cream
Were a cat lover’s dream
And TortyShell knew this all too well
Turned with a smile
And showing whiskers a mile
Invited them home for tea

Purrfect dainties he did serve
Pickled salmon for hors d’oeuvres
Layered cupcakes and meaty pies he did make
All purrfectly placed
On purrty tablecloth with lace
TortoiseShelly, friends StrawBerry and Cream

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

image courtesy of http://www.mycutegraphics.com

Cat Lost, Cat Found (A Children’s Poem)

highdefinition picture of the winter landscape 6

The cat sat on the window sill
That cold, cold winter night
And the flames threw orange sparkles forth
As she silently withdrew from sight

Her purring had held pure happiness
When home at last she saw
The poor, poor bundle of furry joy
Four days gone … four paws were sore

Lost in the blizzard of untold snow
Trees trapped in white-washed lanes
Her way misplaced and so forgotten
She’d sheltered in downtown drains

But then one bleary, bleakest eve
The air it cleared in the softest way
She smelt the loving aromas of home-baked stew
Wafting through a chimney nearby … I say

‘That’s my home …
The one with the bright red door’
And shivering, shaking … (thin icicles for whiskers)
She tapped on the pane once more

Warm air it invited, as the flames edged out
The red barrier at last was down
Someone had amazingly seen her shadow
Caught for a moment, clothed in frozen gown

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

photo courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com