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Be Still and Know that I Am God


Be not weary Oh! my soul
Even though dark the days, I must toil

Surrender total self to Him
Tell Him of the things within
In the quietness of the moment
Lies a peace that no man knoweth
Less he dies to self and shows it

Angels lovingly do abound
Near to thee and all around
Dear to thee thy Saviour’s plea

Kindness show to one another
Now, this moment, sister .. brother
Only does this … lay our life open
When we carry our cross, not our burden

To our dearest Heavenly Father
Hymns and praises do we falter
All is lying bare, unraveled
Tell Him all that tugs on heart-strings

Isolated, lonely, beaten, mistreated

Anger burns from deepest reaches
Marveling at the healing He teaches

Gone our worry, sin and heartache
Only to Him be the glory, for His sake
Drowning in harmony of sweet, wondrous pureness

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Saints Go On

The Saints Go OnMarching through the times of turmoil
Laden with our cross for Him
Oh! He watches over, around us
Sends us wings of cherubim

Each cautious step brings us closer
And yet His peace surrounds us so
Armed with Armour of love and power
A love so deep, washes white as snow

There are many a beautiful flower
Strewn beside the paths of woe
Open our spiritual eyes, dear Saviour
That we may see the rainbow glow

Protect us, lead us, guide us, cleanse us
On this lonely way to glorious realm
You have promised to never leave us
Lord without you life would overwhelm

So take our hand and ever lead us
To the place where love is sown
Sprinkle our lives with gifts of patience
Joy and peace, more than ever known

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)