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Today I’m Free

Today I'm Free
Oh, He’s broken the curse of sickness
Upon my life this day
Oh yes, He’d already done it at the Cross
But I always had my say

As each morning I awoke
And symptoms rose ugly head
Tried to set the mood for the day
I’d lie there and I’d dread

Dread the thought of another day
Living with the onslaught of pain
Pain in every part of me
So many symptoms trying my life, to drain

But the power of the Cross has broken through
And reality by faith has won
‘cause Jesus bore my sickness
Jesus, God’s only begotten Son

Oh yes, by feeling, nothing’s changed
Not as yet, as I write these words
But when the truth is buried deep within
New life will sing like nature’s birds

And gone will be the ringing
Gone will be weariness
Gone will be anxiety
And heartbeats untuned more or less

Gone will be the dizziness
Gone will be the brain-numbing fog
Gone will be the blurry vision
Praise God, I will no longer falter; but jog

Oh the power of the Cross today
And everyday henceforth
Has healed this weary mind-numbing life
For the truth of the power’s broken forth

Amen … thank you Jesus

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Wonders of His Love

The Wonders of His LoveOh! The wonder of creation
Sings sweet, never-ending joy to me
Not by feeling; but by faith given
Draws me nearer …. closer to Thee
And in tune and swaying gently
The bluebells, tulips all agree
The rose unfolds softness, petals blooming
The great Conductor leading them in harmony
But; do the birds line up before Thee
And command of You a chosen song?
No! …. Each one receives its glory
A chorus given, perfect, right …. all along
It can not but humble when gifts I write of
Were given first in love for me ….
For each and every soul that liveth
Is placed where their awesome beauty may see
The clouds that shelter golden raindrops
Bringing forth newness of life below
Hide a glorious promise of shimmer
A shimmer of colours in Your bow
A bow that shines through many waters
Still waters revealing reflections of You
Billowing fountains where I know that Thou love is true
Violent storms in life …. hiding me in You

© 2012 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)